Tweak in Review – 19-second Freedom Feens Jingle



This song is just a little something MWD threw together to introduce the last segment of each live radio show. Couldn’t wait until the weekend to share it. Plus, it’s now stuck in his head, so it should be stuck in yours. Put it on a loop for an hour or two. Groovy, baby…..

Guitar, bass and vocals: Michael W. Dean. Song and meme image are under a Creative Commons sharealike attribution license. Spread ’em around.

Name the song MWD took the drum sample from and win a pack of Freedom Feens buttons. (US shipping only.)

Also wanted to share this new meme.


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6 Responses to Tweak in Review – 19-second Freedom Feens Jingle

  1. Gretchen says:

    Is the drum sample a Ministry song? Worthless off of Houses of the Mole?

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  3. Mark says:

    Crap.. Now it IS stuck in my head. Well, I was warned!

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