Ben Stone and Michael Dean Tap Their Own Phones



Michael W. Dean from the Freedom Feens and Ben Stone the Bad Quaker talk to each other for at least an hour on the phone most days. Since Neema couldn’t make it today (he has impending Baby Daddy duties), Michael decides to cook two birds with one ben stone and record one of those calls with Ben’s permission and release it as an episode. Also, this will save the NSA time and money, and we LOVE the government and we’re here to help!

Topics include, but are not limited to: the government is very concerned with your anal health and REALLY wants to look up your butt, Martin Niemöller wants you to speak up now while you still can, Jerry Stahl‘s awesome TV writing and awesome Hemingway cats,  (pix of Jerry reading at bookstore in Pasadena down this page), Adam Kokesh cuts plea deal and is out of jail, White House and lawmakers say “no clemency for Snowden” even though some of those lawmakers have bathroom spy cams looking at ladies while they pee, how the movie “White House Down” exploits every one-dimensional caricature of anti-government stock characters, and why all TV screenwriters are single.

Then Ben and Michael attempt to read selections from the amazing essay “crime and puzzlement” by EFF founder John Perry Barlow – the reclusive Wyoming libertarian millionaire and former Grateful Dead co-lyricist. Also Ben tells you how he’s sure his phones are tapped, and have been for decades.

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5 Responses to Ben Stone and Michael Dean Tap Their Own Phones

  1. Lawyers With Nukes says:

    Ben Stone is prozac for the ancap soul. Or maybe more like vicodin, with a vodka chaser…nice and smooth.

  2. IkeFeen says:

    Forgot to mention, one of my brothers’ professors (in econ school) is an ancap as well, as his her husband.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Thank you for the kind words!

      BitCoin is at 299,. yesterday was at 3 something, highest ever. “Invest in the currency that gains value the more the government hates it!” lol. That’s the opposite of how they paint themselves as creators of all value. lol.

  3. IkeFeen says:


    Glad you will keep screaming even if the only people who hear are the cats and squirrels. You, Ben and Neema are making a difference. Once people go ancap, they never go back and their kids will most likely never be statists. My brother gave a speech today in one of his college classes on Free Market Anarchism. Most conservative libertarians are aware of “anarchist libertarians” now, the principled minarchists will become anarchists. The silk road is back, we will win. It’s not all bad news.

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