Explaining to Patriots Why The Constitution Will Never Save America (and What Can Save America) – Freedom Feens live radio archive



Michael Dean and NeemaV drop mad science in part two of this two-part “Freedom Feens distance-learning liberty series.” (Part One is here.) In today’s lesson, topics include: The 5-start general named General Welfare, why the General Welfare clause lets politicians do any horrible thing they want to you, why it doesn’t really cut it to say “America’s not a democracy, it’s a republic!”, how Constitution worship and Founding Father worship is just Great Man Theory b.s. / waiting-for-a-human-savior fallacy, why it’s a contradiction to be a Constitutionalist and also say “I don’t want the government to tell me what to do!”

Then we hear some redemption in the third act: how as the price of bandwidth drops the amount of liberty goes up, and how you can find REAL freedom and liberty in your lifetime.

Also a review of the great Jeremy Scahill documentary Dirty Wars.

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Read Lysander Spooner’s “No Treason.”

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