Wussap, my Rothschild! SPEND THANKSGIVING WITH THE FEENS! Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi record an extra-great extra-long episode for you to listen to on your Thanksgiving travel, or alone on turkey day (with Michael on-call for you for emotional support!) We see the “GUNS AND WEED: THE ROAD TO FREEDOM” DVD on sale, discuss Switzerland legalizing having four marijuana plants (but not five), the Four boxes of liberty, how all governments hide the gun to your head with “soft violence”, and how a man caught a 881-pound tuna that was then seized by feds. We hear about the dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide, The Gulag Archipelago, West Hollywood endorses first fur ban in United States, Macy’s fined for hoodies, Obama Pushing Shooters Off Public Lands, The Rolling Scabs song “My Mom Smokes Pot”, a cool Bill of Rights music video, and the connection between Agorism and Dungeons & Dragons. Then they discuss The TOR Anonymity Network, BitCoin, Silk Road, Wikileaks, PGP and other Crypto-Anarchism, how some people use digital encryption for Agorism and to route around nanny laws. Michael tells a Thanksgiving horror story then, talks ill of the dead, and praises HEARTS OF DARKNESS: A FILMMAKER’S APOCALYPSE.

Silk Road screen shot (for journalistic use only):



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  2. Jeff Campbell says:

    Another fantastic Pod Cast, keep them coming because you keep getting better and better.
    I’m sorry I did not get to listen to it when it first came out, but got called for Jury Duty and thankfully I was dropped, because I told the prosecuter that no matter if the guy was guilty or innocent, I could not give a quilty verdict for a 17 year old kid busted for a 1/2 once of Pot, and when I told them that I thought the Drug War was a farce, they asked me to leave which got me thinking, maybe if we all start refusing to pass quilty verdicts for a little Pot, maybe we can get them to stop the drug war, just a thought.

  3. Michigan Escapee says:

    That would be Jim Bell, , he played around with the whole assassination market scheme. Interesting guy, electrical engineer, chemist, owned his own tech company. Ultimately, it looks like he developed an interest in meth, and his decline into paranoia and general wackiness follows. Is some reasonable coverage of some of it here.

  4. Hesperus says:

    No, definitely not Art Bell, I will look him up, I believe he is mentioned in detail in send in the Waco killers by Vin Supronivitz, probably misspelled that, subtle title eh?

  5. MichaelWDean says:

    Hesperus – good points, as usual. Especially on the horizontal enforcement. I actually picture a day when there will be Nuremberg-style trials for the current vertical enforcers, the drug warriors, and probably the people leading the teachers who force the enforcement teachers on those precious children.

    Who was this “Bell” of which you speak? Not Art Bell, right?


  6. Hesperus says:

    Boy I really needed that episode, this had been the worst thanksgiving I ever had. Had to drive through heavy traffic through the bay area again to rescue my socialist father who has gone totally insane and I will probably have to lock him up in the veterans administration. Oddly though when 4:00 came I passed by Vallejo and traffic cleared right up, it was heavy, but very manageable from then on out, very weird. 

    Something I have been pondering for a little while, fear of lib par. The bulk of the population here in the US which is a bit more libertarian than most places seems scared poop-less of libertarian but especially anarchist principles. This is likely because of sociological programming in schools and society, but it seems a rather nonsensical proposition at best. I mean I can’t make heads or tails of it, being scared of something which is little more than an allegory at the moment?

    On the subject of sending drugs in the mail, I have seen a couple movies where they talk about that. But I read an interesting story once that there was this little old lady in England who received a package in the mail, not expecting anything she opened it and [this was in the original article]. Saw an MP-5 submachine gun staring back at her. Naturally she panicked, in short the gun had been sent to a local police station and had been delivered to her by mistake. 

    Also when you brought up the subject of buying assassinations, I believe that never got past the concept phase. When the guy came up with the idea, I believe his name is Bell, the IRS smacked him down pretty hard for his thoughtcrime.    

    Oh and the website update looks very nice.

  7. MichaelWDean says:

    Nice! Glad we could spend Thanksgiving with you. We had fun, hope you did too!

    Michael Dean

  8. randaomancap says:

    Ha I listened alone from an oil rig in the high Uintah Mountains of Utah. I didnt know you guys were on LRN. Maybe I´ll listen more.

  9. MichaelWDean says:

    Thanks, brother man!

    I’m actually getting ready to go to bed! I stayed up all night editing (did nap for an hour) and then promoting, then when DJ got up we had breakfast and hung out. She’s up for the day, I’m gonna hit the mat for a few hours and get up this afternoon.

    Happy day to you and yours, rock it like it’s hot, sir.

  10. Justin West says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Freedom Feens!

  11. Mark Fleur says:

    Love it. This is my new favorite online radio show. Keep it up guys! I don’t agree with all of it, but I do more and more and it’s making me think a LOT about my world view and politics, and even guns. I always hated guns, but you present it as a cival rights issue, which I’m starting to “get.”

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