American Exceptionalism vs. True Liberty – Freedom Feens mid-week show



The Freedom Feens discuss ER visits on Thanksgiving caused by discussing Obamacare at the table like Obama wants you to, the fallacies of libertarian re-indoctrination camps and libertarian eugenics; leakers, privacy activists find new home in Berlin, the messages to the FBI in the stolen Silk Road blockchain, how and why The NSA Is Watching People Watch Porn, and of course, “Of Course presidents lie.”

Electronic Frontier Foundation PSA for your podcast or radio show.

Read Lysander Spooner’s “No Treason.”

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9 Responses to American Exceptionalism vs. True Liberty – Freedom Feens mid-week show

  1. I’ll just say this, sometimes the best ideas, are stolen from someone else. 😀

    And sometimes the roots of a revolution go deeper in time than anyone suspects. 😉

  2. Hesperus says:

    I got into the inner sanctum of a Mormon temple and I am about as anti Mormon as you can get. However the place was under construction and had not yet been, um sanctified I suppose. I am told that you have to be pretty devout, and of course tithe 10% mimium to be allowed into their inner scantum.

    Secondly, from what I know of the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and mediana there are simply too many people to regulate who gets in and out of Saudi.

    As for the people of the Muslim faith in Israel? no they can’t vote, if they could Israel wouldn’t exist. They would simply use their vote to dissolve that state.

    And finally for future reference. The 2 big Jewish groups are the Ashkenazi, from Eastern Europe. And the Sephardic, from Western Europe. Especially Spain and Portugal.

  3. Mark says:

    The bad news… There is a government wesite to help people “guide” thier friends and families into Obamacare. (Doesn’t that sound like an excerpt from Onion News?)

    The worse news… Some people will take it seriously!

    THAT should ensure some really busy emergency rooms in hospitals this Turkey Day.

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