Neema Vedadi (pictured above) loses all his BitCoin, and Michael W. Dean helps him him find it. Then Neema gets in a better mood and the Feens discuss how China says smog is good for you, Obama thinks regulation of radio and the Internet are good for you, and how Michael is going to build the roads to Web 3.0 with NameCoin so the Feens can keep broadcasting in a few years (or a few weeks) when all the feisty political talk is kicked off of radio.

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12 Responses to FREEDOM FEENS EPISODE 300!

  1. Jon says:

    One quick point I wanted to address offering some clarity on
    intrinsic value relative to subjective value. Subjective value is an
    individual determination of what a product is worth to them and the
    preponderance of these comprise market value. Intrinsic value
    on the other hand is a fundamental analysis of the inherent worth of
    an item through calculation independent of market variables.

    In bitcoin terms the market value of bitcoin is currently around 650
    dollars. If bit coin was as ubiquitous as fiat currency it would have an intrinsic value of about 524,000 dollars per bitcoin ( the cap of
    21 million bitcoins relative to current M2 of approximately 11
    trillion in circulation). However when you factor in aggregate
    acceptance rates of bit coins versus fiat, the current intrinsic value
    of a bitcoin (due to less then 1 percent of the economy accepting it
    as of yet) is about 52.50. Thus intrinsic value for bitcoin is about
    50 dollars, market value is 650, and intrinsic potential is 524,000,
    under current conditions.


  2. Stephen in KS says:

    My apologies for posting the following comments on a past show, but this is just too important to let slide. I again apologize for not keeping up with the Feens, but I am putting as much effort into it as currently possible. I think back to Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try.” and I must do; please enjoy my latest e-mail to the Feens.

    Michael and Neema,

    I hope you’re well and I’m sorry that I have not been more active the past several months. New job and small children have sucked my time away.

    Now that we have all of the niceties out of the way, you guys ARE FUCKING KILLING ME HERE!!! I was trying to catch up on the Feens episodes and was listening to the always on stream when I heard that you were going to interview Hank III on the Oct. 20 show. I about broke my damn neck! I scrambled down to the computer and cued up the Oct 20 show only to hear that he cancelled. Beyond my wife and kids, there is nothing I have more attachment to in my meager life than the Freedom Feens and Hank III. To hear you all together would have brought new meaning to Creamy Radio.

    The Freedom Feens freed my mind and pushed me over the Minarchist ledge to uncompromising Anarchy. Shelton Hank Williams III showed me (and I’ve found many others) that Hank Sr., Minor Threat, Lefty Frizzell, and Gorilla Biscuits have common ground.

    Please help my wet dreams come true (no homo), and try to get Shelton on again. This humble anarchist cowpunk will be eternally grateful.

    Stephen in KS

    • MichaelWDean says:


      Glad we make your day brighter sometimes! That’s why we do it.

      Sorry people flake .I am powerless over others.

      Next time you see Hank III, tell him he should do our show.

      I am interviewing Ian MacKaye in the next few months, no date yet, but he said he’d do it.

      Here’s a list of scheduled fill-in Sunday hosts for Neema for the next two months:


      • Stephen in KS says:


        I appreciate your reply. As you mentioned in your Oct 9 cast, I believe 3 is just a bit busy, and I’m hopeful that you will be able to get him on your show in time. I did see him a few weeks ago on tour in support of two double-length albums released recently. This determination, I believe, puts him in the same arena as the Feens in dedication to his craft, although I must warn you to keep your kittens away from Trooper.

        Right on, Ian MacKaye! I’ve seen your past interview with him; just practice pronunciation.

        All the best,

        Stephen in KS

  3. James Babb says:

    Thanks for informing me about the namecoins. I’m having trouble finding a tutorial on buying the namecoins and registering some .bit addresses. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Tim Fanning says:

    Hello Michael and Neema,

    Thank you for giving some attention to one of my favorite new technology paradigms, NameCoin!

    Have you guys heard of the mycelium ad hoc economy project” and the accompanying bitcoincard project? I heard of them last year and did a little follow up today. The bitcoin card will be a wireless smartcard the size of a credit card. It doesn’t appear to be developed yet, but the mycelium ad hoc software is. It’s an android application that can be run on a smart phone and eventually the bitcoin card. Apparently you can configure a smart phone in ad hoc mode, where each device has a transmit and receive radius, and if enough users have their radiuses overlapping each other they can create a chain all over the continent.

    I think the purpose of this software is for face to face bitcoin transactions.

    This got me thinking about something else. I have noticed an ad hoc setting in wireless routers. I understand these can be used to make a local network. With the proliferation of wireless routers around the world, people could voluntarily create a (peer to peer?) ad hoc internet that could be accessed without an internet service provider. I’m not a programmer, nor a networking guru. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more talk about something like this.

    Such a network would probably be much slower than the mainstream internet. But an ad hoc wireless (peer to peer?) network running the namecoin alternate dns and domain registration system would be more difficult for governments to crack down on. At least I would think so.

    Anyway I don’t work on any of these projects, but if you are interested in following up here are the websites for the mycelium software and the bitcoin card respectively:

    There is a video on the second link that gives a much better explanation than I can.

    I hope someone out there has a better understanding of whether or not this is even a possible marriage of technologies.


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