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Neema Vedadi is out making babies, so the Freedom Feens are honored to have Scott Horton of The Scott Horton Show filing in. It’s just MWD and Scott today. It’s like Clapton jamming after hours with Hendrix, if Clapton just laid back and played rhythm.

Avid indoorsman Michael W. Dean asks Scott one question, “Why is their unrest in the Middle East?” and Scott drops mad science for two hours straight. Topics include: World War I, World War II, The Ottoman Empire, Commie-Nazis, “dividing up the empire over tea”, U.S. Imperialism, U.K. Imperialism, Mali, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, blowback, what the U.S. SHOULD have done the day after 9/11, why the terrorists are laughing at the U.S.’s increasing encroachment on U.S. citizen’s rights, “get rid of your empire or live under it”, the difference between hating a nation’s foreign policy and damning its citizens, why everything is either Woodrow Wilson’s fault or Charlie Wilson’s fault, and much much more.

Then Scott talks a little bit about how there IS hope despite everything above.

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6 Responses to Scott Horton’s History Of The World, Part 1 – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. Rob says:

    Hey boys –

    Good show with Scott, and congrats to Neema on the new burrito.

    Noticed, Michael, that you advanced the idea that Obama isn’t a Muslim because he kills so many of them.

    I don’t know or care if he is or isn’t a Muslim, and I don’t dispute that he kills lots of Muslims, but wanted to point out that the numbers indicate that most victims of Muslim terror are in fact Muslims. Most perpetrators of Muslim terror are Muslims. In other words, killing lots of Muslims may actually prove you’re a Muslim, not the opposite!

    All kidding aside (because killing anyone isn’t a joke), you’re right to point out that a lot of Muslim on Muslim killing is Sunni vs. Shia, or variations. I think its also important to recognize that a lot of Muslim on Muslim terror deaths are just a function of availability – murderous Muslims who want to kill tend to be located near other (unfortunate) Muslims. If you live beside a deluded dysfunctional psychopath there’s a good chance that you’re going to feel the effect – whether you’re a devout Muslim or a weed smoking pagan probably doesn’t matter all that much.

    Scott Horton – good! I like Neema, but I miss the Gumbo, and the co-hosts are kind of like echoes of that classic show.

  2. Joe Moraca says:

    Great episode – Scott knows his stuff – I am listening to his show now.

  3. Mark says:

    Wow.. Somebody out-talked MWD!

    On a more serious note, I’ve been fascinated by the First World War, and the events leading to it. I’ve been puzzled by America’s involvement. I’d given some thought to the effects of that, but I never really thought that far ahead.

    Stephan Molyneux recently interviewed Dan Carlin of Hardcore History. They discussed some of the same things Scott Horton covered, the result of American involvement in WW1.

    In a nutshell, the Bolshevik Revolution transformed Russia into the Soviet Union, and Imperial Germany was economically and socially left a smoking crater. The stability of Europe and Eurasia was destroyed.

    At this point, the history of the 20th century was heading for disaster of biblical proportions.

    Thank you, Top Men, for your service. I say that with all the bitterness and spite I can manage.

  4. Jon says:

    I just graduated college and my Thesis paper was about Blowback

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