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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about NUREMBERG TRIALS FOR THE DRUG WARRIORS, Michael’s free libertarian recovery and self-help book A USER’S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE, Secret Bill To Be Voted On Would Allow The Military To Sweep Up US Citizens At Home Or Abroad, Sen. Joe Lieberman: Google’s Blogger needs ‘terrorist’ button, the thread on Free State Project (NH) website from 2009 where you can SEE Michael Dean become a libertarian, how to teach libertarianism to doubters, BitCoin mining accidents, cops raid wrong house then send house a bill, MOTION PICTURE PRODUCTION CODE (CENSORSHIP), This Film Is Not Yet Rated, Busted For A Half Ounce Facing 99 years, Patty Hearst, Obama’s truck and Teleprompters go missing, Individuals with powers of arrest, and how Richard Nixon’s “enemies list” is like Obama’s “Attack Watch” website.


  1. There’s a quote from Hannibal Rising where a convicted man asks, “Where were the police when the Nazis came ?”. Interesting question, so I googled it. One result sums up a lot of it here. Turns out once the war was over, they were very hasty in granting amnesty, and even went after writers who wrote about the crimes of the collaborationists.

    As to the Wyoming area, if you want to get away from it all, you don’t have to be specific to that state. Nebraska, Idaho, and Montana aren’t too bad, and might offer some jobs not available in the Wyoming area. Kansas, South Dakota, and Utah have some interesting cultural quirks, and a somewhat iffy job recovery stats. Mileage varies depending on the city, and your line of work. If you don’t mind drinking from a firehose of data, try this site for info. glassdoor and indeed also have a wealth of data.

  2. Hesperus

    The drama sounds like a drag. Sorry that happened.

    May I suggest this book of mine?:

    It’s free.

    re: jobs in Wyoming. I don’t really know. I work at home and my wife got a job quickly two years ago and still has it. She’s a paralegal with a specific skill set, so she quickly got snapped up as soon as there was an opening here. But I think that overall jobs are probably better here than elsewhere. I’d recommend you make a profile on Free State Wyoming
    and introduce yourself, say I sent you and get to know some folks there. They’d know better than me what the job situation is. Read the FAQs before posting. They’re pretty serious about that, and also, the FAQs answer a lot about the “Why Wyoming?” question.


  3. Superb show this week, one of the unfortunate things about Nuremberg style trials is that if you are trying to go after everyone who is guilty of crimes against humanity in times of chaos is that there are so many people who partake of said chaos. I once heard that the reason why south africia has the peace and reconciliation commitiees at the end of apartheid was simply because so many people on both sides of the issue had committed so many crimes that it would have jammed up the legal system for decades.
    I also wanted to share an observation about a previous comment on why people love the state. 2 Things, one, my current wallpaper on my computer is a picture of a battleship cutting loose with all it’s main guns. This is not only terrifying, it is alluring, it has an indescribable, terrible beauty to it that I cannot begin to describe, and I find it impossible to imagine that any person or group of persons in a lib-par society could match that kind of power.
    Secondly, my dad finally calmed down, I had to call an ambulance and they hauled him off. When I visited him in the hospital the next day he stopped just short of threatening to kill me but only just. But for the past 2 days his behavior has been almost tolerable. I don’t know what would have happened if the authorities hadn’t intervened, but I really don’t like to contemplate it.
    Oh and related to this, your comments about trying to get toxic relatives out of your life, I need to make some harsh decisions about my near future, how is the jobs crisis going in Wyoming?

    1. One of the big observations that a Green Party firend of mine made about why the Obama candidacy chills both of us (despite our manifestly differing views on the issues) is that his average supporter isn’t a thinker — he or she is a “feeler.”There’s precious little understanding or real thought in the entire Obama campaign put towards real policy situations — it’s just feel-good Kool Aid stuff.End the war in Iraq? How? “Yes we CAN! You gotta believe! Barack’s gonna do it!”Filibuster FISA and then backtrack on it? How can you support such a transparent political whore? “Yes we CAN! Barack empowers all of us.”The really frightening thing is that this completely inadequate man, who cannot handle even a little criticism from Hillary, or the media, or the opposition parties, or the cover of the New Yorker, is drinking his own Kool Aid.His resume and list of achievements might be a thin page indeed, but his ego is the size of Kansas.This is a man who has stated, repeatedly, that he sees himself as the “representation of all the aspiration and hopes of the American people.”Ego + arrogance + incompetence + power almost always = disaster. That’s something that is disquieting to people all over the political map — including lots of people who are far more “progressive” than Obama and his Amen Corner.

  4. Derek, you’re correct in an absolute sense, I’m correct in a usage sense. The song is colloquially known as “Deutschland über alles” in Germany, I know that from being there. I was whistling it in a German supermarket just to fuck around, and my German friend said to me in English, “Stop whistling Deutschland über alles, seriously, we’re both gonna go to jail if you keep that up!”


  5. Also only the third verse is the national anthem now, so the Deutschland, Deutschland über alles part isnt part of it.

  6. The name of the German national anthem is “Deutschlandlied” (“Song of Germany”, also known as “Das Lied der Deutschen” or “The Song of the Germans”. The first line is “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles”.

  7. Symbionese Liberation Army.

    Nuremberg trials only happen against losers, unfortunately.

    Deutschland Uber Alles is actually the current German national anthem, composed by Joseph Haydn in 1797. I think the banned song might be Horst Wessel Lied.

    Throwing a guy in jail for 99 years? You guys should have a “SHAME ON YOU” feature, in this case for the judge in this case. Just like those kids in Berkeley chasing the pepper-spraying cops off by shouting “SHAME ON YOU”!

    The German thing about peeing, you have to realize Germans are absolutely fanatic about cleanliness. You can go to a German flophouse (if you can find one) and find bedsheets cleaner than the ones in your home, way cleaner.

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