Global Worming – Freedom Feens mid-week rant

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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi discuss radio hosts possibly being gaslighted by the government, Facebook is net neutrality in action, Iron Maiden is cooler than Metallica by far, The NSA Actually Intercepted Packages to Put Backdoors in Electronics, and THE hipster in Slacker yacking about people not voting.

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2 Responses to Global Worming – Freedom Feens mid-week rant

  1. Hesperus says:

    Are there communist Islamic fighters? Well there were, while I was clearing out a garage I found a newspaper from the 50s that talked about communist Kurdish guerrillas in Iraq.

    Also the California 50 caliber ban led to the introduction of a caliber called 510 DTC. A round I know nothing about except that it isn’t a 50 BMG thus it is California legal. Along with the 416 Barrett and 408 Chey-tac rounds. Both of which have superior downrange performance than the 50. The 408 is really sweet and the bullets are so sharp that you can kill a man with a loaded round by using it like a knife.

    Finally, you put out a request for people who had been libertarians but had gone back to hardcore statism. Well, I found one, I can’t link to the original article, but I can provide this critique.

  2. Gretchen says:

    Gonna have to buy more buttons!

    Re: Orange is the New Black – word on the street is that that show and House of Cards will be back this month or Feb. At least that’s what I read online back in Nov or Dec.

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