Michael Dean’s Radio School for Wayward Journalism School Dropouts – Freedom Feens mid-week rant



Neema Vedadi talks with Michael W. Dean about Michael’s upcoming second syndicated radio show, “Michael Dean After Dark” and how it may become a teaching hospital for up-and-coming radio hosts (including maybe YOU, the listener!). They also explain how The CIA invented NyQuil and Michael will never take it again, the Internet’s Going To Fail Without dot-cat domains (and also Tarrin Lupo’s theory on that), Norton Anti-Virus ate my homework, Ukraine govt tracking protesters’ cell phone location and texting to them: “You are part of a mass disturbance”, and how the Feens love vape juice from The Plumeroom!

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8 Responses to Michael Dean’s Radio School for Wayward Journalism School Dropouts – Freedom Feens mid-week rant

  1. Nikki Darling says:

    Magic Melon Medley –whoops.

  2. Tarrin says:

    Michael W. Dean Concerned

    Renowned radio host Michael W. Dean was blunt when I interviewed him:

    “I’m getting really concerned about this latest trend. I think we hit peak kitty last year and it has been on a big downward slide. People have not been posting pictures of their cats like they used to. If this keeps up, the Internet will power down by the end of next month.

    There was a time I would check my email box and be overwhelmed with cats chasing lasers, playing games on iPads, or knocking down some small child. But these days, I am lucky to see a cat swatting a dog’s tail once a week.The feline-related traffic has really slowed down.”

    Dean continued, “I have to resort to filming my own cat Peanut and emailing to myself just so I can feel normal again. I know a great deal about 12-step programs, and I know how to recognize when I have an addiction.

    The other night I was so desperate I photoshopped some old cat pictures with new ones to create whole new pictures. I had to get my fix and I did. I realize the fake pictures might hurt my cat’s feelings but I didn’t care. The lack of new cat material on the internet is really starting to affect my life.”

  3. Gretchen says:

    The After Dark show sounds like Anarchy Gumbo. Looking forward to it.

    Regarding Niki Darling – See!? There ARE women interested in freedom! 😉

  4. Good thing about the cough syrup, bad enough to need it to deal with an ungodly flu, chest cold, and cough back to back for three weeks. Be even worse if the withdraw required more than just some aspirin and will power to overcome. 😀

    Be better with a little scopolamine, then you could be really totally out of it rather than just feeling like your spinning, dying, or that things are burrowing in your sinuses. 😉

  5. Nikki Darling says:

    Not only do the Feens rock, but The Plume Room is phenomenal e-juice. I promise. Try the Magic Melon Melody or the Candied Cavendish. No joke — amazing.

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