Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi explain how the drug war is terrorism, the drug war has ruined far more lives than 9/11, why anti-meth ads are worse for you than meth, why Reno 9/11 is the best cop show, how WalMart has done far more for poor people than the government ever will, how poor people shoot themselves in the foot by hating and avoiding WalMart, “Facebook is like the hallways in high school. The FREEDOM FEENS FUN FORUM is more like having a smoke with your good friends behind the gym.”, Former “sheriff of the year” arrested and sent to jail named after him, propylene glycol and eCigs safety, Drones cleared for domestic use across the US, cartels may soon have drones, drones are Terminator‘s Skynet, drones are Reagan’s Star Wars, the joys of the Beavis and Butthead drone episode, Paul Bonneau praising us on STRIKE THE ROOT, why Obama really IS after your guns, “Beats By Dre” headphones,  and how the US Post Office a.k.a. “the postal weasels” are possibly interfering with interstate commerce.



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  1. MichaelWDean says:

    I often encounter nanny staters who think that EVERYTHING should be outlawed or more strictly regulated!


  2. MichaelWDean says:

    Always good to have the input from someone who actually knows what they’re taking about!

    Thanks Justin!


  3. Justin says:

    There’s really no need for the Iranians to reverse engineer one of our drones IMHO. If they have scientists capable of building nuclear weapons then a drone would be a walk in the park. I’m not a pimple on a scientist’s ass, but I am an RC aircraft enthusiast, and I GUARANTEE that with enough money, I could build a drone capable of line of sight work at the very least, and totally autonomous operation with a little more research and a lot more money. Weaponizing it might be a trick, but simply getting it from point A to point B would be only a matter of cash. The technology needed to do so, such as GPS based autonomous navigation systems, is commonly available.

    In 2003 Maynard Hill, and extremely well known and admired researcher/scientist/pioneer in the model aircraft world sent an 11 pound model aircraft on a voyage across the Atlantic ocean, and it made it setting a new world record in the process. The key word in that statement however, is “11 pounds”. I often encounter nanny staters that think model aircraft should be outlawed or more strictly regulated for the simple reason that “terrorists” could put bombs in them. Yep, they sure could, but most of a typical model aircraft’s useable payload is occupied by the gear needed to power and control it, leaving very little available for explosives or any other sort of cargo. Sure someone certainly COULD attach a small explosive device to a model aircraft, but why? The “$300” model you refer to in the podcast would be capable of carrying maybe a few ounces of payload, like maybe a decent M80 firecracker, LOL. It would take several thousand dollars, likely tens of thousands, to set up a model capable of carrying even a pound or two of explosives and even then it would only be capable of flying to whatever the pilot could see. It would also take a pretty steep learning curve for the pilot to learn how to fly it well enough to hit a target, not to mention the building and setup of the aircraft itself.

    Even for surveillance use, a model aircraft would likely be detected LONG before it could spot much of anything. They’re far too noisy and don’t fly nearly as high as a military drone is capable of, and without some serious monetary outlay are not anywhere near capable of autonomous flight. They’re strictly line of sight.

    I’ve filmed tons of aerial video for fun, even messed around with a 900 meg rf downlink that allows watching video in real time and even first person view flight, but actual surveillance would require MUCH higher resolution cameras, and much more powerful radio systems both for the control of the aircraft and also for the video downlink, as well as a power system capable of keeping the aircraft aloft for much longer periods of time than a typical hobby class model. Once again however, that’s simply a matter of money.

  4. Haynes says:

    On the Freedom Feens topic of the “downed” drone in Iran. It hit me just tonight there is a singularity between the drone in Iran and the Gary Powers U-2 incident that took place during the Cold War days of Eisenhower.

    “Both [Nikita] Khrushchev and his Western counterpart, U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower, seemed sincere in wanting to ease the tensions between their two countries. In the summer of 1959, Khrushchev visited the United States. Newsweek described the results:

    After two private days with Eisenhower at Camp David, Khrushchev lifted an ultimatum on Berlin, announced that the President had “captivated” him and praised [Eisenhower’s] wisdom and love of peace in terms no cold-war Soviet leader has used either before or since. The stage was set for a full-fledged negotiation at the summit in Paris.

    This summit, scheduled for mid-May 1960, might have produced a limited nuclear-test-ban treaty, already foreseen as the first major accord of the cold war.

    But it was not to be. On May 1, traditionally celebrated in Russia as May Day, CIA pilot Francis Gary Powers was captured alive after his U-2 spy plane crashed in the Soviet Union following an explosion.

    Khrushchev was furious, yet he tried to give Eisenhower latitude in disclaiming any knowledge of the incident. He stated that the U-2 flight may have been the work of “American aggressive circles” trying to “torpedo the Paris summit, or, at any rate, prevent an agreement for which the whole world is waiting.”

    After days of half-truths and evasions, Eisenhower finally admitted that the spy plane was acting on his orders and took responsibility for the fiasco….” Though Eisenhower had no prior knowledge that the U-2 plane was on the mission in to Russia.

    However, questions still surround the U-2 incident, and some students of history such as David Wallechinsky and Irving Wallace in The People’s Almanac note: “It is possible that certain U.S. military leaders deployed Powers purposely to sabotage the peace talks which Eisenhower himself acutely desired.”

    Colonel Fletcher Prouty, (who’s book I’ve read and read on this very subject in his book) served as focal point officer between the CIA and the Air Force…told author Anthony Summers: ‘The Russians simply had nothing that could touch a plane flying that high.’ Prouty concluded that, based on his interpretation of U-2 technical evidence, Power’s plane was flying below its operational altitude when brought down.

    Some people familiar with the U-2 incident believe the plane may have been downed due to sabotage. In 1977, Powers told a radio audience that he believed his U-2 had been brought down by a bomb placed on board. Shortly after making this statement, he was killed when his helicopter, used to report news for a Los Angeles television station, ran out of gas and crashed. ”

    With all of that being quoted it may be possible that the CIA, whom Prouty believes beyond a shadow of a doubt was responsible for the Powers Russian fly over, was responsible for leading this drone in to Iran air space and allowing it to be taken down or “malfunction”. Why? The CIA is known for being very power hungry. It operates by a few high officials who Prouty calls the Secret Team in his book with the same title. They instigated the Vietnam conflict, with much proof to show this. If Prouty is correct and I believe that he is the CIA instigated further tensions with Russia with the Power’s inccedent at a time when peace talks were about to come up and the CIA were about to loose ground in Russian covert operations. The CIA also instigated the failed attempt at the Bay of Pigs, and did so behind FDR’s back. Those are just a few of the many devious attempts of the CIA to dictate world events.

    I don’t think it is a long shot to simply assume based on the history of the CIA that they MAY have been behind this drone event, too. What better way to raise tensions then to get a drone in to Iran air space and then to have it get in to the hands of Iran and to say it was an accident that it got in that place to begin with?

    From what I have been reading the U.S. seems to be mildly trying to wash its hands clean of the Iran vs Israeli problem going on right now. However, there is almost zero chance that if Iran and Israel go at it that we will no be involved somehow based on may factors that I will leave out. This drone event may have just pulled us in further then many of us realize. Again, what better way for the shadow government called the CIA to retain and gain more power?

  5. Jay says:

    This scares me. Fuckin drones? Just another way to look at wat everybody’s doing, and its only a matter of time before actual terrorists get their hands on a few and use them to blow shit up. Not feelin this at all. im so ready to move to Canada

  6. Haynes says:

    Michael and Neema, you guys brought up the point that Iran now has one of our drones. Iran claims it has the ability to “break the code” of that drone and will be reverse engineering it soon.

  7. David Crowe says:

    Anybody been watching Weed Wars? It’s a show about a medical marijuana dispensary, the largest in the world supposedly, and the trials and tribulations of running it. Not bad so far, after two episodes. It’s easy enough to find. I watch it here:

  8. MichaelWDean says:

    If someone knocks on my door in the middle of the night, I’m yelling “who the fuck is it?!!!” If I don’t know them, they’re not getting in. If they try to get in, it won’t end well.

    If it’s someone who I don’t know who says they need help, I’m calling 911 and letting the cops do the job they’re supposed to do, “helping people.”


  9. Hesperus says:


    Interesting show this week, first off I created a profile on the free state Wyoming forum, so now we see what happens.
        Second, yes the drug war is terrorism, the title got me thinking of a thing I saw a long time ago which I think was called between Iraq and a hard place. They talked about the western worlds twisted relationship with Iraq and made a special note that Winston Churchill bombed the Kurds in the 1920s or perhaps the 1930s. The intent being, “to inflict a lively terror.” hmmm… Of particular note was that Churchill wanted to use chemical weapons dropped from aircraft, but they said that the technology did not exist to do that. I think this is unlikely, if you can shoot a chemical round out of an artillery shell then you can certainly drop them from a plane, but I digress. Terrorism, in my opinion is whenever anyone decides to use violence to prove a political point, whoever they may be.  
         I also wanted to mention, if someone comes to your door in the night it may or may not be a good idea to bring a firearm.
         This happened to me once when I was in a hotel in Pendleton OR. A couple of drunk native Americans started hammering on my door late at night, they apologized when they realized they had the wrong room. But I don’t want to think what would have happened if I had the one gun I owned, a black powder revolver in hand when I opened the door. If I had say a FAL with a full mag, yikes!
       I really like Reno 911, for the record people in Reno have a rather odd opinion of Reno 911, the city had a terrible reputation long before that show came on. But as I believe I mentioned last time the police around here are surprisingly competent and lenient.
        On disagreeing about the one percent or point one percent of things that libertarians disagree on, I think there is more to the ineffectiveness of the libertarian party. I think the party is bought and paid for from the evidence I have seen. Not all libertarians are of course, but the major movers seem a bit suspicious. The best example I can think of is Grover Norquist, man does that guy seem suspicious.     
       And for the record I detest these public service anti drug things, especially the meth ones.     

  10. Fascist Anarchist says:

    Hmm, pops up fast on a google search. and this one has other info Suppose you could use the wifi hotspots to serve as waypoint markers as well, kind of the way pilots used to use AM stations to navigate point to point.

  11. Neema says:

    That’s Awesome! Where did you hear it at?

  12. Garrett Fox says:

    I heard some NH activist are using drones to get really cool aerial shots of rallys and protests. And they use them to scan for wifi hot spots.

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