Bill Buppert Explains Why Socialism Never Has and Never Will Work – Freedom Feens Live Radio



Bill Buppert fills in for Neema Vedadi. Bill and Michael W. Dean drop mad science about how the world works and how to find your place in it. Topics include: writing books for fun and profit, why communism is dumb, how all government = violence, and why it’s smart to leave town when the president drops by.

Bill Buppert is the founder of and author of ZeroGov: Limited Government, Unicorns and Other Mythological Creatures.

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3 Responses to Bill Buppert Explains Why Socialism Never Has and Never Will Work – Freedom Feens Live Radio

  1. MichaelWDean says:

    Also, I’m fans of some liberals. Glenn Greenwald is a liberal.


  2. Ben Stone says:

    Hopefully the caller who had audio problems related to potatoes and dirty dishes was an honest caller with an honest critique of “libertarianism”.
    As I understand his argument, it is basically this; Corporations are bad. Cato and Reason call themselves “libertarian” and take vast sums of money from the Koch brothers, who are rich because they use their evil corporations to make vast sums of money by exploiting the poor. Since Cato and Reason take Koch money, all libertarians are bad and support people like the Koch brothers and evil corporations.
    The potato caller falls into several logical fallacies.
    The first is Guilt by Association; because Cato and Reason take Koch money, all libertarians are puppets of the Koch brothers.
    This assumes (A) Cato and Reason are libertarian, and (B) all libertarians are guilty of the actions of a few people who call themselves “libertarians”.
    That assumption shows ignorance on both points.
    (A) Cato and Reason embrace aspects of libertarianism, but neither is consistently libertarian.
    (B) If all libertarians are guilty of the actions of the Koch brothers, then all liberals are guilty of the actions of socialists like the Khmer Rouge, Mao Zedong, Joesph Stalin, and the Nazis. Which is a ridicules and stupid accusation.
    A better way to think of this is what Michael said in the show. Corporations exist because government guns say they exist.
    Liberals are those silly people who believe governments (who created corporations) will magically protect us from the corporations who pay the politician far more than they get from government salaries.
    A consistent libertarian is as much against corporations as they are against government.
    A consistent libertarian is against aggression, however it may label itself.
    This is what the potato caller fails to see.

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