Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi go beyond the gun. The tell how, in a libertarian paradise, national security could be provided free by Google. They read an open letter to some tax eaters, they discuss Why the Gun IS Civilization, they review the movies The Paper Chase and Play Misty For Me, talk about why Ron Paul is amazing but shouldn’t win, review two great new podcasts, Bad Quaker and the Freedom Outlaws Podcast; discuss John Beard, Boston T. Party, Arrested Development, John Hyatt, and wonder how long until you can have people committed via Facebook. They debunk conspiracy theories including that Ron Paul handed out LSD at an Occupy Wall Street event. They take on Luke 22:36 and “turn the other cheek” in conjunction with self-defense, criticize the ruling that a blogger is not journalist, show proof that Ron Paul is an anarchist and explain the Free Speech Kit With Guns.

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  1. Justin says:

    I ALWAYS tell the folks at VS that the ‘Feens sent me! Only problem I’ve found is that I have no way of telling them about all of the people that I send, LOL. I’ve handed out several business cards, and I’ve written FREEDOMFEEN on the back of them and told them to use the discount code if they order. I know of 4 people that have ordered for sure, and love the products, but I don’t know if they’ve used the code or not. If you talk to Steve Smith, tell him that if there’s been a major surge in sales to Montana, it’s all my fault, LOL. I’ve been pimping these things like crazy.

  2. MichaelWDean says:

    Let vaporsmiths know the Feens sent you, next time.

  3. MichaelWDean says:

    I was being sarcastic about the robots. DJ and I are pretty horrified by that video.


  4. Justin says:

    There already are companies like that, unfortunately in the current system there is basically no way that an owner operator can make a living without one or several, and it’s not a very good situation for the driver IMHO. Said companies negotiate the rates, and of course they’re constantly struggling to undercut each other, so they set the rates usually low enough so that the driver barely gets by. The brokerage gets their cut no matter what, and their overhead is constant, so they always make money. The driver however is dealing with fluctuating fuel prices, breakdowns, equipment maintenance, etc. and therefore might make money on one load, and lose money on the next. The driver has basically no ability to negotiate his own prices other than dealing with a different brokerage firm, but of course the ones with the best rates are booked up first, leaving everyone else to pick up the scraps. Of course if we could get the government out of the equation, there would be a lot less taxes to pay and a lot more scraps to pick up. 😉

    Remember how MamaLiberty told you “Not in MY food”?

    To the robots, I’d say “Not on MY door” LOL.

    Last thing I need is one more technological wonder to make my life more “simple”, LOL. All this damn technology is going to make all of us obsolete someday if we’re not careful. However I am digging the e-cigs. We could keep those.

  5. MichaelWDean says:

    In LibPar, you COULD be your own trucking company. And there would be third-party companies that would cater to indie truckers, who would do things like independently help with negotiating contracts and routing and road usage. They would compete, and prices would be reasonable. And you’d never have to stop to pay tolls, would all be electronic. Technology that is currently used for evil would only be used for good in the free market.

    Speaking of that, In LibPar, these robots
    would be available to everyone, not just the military. You’d buy them at WalMart and they’d do your shopping and errands around town for you. Hell, you’d order them online at and they thing would just walk from WalMart over to your house and knock on the door and deliver itself.


  6. Justin says:

    Hopefully in LibPar, I could BE my trucking company, which is how it used to be before the government made so many taxes, regulations and red tape that the true owner operator is mostly extinct and everything has been taken over by a few large corporations.

    I work for a large corporation at the moment, and it used to appall me that they would actually SUPPORT new government regulations. Then I figured it out, the big companies are the only ones that can afford to comply, thus eliminating their smaller competitors and securing them a larger chunk of the market share. They’re not deciding what to support or fight based on the principle of their right to do business without government interference, they’re weighing the cost of compliance against their potential profit gains once the dust settles. If it screws the little guy, they’re all for it. If it just costs them money, then they fight it. Plain and simple.

  7. MichaelWDean says:

    When we say “privately owned roads”, I’m pretty sure we ARE talking about road companies, not a bunch of folks with dirt roads and you have to stop, go to their house, and negotiate passage every 30 miles.

    I think we’ve covered this when we say “you’d go to WalMart and buy Fast Pass cards, similar to an iTunes card, that would pay for interstate passage.”

    If you were a trucker in LibPar, it would likely be all worked for you by your trucking company.


  8. Justin says:

    Excellent episode as always Feens!

    I guess I must be a nanny stater ~cough . . . hack . . . gag~ cuz I still don’t see how privately owned roads, as I’ve heard them described at least, would ever amount to more than an unholy transportation disaster. If every person who owned an acre of land with a road crossing it had the right to charge people to cross it, first of all a trip across the country would take forever stopping to pay all of those tolls, and even if it cost a penny a whack, it’d cost a fortune. Think of a truckload (my area of expertise) of goods crossing the United States. The average family on their way to see the Grand Canyon would encounter enough of a hassle, but imagine how much trouble the average truck driver would encounter. It’d be almost as bad as the BS we get now from the government, LOL.

    Now, think of this: What if we had “Road Companies”. Similarly to how the railroads began many years ago, companies could purchase (the railroads often stole) strips of land crisscrossing the country, most likely the strips of land currently owned by the government and occupied by roads. Then, those companies could do similar to what you described in the ‘cast, sell access cards or charge a monthly or annual or whatever fee for the use of their roads. In some areas there would no doubt be competing companies, say one road that was slower but more scenic, another that was a straight shot but not much to look at, etc. opening the door for competition. No doubt there would be one or two companies that would end up owning and controlling a majority of the roads, but as long as it works, who really cares? If those companies cooperated so that a person could pay one fee and travel from one end of the country to the other, then it would be FAR more simple than the current system in which commercial trucks have to purchase permits for anything and everything for each state that they’re going to be crossing.

    Just an idea from somebody that would go batshit crazy if he had to stop and pay a damn toll every half mile. 😉

  9. MichaelWDean says:

    Good points, Mich.

    I just tried to e-mail this to you, it bounced:

    “Facebook is like the hallways in high school. The FREEDOM FEENS FUN FORUM is more like having a smoke with your good friends behind the gym.” – Neema Vedadi.

  10. Hesperus says:

    Good title for this episode, I freely admit that I am a little too obsessed with firearms.
    Regarding face books suicide bit, it’s a lousy idea in my opinion but I don’t think it’s likely that there will come a time where people can be forcibly committed via Internet. There was a massive deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill throughout the past forty years or so which resulted in an awful lot of homeless mentally ill people meandering around. Even worse is that these people often wind up in prisions where the staff are not qualified to deal with them, to put it mildly, it’s a godawful mess that seems to be getting worse.
    I also finally got around to finding Stefan Molyneux’s podcast, boy that guy is prolific!
    And as for a website that debunks conspiracy theories, while you would have a limitless supply of stuff to work through I don’t think it would be a moneymaker, or even popular. Vincent Bugulosi, the prosecutor of Charles Manson wrote a huge book “debunking” the Kennedy assisination conspiracy theories and it looks like it has been a disaster. I have thumbed through this book, I would not say I have read it because it is insanely long and has alot of boring stuff and some nonsense in it

    • Michigan Escapee says:

      Involuntary commitment has always carried the risk of fraud with it. As long as there’s no provision for jailing those who give false testimony in these cases, or in punishing doctors/shrinks who exaggerate someones state so they and the hospital can get paid, you’ll end up with the same problem. The laws will be overturned because you’ll have all these “mentally ill” people who get cleaned out by their kids/relatives while they’re locked up. Hospitals will start sending people out to help them poach those who fit a likely profile. Follow with a series of class actions, and a repeat of the 70s and 80s declawing and defunding of mental health.

      Then you’ll get back to a situation where those who want help can’t get it unless they show themselves to be seriously nuts enough inside of roughly 3-5 days. That’s because too many other borderline but functional wackos in the past have been held indefinitely due to well meaning people in the system. They get medicated and traumatized in the nut bin to the point where they’re not functional. PR nightmare time. And the uglier part where people just use the system to freeload. Claim you have manic episodes, phantom pains, and a feeling your co-workers are trying to kill you. Cha Ching! Free disability checks and medication for life.

      Same old problems. You can’t help people who don’t want it. And you can’t find those in need if there’s a sea of people just trying to game the system for free checks and dope. And the other little problem of kids who fear they’ll get written out of the will trying to get their parents committed before the gravy train derails. 😉

      However, maybe, just maybe, technology can fix the problem. Transcranial magnetic stimulation has been gaining a lot of new uses. If you can stabilize a schizo or suicidal in the ER long enough to ask them if they really want to keep going down the same path, that removes a lot of problems. But not the greedy kids
      problem, which is what roughly 80% of living probate cases amount to. Maybe if you just give the kids an all expenses paid trip to some budding warzone in Africa when they start mumbling about the will. I hear the tribal areas of Nigeria are fun this year. 😀

  11. MichaelWDean says:

    Excellent man, you guys rock and I’ll tell lots of folks.


  12. MichaelWDean says:

    Excellent, Betsy! Dig y’alls stuff. Drop us a line and we’ll chat. Have the boys do so. Whee! Liberty media! mew!

    Michael W. Dean

    • Hello Michael, Shorty Dawkins here. Thanks for your nice comments about Freedom Outlaws. We are a couple of old Freedom Outlaws just trying to spread the message of freedom. It is always great to run into other Liberty-minded folk. Keep up the good work. Elias and I listened to your show. We liked it. Good job, mun!

      Liberty to all, bro’,
      Shorty Dawkins

  13. Betsy Carter says:

    BTW, Elias and Shorty want to Salut you guys for your GREAT work here! We really enjoyed your show and are eager and happy to apart getting the discussions and questions out there even further! A New Episode will be up this weekend, Not Dark Yet… But it’s getting there…
    End Transmission

  14. Betsy Carter says:

    Thank You So Much! Here’s to Liberty and Justice !
    Betsy Carter – Barkeep of the Freedom Outlaw Saloon

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