Hey! It’s a Teenage Software Release House Party! With DJ Silencer and DJ FreeSpeechMe – live radio archive



Screw the tyranny, LET’S DANCE!

The Feens bring the grand tradition of 70s free-form FM rock radio to today’s political AM talk radio. Today is THE ALL-MUSICAL SOFTWARE RELEASE PARTY FOR FreeSpeechMe, the world-changing program to keep the government off your Internets!

Hey! It’s a Teenage Software Release House Party! With DJ Silencer (NeemaV) and DJ FreeSpeechMe (MWD)





etc. ……



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6 Responses to Hey! It’s a Teenage Software Release House Party! With DJ Silencer and DJ FreeSpeechMe – live radio archive

  1. David says:

    I loved the mashup with Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead. Way to go deep and outside the box with the tunes.

    • Neema says:

      Lol. MWD got mad at me for that track. Said it was whiny hippity-hop. But it was his party so he got to pick the genre after that

      • David says:

        Tell him to go play in traffic (not really).

        When I was big into French pop, mostly Yelle, I told my wife you have to be in the right mood for it. She said she never had that “mood” and I turned it off.

        I will admit that “Gimme Shelter” is on my top ten list but man, if I get Passion Pit, there’s got to be others. You guys go way deeper than you might think and musically there’s a lot of us who can handle Stooges, Tupac, Oakenfold, Nirvana, Marvin Gaye, Charlie Daniels, the Starliners, and so many others. To be blunt, the Neema V and Bomb aren’t in the same category but they’re both on my ipod. The only music that sucks is the non-creative.

  2. Halsingen says:

    Don’t you have a playlist of the songs you played on the show? 🙂

  3. MichaelWDean says:

    Sean wrote:
    >I just listened to most of this episode. Did the beginning of it get cut off? It sounds like you’re in the middle of a conversation when it starts.

    MWD wrote:
    We couldn’t connect to GCN with the Comrex. I was on the phone with Brad, our board op, at the time, trying to troubleshoot and figure out if it was on my end or his end..

    Finally figured out it was because I had like 20 windows open with YouTube videos cued up, and it crashed the flash-based on-screen interface I control the Comrex with. So Brad put on the Krist Novoselic interview when we were supposed to go live.

    I rebooted my computer and then had only one YouTube open at a time, and it worked.

    We were then able to connect via Comrex. We came in after the break, and pretended the Krist thing was live, as a joke.

    Sean wrote:
    >Also, are you playing music through the mic? If not, you are leaving the mic on, and we can hear everything that is happening in the room.

    Yes. through the mic. I know. It was a party, man!

    >You bumped things a few times, and we could hear lots of pidgin notifications, all during the music. The sound quality of the music isn’t too great either. Great selection though.

    It was a document of the fun Neema and I were having, more than a pristine audio document. We were going for a party vibe. And I think we nailed it.


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