Support Group For Men Who’ve Received Bad Touch From The State

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The triumphant return of Mr. Ben Stone THE BAD QUAKER! He was out with a serious illness, this is his first time back yacking, one-time, for now, and the Feens have the exclusive!.

Also sharing experience, strength and ZeroGov hope is MikeMakesRight, Chandler St. Pierre, Michael Dean and even a little from engineer Brad.


FreeSpeechMe press release, video, program, and source code: (Mirror site)

FreeSpeechMe, Dot-Bit and Namecoin for ten minutes. A good time is had by all.

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5 Responses to Support Group For Men Who’ve Received Bad Touch From The State

  1. Nick says:

    I don’t remember if I heard it mentioned on this cast or not. This cast is the last one I listened to however. But What I heard mentioned was how Karl Hess a market anarchist was a speechwriter for Barry Goldwater. The only trouble I have, is that I’m not to sure that Hess was an anarchist when he wrote for Goldwater or whether that was later. As I was reading on wikipedia It mentions some time after goldwater Hess becoming “more radical” and “disillusioned” and of Murray Rothbard having an influence on him. If we could maybe find out and clarify then that would be great 🙂 Wooorms!

  2. Gretchen says:

    Before I ask a seemingly “dumb” question – Remember! I’m on YOUR team! 😉

    How does FreeSpeechMe work with Macs?

    Glad Ben’s on the road to health! You were heavy in the minds of many, buddy!

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Not yet, but it’s planned. there is a full list of planned implementations (when we get funding) on the website under “Tech FAQ.”

  3. Bad touch from the State eh? Is that sort of like The Eagle shits on Thursday? When you’ve spent the last 1-2 weeks “building the roads” ,sometimes literally, and the government pays itself back with a third of your check, and eats up 86% of the rest through distributed rakeoffs? 😉

  4. Mark says:

    It was so good to hear from Ben again! I’ve missed the Bad Quaker wisdom.

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