Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi discuss the joys of Ancapistan, Freedom Feens plays in Peoria AND in Riyadh, songs from Guns and Weed now free, Kim Jong-Il the world’s worst living dictator dying and his followers weeping in the streets in sadness about the passing of their Dear Leader, GOP worried Ron Paul could win in Iowa, why Feens should add the Alexa toolbar, the joys of our new VPS server, the Freedom Feens Shop Amazon link, post-podum depression, Michael gets a SIGN FROM THE UNIVERSE and has a semi-spiritual experience about how The Church Farm School Sucks, the cool dudes from Cop Block hand out Cop Block literature near a high school, DC Police claim knowing one’s rights is justification for search warrant and raid, an update on  Martin Niemöller’s “First They Came….”, 7 bizarre robots in the Pentagon’s defense budget, a good survival book from the 70s – Possum Living, and a homework assignment for Feens to watch Brave New World or the other Brave New World.

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  1. MichaelWDean says:

    Jhaynes, have you seen the movie I did that Robert Downey Jr narrated?

    It’s on Netflix and hulu. Even free on Hulu if you don’t mind ads.


    • jhaynes says:

      No, I didn’t know you had a movie with RD, Jr. narrating. I will absolutely check this out.

      Yes, I even thought about Depp after I posted. He is another actor that I have seen in many films and I have liked his portrayal of each character. Probably one of the coolest movies I saw him in that he did before he got to be a name in Hollywood was Cry Baby. Edward Scissorhands nailed it home for him in my mind after that. Even his voice over in Rango is great. You’ve seen Rango, right? If not it is worth watching though it is an animated kids movie.

  2. MichaelWDean says:

    jhaynes -Johnny Depp is pretty amazing too, I watched Dead Man tonight, he’s great in it.
    Will discuss on the next cast.


  3. jhaynes says:

    [Repost from forum section]

    First I would like to give a nod towards Neema’s brother for the essay he wrote. It was spot on! The paper was very well done and informative.

    I love the idea of offering the “home work assignment”. It allows the us feens out here to be tuned in to what it is you guys are talking about. It will also allow us to take our thoughts and point of views and compare our own to both of yours. When it’s all over we’ll be able to walk away with even more from the podcasts.

    Michael, I agree on pretty boy DeCaprio being a a good actor. Robert Downey,Jr. is by far one of the best male actors for all the roles I have seen him play in; A Scanner Darkly will forever be ingrained in to my mind.

    Nice cast as usual!

  4. MichaelWDean says:

    Lyle, Awesome comments. Thank you!

    If you do want to start a podcast, we have a page where we talk about it, at the top where it says “how we record.” We also have more here:


  5. Lyle Myhr says:

    Got your video the other day. Watched it and had many good chuckles. Ms Tizzle and her WTF scene was most notable. Thanks for the mention of my quote in your podcast. You almost got the last name correct. Myhr is pronounced “Mir” (Russian space lab) or you can simply rhyme it with my favorite beverage…Beer. I’ve listened to the guys from New Hampshire before “Free Talk Live”, but I do believe your show is far better. I’ve often mused at getting my own show together. Maybe I will someday.

  6. MichaelWDean says:

    Garrett, I think I figured out why the short parts I add in while editing sound different (other than me being tired.): When I’m editing the cast, I’m using Neema’s audio and mine. when I record a part to drop in, it’s just mine. What I need to do to make them “blend” is put some of Neema’s room tone (him recording, but not talking) under it, to make it more “live.” I’ll try that next cast.

    Thanks for pointing it out! Made me think of solutions…..


    • Garrett says:

      That’s wussup man. Makes total sense too. For a while I was taking samples of the “quiet times” and running something that would take out all similar noises. But it got to the point where it didn’t even sound like it made a big difference.

      My buddy and I just got done recording our offical first cast. But right now I’m mixing down a “teaser” kinda promo thing. Just for testing with the website.

      Oh and I meant to tell you earlier; no burning out man. Us Feens love the show, so just remember to keep pacing yourself. I can’t express how much inspiration and motivation you and Neema give us. You guys even got us rhymin again (that and the new equipment) and thinking of other stuff we can do.

      So thanks again for all the tips man. Back to editing time for me.


  7. MichaelWDean says:

    Make it “Ninth Grade Liberty.” There’s a Facebook group called “Eight Grade Liberty”,
    and their idea of liberty is different from ours.


  8. MichaelWDean says:

    There’s a section on called “explain it to me like I’m five.” Great intros on different subjects, explained for a lowest common denominator, in a non-biased way:

    Someone should do a libertarian podcast with a title like “Explaining liberty so an eighth grader can understand it.” Or “Eighth Grade Liberty.” (I think five year old would be too low/too insulting. Eighth Grader would be good.) Might also bring in more kids, and they need it.


  9. MichaelWDean says:

    “What kind of vibe do you get when you hear “Layman’s Liberation” or like “Layman’s Liberation Podcast?””

    Hmmmmmmm……I’m not sure I’m sold on the name. I still think you could do better. “Layman” to me sounds like “not very smart average joe.” Like Joe the Plumber.


    • Garrett Fox says:

      ““Layman” to me sounds like “not very smart average joe.” Like Joe the Plumber.”

      That’s sort of what i was going for. To appeal to ANYONE who might wanna listen…but doesn’t have a degree in philosophy… at least you caught what I’m trying to imply. The reason I picked Layman is because often when I’m explaining stuff to my friends (one being the co-host) I’ll have to slow down and use layman’s terms. I feel like there is going to be a lot of that in our dialog. Not to mention I’m not the best with words either.

      For a catch phrase, or whatever, I was thinking “Since where not ALL philosophers” kinda thing.

      But yeah you’re right. A lot of the other podcast’s recording quality really does suck…as well as content and jabbering on and on. Maybe that’s why I’m talking to you about all of this. haha.

      I would like to appeal to kids too. But I tend to feel like most people don’t really worry about any of this stuff until they reach like 16 and start driving or something.

      Thanks a lot for all the tips and suggestions MWD.

  10. MichaelWDean says:

    I don’t think it’s lopsided. It’s not intentionally to make it look like I’m funnier. I just sometimes SLAY with a joke and Neema doesn’t laugh. Also, I literally spend 10-12 hours editing each cast, Neema does zero time editing the casts. I’m caught up in the bigger picture, sometimes I miss the minutia. I could spend another five hours taking a second pass making them perfect, but they sound better than 95% of indie freedom media out there (including things people charge for, like some Survival Podcast stuff, and that stuff is recorded HORRIBLY.) If I had to spend the extra time making every episode PERFECT, I’d burn out and give up. Especially with me doing all this work and VERY few people donating. The more people donate, the longer it’s going to be before I burn out and give up. Sometimes I’m close to burning out now.

    Yeah, I am getting better on the punch ins, but if you listen carefully, you can tell. I think it’s the less room tone (I’m recording them in the same chair with the same mic as I use for the casts), it’s more me. When we podcast I’m really amped, ten hours later when I’m editing, I’m usually sleepy.

    There is a subtle difference in the room tone too, I can’t figure out what that’s about. Maybe my curtains closed at night when I’m editing, vs. they’re open during the day when I record, and they mute a tiny bit of room reverberation? It’s really subtle, the curtains are behind the mic, and it’s a directional mic, so mostly only picks up what’s in front of it.

    It’s so subtle I doubt many people are noticing besides you and me. Still, I’m such a perfectionist, I’d like to make it even less noticeable.


    • Garrett Fox says:

      That makes sense that it sound “more you”. But yeah i bet that time difference from recording w/ neema to editing makes all the difference. Especially after you think you’re done and then you realize there was something else you wanted to do.

      Maybe you should bring your cat around for your punch in’s. They seem to make you happy and energetic. lol. cat people.

      But for realz man, the podcast sounds great. I’m done listening now for the second time (I get a lot more out of it on the second listen) and I’m jonesin to go work on our stuff.

      We’ve finally decided on a name for our podcast so we need to record some intro’s and stuff. It’s just so hard to find the right music. What kind of vibe do you get when you hear “Layman’s Liberation” or like “Layman’s Liberation Podcast?”


  11. MichaelWDean says:

    If you’re looking real hard at the editing, I’ll tell you one of my secrets, on more than one occasion where Neema didn’t laugh at one of MY jokes, I’ve cut in Neema laughing from somewhere else. lol…..!


    • Garrett Fox says:

      Hahaha. Well that’s kinda lop-sided, isn’t it? But I’ll keep that in mind.

      I think the only reason I can notice your edits, is because I’m looking for it. And like if you go back and add something (I assume that you couldn’t think of while you where recording) or elaborate on something, I can hear the difference in your voice. Very suttle though and that’s what I like about podcasts over live shows. No “dead air”.

  12. MichaelWDean says:


    If you’re hearing my editing, I’ll have to do a better job! I strive for making it invisible. lol….

  13. MichaelWDean says:

    Garrett, I thought that was funny when I heard it but didn’t laugh because it’s such a given, in my mind.

    • Garrett Fox says:

      You know I guess the only reason I’m noticing these little things is because those are the type things I’m noticing while editing my stuff. Which is a lot of fun. I can hear a couple of the little tricks you do when taking out “ums” and adding little clips back into it. Cool stuff.

  14. Garrett Fox says:


    MWD: What’s the new word for retarded?
    Neema: Government?
    Me: Choking on coffee.

    It’s a little after 35 mins.

  15. MichaelWDean says:


    “Michael, what you where saying about the universe and the kid in the church w/ his iPod was beautiful and inspirational.”

    Thanks man! It was so cool when it happened, I felt like I HAD to share it.

    “Neema, I love your little one liner jokes. Even if Michael desn’t catch it, the listeners do.”

    What one-liner did I miss? I think Neema’s a funny guy. I probably get his jokes all the time but am in such a froth to keep podcasting I don’t laugh.


    • Garrett Fox says:

      Oh no, I hear you dude. When I’m listening to the stuff me and my buddy record, I hear all this stuff I missed while recording cuz I’m trying to focus on a couple different things at once.

      Neema IS a funny dude. I can’t think of a specific example right this second. But it happens in the first couple of minutes of this podcast. He’ll say some one liner and i choke on my coffee and ask myself if you missed it. No biggy. Just wanted to acknowledge his humor.

      But I’m gonna hafta look at your hire the feens tab. I really like the music you guys use for stuff. Especially the intro.


      PS. Are you guys using podpress for the little streaming player?

  16. Garrett Fox says:

    I hope people start blingin out their guns. You see a bit of that on all the new shooting shows. I painted my .22 a while ago, I’ll hafta dig up a picture.

    Neema, I love your little one liner jokes. Even if Michael desn’t catch it, the listeners do.

    Michael, what you where saying about the universe and the kid in the church w/ his iPod was beautiful and inspirational.

    Peace hommies.

  17. Paul Bonneau says:

    I don’t think we need to educate kids. All we need to do is get out of their way.

    Distopian fiction? The very best is Ira Levin’s “This Perfect Day”.

    There are no rights, or to be more accurate rights are just a meme. There is nothing for “them” to take from us, any more than the mafia can take them from us. I understand the utility of using the language of rights, and I do it too on occasion; but people ought to try digging a bit deeper into this and understand how this very language can be used against us.

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