Get off the plantation and get on the blockchain – Freedom Feens live radio archive



Michael Dean and Neema Vedadi explain “you have two cows”  for Blockstrian Economics: You have two cows. 50 million other people have some cows. You hook them all up to a worldwide networked milking machine, and everyone still ends up with more milk then they would have had in any other system.

Lousander Feens gets on the Golden Blockchain of Redemption for coming up with today’s episode title.

BLOCKSTRIAN ECONOMICS will turn THE STATE into MySpace. ’nuff said.

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7 Responses to Get off the plantation and get on the blockchain – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. Brian A. says:

    Killer cast. I love the cow analogies. The New Deal one is so true. I worked for a summer on a historic farm owned by the county. Every morning and afternoon, someone had to milk those cows. However, we couldn’t sell the milk in our little country store/gift shop. We could give it away (if someone asked), or our blacksmith would take some home for his own use, but I’d wager 95% or more of that milk had to be dumped in the pasture because it was illegal to sell. Such are the fruits of government.

    Love the reference to MikeMakesRight being Joe Satriani’s bass player too. (Although being Satriani’s bass player is a gig I’m sure a lot of guys would fight to keep…) Minor correction- Satriani didn’t play in Zappa’s band, but he did teach guitar lessons to Steve Vai, who did later play with Zappa, when Satriani and Vai were both teenagers.

  2. Jimmald says:

    If you’re wondering why someone donated 0.00024124BTC, it was me. Your exciting meowbit program (which works!!) got me to finally try out using Bitcoin. I wanted to buy BTC long ago (wish I had) but it was so confusing and difficult, I gave up. Buying is still a pain, and they require copies of your ID to comply with “money-laundering” laws…so I found some “free bitcoin” sites and after hours of clicking and typing stupid ReCaps over a 2-day period, I amassed 0.00024124BTC. Then I thought I’d practice sending, and attempted to donate PART of my hoard to the Feens. Oops, I inadvertently sent it all somehow. Oh well, don’t worry about it, enjoy. Don’t spend it all in one place. I need more practice. But seriously, thanks for the mental stimulus!

  3. Ross says:

    Where do I get my feens torrenting rasperry pi?

    • I built an image that I meant to distribute months ago. I’m currently pretty deep into the next version of MeowBit, but once I get that released I’ll finalize the image so that it’s generic and get it out there for download/torrent.

      Last I heard most of the distributors were out of Raspberry Pis again (Broadcom just opened up firmware that Pi uses, so I think there’s a run on them).
      Make sure you get model B. It’s much better. More memory, more ports.

      I see them on Amazon, but they are a little higher than the regular distributors.
      Use the Feens link:

    • Oh, and get a 32 or 64Gb SD card too… The Feens torrent feed is pretty big, there’s a few DVDs in there.

  4. Raw Milk, lol! Yeah, a little too thick for most.

    Now if you want raw, be 9-10 years old and have someone tell you, reach in there and grab a leg! EEEWWWW!!!!!!!!! Traumatized for life. So warm, so slimey, the smell never leaves memory. 😉

    22 years later, a friend’s mare has a pitch black colt on a moonless night, and the little bugger goes for a fence crawl. I manage to find the sucker in about 4 minutes. Nobody asked how, and I wasn’t about to explain. 😀

    As for Raspberry Pi, I hear those things come with the Wolfram Language and Mathematica now. Seems like it would be ideal for idle time cryptographic functions, node anonymizing, or maybe even your own radio transmitter.

    Maybe even a whitespace meshnet, or wifi mesh net.

    Or even decentralized central scrutinizer nodes.

    (Mudge was once part of the Cult of the Dead Cow, so it fits in with the cow theme. 😉 )

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