All Politicians Have Blood on their Hands – Freedom Feens live radio archive


All Politicians Have Blood on their Hands

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…but some are more bloody than others, like the Hungarian Countess who killed virgin girls and bathed in their blood to absorb their beauty.

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2 Responses to All Politicians Have Blood on their Hands – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. Bathory didn’t get off all that easy. 😉

    She was confined to her rooms, with the entrances and windows walled up, save for tiny slits for food and air. Penrose says she was heartbroken that she no longer had her magic incantation. After only three and a half years, during the summer of 1614 (or 1613) when she was 54 (or 53), she died. The evidence of this was her untouched dinner plates. Someone who looked through the slit in the door, says Glut, saw her lying face down on the floor.

    When they tore down the walls to retrieve her body, legend has it that they found a brief document to the effect that before her imprisonment she had invoked a darker power to send 99 cats to tear out the hearts of her accusers and judges. The priest, who read it, recalled the cats they had seen that night when they entered the castle.


    • Hesperus says:

      Also it’s biologically impossible to bathe in someone’s blood. There just ain’t enough blood in a person to bathe in it and even if you killed a bunch of people it would clot and thicken pretty quick.

      Not denying she was a killer though.

      I also wanted to add that the Coriolis effect is far too small to be observed outside a laboratory setting. And that I can’t think of any tv shows to recommend, but, have you ever seen a movie called Hard Target?

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