The Freedom Feens are the Underground Railroad to LibPar – live radio archive



The Feens yack on radio about L.P.D.: Libertarian Police Department, FBI raids trinket collector, prepares new profitable displays for museum industrial complex, Alcoholic court stenographer SNAPS and records the truth: “i hate my job” “i hate my job” over and over, forced by state guns to try to “interpret” it, and much more.


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1 Response to The Freedom Feens are the Underground Railroad to LibPar – live radio archive

  1. David says:


    Sorry I’ve been so vacant and I’m catching up. You might know this but “House” is Sherlock Holmes, who also had a drug problem. There are numerous metaphors between the two.

    As a fan of Peep Show you might like That Mitchell and Webb Look. Not many seasons but funny sketches.

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