School Sucks podcast interview with Michael W. Dean


School Sucks rocks: Michael Dean Didn’t Like School, and Vice Versa.

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  1. Brian says:

    You guys absolutely nailed your description of middle school. I’m “working” as a counselor in a middle school right now (Long story; fortunately that’s not my real job…) and can tell you that middle school is still a joke. It’s the same soul-crushing grind I remember from over a decade ago. The description of it as basically the same old system with a few shiny bells and whistles is dead-on. One example- the school district hands out bright, shiny iPads to counselors and teachers, many of which border on tech illiterate.

    There’s also a territorial attitude in public ed that should appall anyone who believes in a free market. Teachers and administrators seem scared to death that they’ll lose market share (althought they don’t quite use those terms…) to the homeschoolers and private schools. I once told a former girlfriend, a high school biology teacher, that I believe people have the right to homeschool if they so choose. From her reaction, you would think I had endorsed slavery or pedophelia. Public ed brainwashes teachers and crushes their souls along with those of their students.

  2. Mark says:

    “Defective Students”..

    Yeah, that brings back unpleasant memories!

    It sounds like my schooling and education have some things in common with Michael. And yes, schooling and education are deliberately separated. I always felt that the school system was a disfuntional nightmare, but I was told that I was the problem, and roundly criticized for it. I didn’t want to believe that, but I had my doubts. With the exception of a few good teachers, any actual learning I did was mostly on my own.

    Years later, I say without doubt, that the system is a complete freakshow! I don’t even like to think about my time in school, I consider it a waste of my time and brain power.

    As I said to a friend who’s wife is a teacher… The only good thing about her job is her paycheck. And looking at the gaping hole in MY paycheck where the deductions are does not add to my warm and fuzzy feelings!

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