I just wanna fly my Feens flag high – Freedom Feens live radio archive



MWD, Ben Stone the Bad Quaker and Lousander Feen ride Airworm-1 high above the B.S. of the political world and live in an autonomous LibPar for a couple hours of fun and freedom.

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The Feens read Scott Bieser’s Quantum Vibe to help envision LibPar into being:


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2 Responses to I just wanna fly my Feens flag high – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. Arnis Davidsons says:

    Hi guys. I never expected my letter to be on the air! (It should have said “don’t hesitate to come”, not “don’t come”). Well done! Looking forward to this year’s Liberty Fest. Always good to see you, Lou, and yes Ben, I remember you well! We had the best beards there! And I am in the picture showing your broadcast! Had a great weekend! (Glad you’re feeling better, Ben).

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