The only true thing in the newspaper is the date – Freedom Feens live radio archive



It’s true. And Michael W. Dean and Garrett Fox (mDub and gFox) tell you why.



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4 Responses to The only true thing in the newspaper is the date – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. oh says:

    Sorry if my tone was harsh.

  2. oh says:

    Hi Michael, Oh can you at least read some or before commenting on a complex issue like ukraine? you sound just like a neocon talking about this, send regards to victoria nuland!

    • MichaelWDean says:

      WOW. Seriously? I’m in the middle of doing the most emotional show I’ve ever done, saying goodbye to a dear dear friend and you don’t even wait for me to finish what I’m talking about….and you anonymously interrupt to say “You’re doing it wrong!”

      No wonder people quit doing liberty media. It’s a thankless unpaid more-than-full-time job where everyone tries to tell you what they’d do better if they did it.

      Start your own fucking show, get it on a bunch of stations, and do it your way.


      • dweeb says:

        hey man, i wasn’t listening live and i was talking about April 26th show when you were saying that Russia took a part of Ukraine.

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