Interview with Nikolai Mushegian of Bitshares DNS – Freedom Feens live radio archive



Michael W. Dean and Lousander Feen interview Interview with Nikolai Mushegian of the “Namecoin Killer”, Bitshares DNS, and the Web 4.0 project, Bitshares, in general. He explains why “Bitshares does for business what Bitcoin did for money.”

Nikolai will be back this Sunday. We’ll have Bitshares founder, Daniel Larimer, on the show a week from tonight.

Bitshares team info.

“How I became a Bitshares believer”:

For hour two MWD and Lousander talk about a whole mess o’ tasty stuff, all of which involves creative disruption, and none of which involves the State.
NOTE: this is the first show of merge (mining) Michael Dean After Dark into Freedom Feens. It’s been discussed for a while, and now’s the time to do it. Enjoy!

Get the great inexpensive mic our co-hosts (and Nikolai!) use:

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8 Responses to Interview with Nikolai Mushegian of Bitshares DNS – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. Thom says:

    Wow. ’bout to listen to this; been reading ’bout it. Just around April Fools Day I discovered you MWD and got some nmc thru Derrick. Was waiting for my group to settle on a name which is now done. I come back 6 weeks later and see this. Talk about head spinninly fast paced!

    Now I’m wondering if my NMC has any value, or whether I should trade it or use it as I planned to register .bit domains. I don’t have much NMC but plenty to register 100’s of domains as of 6 weeks ago.

    Also I’m seeing that I better start tuning into your show more often! BTW, are all of them archived here? I’m a night owl but that pushes my limits being an older fart than you.

    Keep up your great work Michael!

  2. georgem says:

    Wow, Michael Dean you are very flexible.
    Jumping from freespeechme to meowbit and now bitshares?
    Or do I misunderstand this?

    isn’t bitshares-DNS complete vapourware?
    How do I register .p2p?
    How do I view .p2p in my browser?

    Bitshares-DNS only exists on paper, isn’t this the definition of vapourware?

    When will those things be developped?

    • MichaelWDean says:


      FreeSpeechMe had people problems. So does Namecoin, but it took me months to really know that. Those guys are brilliant but have huge organizational issues. Sheesh, they even let namecoin.bit expire and get squatted! They also look at innovators as interlopers. They also think nothing can ever do alternate DNS other than Namecoin, and don’t seem to like publicity or adoption. I could go on, but I’m moving on.

      MeowBit’s Derrick rocks and he is revamping MeowBit to also work with .p2p (Bitshares DNS.)

      No, it’s not vaporware. There is tons of code, and it’s not far from a release. I’ve seen the code. Vaporware never comes out, this will come out.


      • georgem says:

        So namecoin loses the best “cat” they ever had, but anyway I thank you for everything you have done to push namecoin and make people aware of alternative domain-systems.

        Without you, the namecoin forum feels like the ghost town again that it always was, lol.

        I will look into Bitshares DNS!

        • MichaelWDean says:

          I tried man. I tried full time for 4 months. Those NMC cats treated me like a red-headed stepchild, at best.

          The Bitshares folks are really appreciative of smart input, and more so, they really have their act together, big time.

          • Michigan Escapee says:

            The whole problem is that all of it is new technology filling a void that’s a massive empty space.

            .mod, .st3, .wav, .m1a, .vqf, .mp3(nitrane codec, fraunhoffer codec, lame codec), .aac, .ogg, on and on. The way to share music changed to push the limits of the hardware, and the bitrates grew as bandwidth speeds did.

            The video codec format wars came later, got even worse, and are still mostly unresolved. Although I think most everyone is using wavelet based schemes now , unless you have to do something crazy like convert video from a high def .mp4 format to something that will play in a DVD player (mpeg-1/mpeg-2), and that’s usually only because technology frightens old people, and their kids had to drag them kicking and screaming into the DVD age. 😀

            I suppose the next level to this whole mess would be opensource hardware/software RF whitespace cellphones and stationary nodes than can form meshnets together, break apart, and heal as people walk/drive around. Then firewalls and crypto for all of that. The good news is, after 15 years of R&D quagmires, the government and it’s goons aren’t touching that shit for a good long while. 😀

            Or possibly a MagicJack like device that would let you boot to a secure operating system, plug in your crypto-tokens, log into your VPN, darknet connections, secure cloud storage, and have some type of authentication hardware to make sure you were you.

            Add onto that, and do a web server version, but make it more like a form of RAID where you can sync up a stack of devices, distribute them across the world, clone them as needed, and make it one truly insane version of whack a mole for the bad guys to try and take you offline.

            All this stuff generally cross pollinates back and forth over time, it’s unlikely there will be “One Ring To Rule Them All” , at least not for more than maybe 8-14 months. Then another “disruptive technology” will pop up, and mess up everything. 😉

  3. Chris Brown says:

    …Just listened to the show, read those links and I’m really digging what I’m hearing. I can’t wait to learn more about this, man!!

    There really DOES seem to be vast unseen possibilities here!! I know this is a cliche, but the phrase paradigm shifting comes to mind(and of course, anyone who would dare even try to regulate it ,looks like, would have to be somewhat out of their’s lol…).

    Thanks for sharing and turning me onto this 🙂 I listened to Cody Wilson talk about Dark Wallet this morning and learned about this tonight….lol

    It’s a great time to be alive!



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