“USER’S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE” Chapter 10 – Hardcore Recovery Without Meetings, first half of chapter


A between-episodes treat from the Freedom Feens Podcast. Chapter 10 – Hardcore Recovery Without Meetings, first half of chapter, A USER’S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE, Audio book read by the author, Michael W. Dean.

Is life fair? Expectations are appointments with resentments. How to know the difference between apologies and amends (don’t TELL them what you’re going to do, ASK them what you can do). How to change your “playmates and playgrounds.” How to avoid the bullies who “bump into you, spill their OWN milk, and then sue YOU for your lunch money.” Becoming human. Giving back.

Michael W. Dean’s groundbreaking 2009 libertarian self-help book, A USER’S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE (GET THE PAPERBACK OF THE BOOK on Amazon, HERE.)

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0 Responses to “USER’S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE” Chapter 10 – Hardcore Recovery Without Meetings, first half of chapter

  1. MichaelWDean says:

    cool! Tell two friends!

  2. Hesperus says:

    You know I just realized why this book sounds better than a lot of self help books I have thumbed through. It’s not self indulgent fluff and/or destination less mysticism! This stuff really helps.

  3. MichaelWDean says:

    Good comments, M.E.!


  4. Michigan Escapee says:

    The death issues are the worst of them. Usually people get over the grief. You kill a
    few beers with them, maybe help them clean out a house, or clear up estate issues
    and eventually they’ll cope.

    But if the family at large is just using the recent death as fuel for an ongoing fire, then
    it turns into a mess. Why grieve when you can turn all the emotion into beating
    your relatives senseless, looting assets from the estate, or generating some
    other form of chaos? Helping someone get through the process while they’re at
    war with their family members, or inlaws, now that really sucks.

    As for the plan of it ? Who knows. If the Everett Multiverse model is correct, most of
    the probable decisions a person makes in their life will happen. They all branch off,
    and eventually converge. Maybe on one branch down the timeline someone is still
    alive, they lived an extra week, year, decade. The downside of that model is, 400-4000
    years down the line, their entire historical existence might fuzz out into background
    noise. Being a state vector bit in a massive quantum computer probably isn’t how
    people want to view their lives. Even if it means nobody ever dies before their time
    in the grand scheme of things. But anyway…

    One thing nobody ever seems to address, is the issue the crops up if you’re a better
    person while using alcohol, weed, meds, etc. Or at least, people like you better when
    you’re buzzed, medicated, doped up, etc. Sure, there’s manics, clinical depressives,
    ocd cases, and whatnot that should probably have some meds for working hours.
    But if you’ve got people in your life that like you when you’re 8 beers in, using
    meds XYZ, etc. That would tend to be a snarl that wouldn’t be a good fit for a 12
    step system. You’d need a reverse intervention, kick all the friends and loved
    ones out of your life so you can get sober, even if you didn’t have an addiction,
    and then start over. At least then you wouldn’t have to be the designated driver
    because you were the only one not getting fall down drunk all the time. ;P
    Ugg. Depressing. Almost makes me want to pop some SSRIs, but not quite….

  5. MichaelWDean says:

    Thanks man! Glad I could help.

    And congrats.


  6. David Crowe says:

    I can’t wait to listen to this one! I’m very eager to hear more of your thoughts on recovery. I’m a recovering alcoholic and I did it without meetings. I got help through one on one sessions with a trained therapist and I’ve recently beaten my former sobriety record. As of today I’ve been sober one year, two months and 31 days and I feel very confident that I’ll never drink again. I’ll no doubt comment again after I get to this one. I’ve gotten behind in my Feens listening and must catch up. This shit’s too good to miss.

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