Get the great inexpensive mic our co-hosts use



Open source your liberty! Get the Incredibly Good (and affordable) Audio-Technica AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic Mic.

It’s 50 bucks and sounds like a million bucks. It’s USB enabled, our co-hosts use this over FeenPhone. The Audio-Technica AT2005USB mic (GET IT HERE). Also you’ll need a foam windscreen with the mic. (Get those HERE). That and a pair of headphones and you can start your own podcast, and sound better when being a guest or a caller on a radio show. (Free Talk Live takes Skype calls.)

Do you have headphones? You’ll need headphones…Not open ear (which will leak/feedback audio into the mic), they must be closed ear. These ones are cheap and great.

You’ll NEED a mic stand. The included table tripod stand is OK in a pinch, but you want the mic off the table and closer to your mouth.

On the table the mic will pick up vibration and bumps, and having it about five inches from your mouth will give you much better sound. I recommend this mic stand for 15 dollars.


You need a mic stand though to get it close to your mouth to get a good sounds. And you need headphones with a 1/8″ jack. Even ear buds. Don’t use computer speakers, they will feed back and give bad sound. You need to isolate your sound with headphones. 

If you want to get fancy, this scissor mount mic stand is about 30 dollars.

If you must use the included tripod table stand, fold a T-shirt up underneath is to dampen vibrations from reaching the mic.

mic with t-shirt

If you use the scissor mount mic stand:

Scissor arm with scarf

That “boing!” sound from your spring-loaded mic stand bothering you?  “Freedom Feens” co-host Michael W. Dean has a quick solution (see photo): “Wrap a scarf around the springs of a microphone scissor arm to prevent ‘boing!’ sounds from leaking into the mic when you move it.  Plus it looks totally rock ‘n’ roll, kind of 70s freeform FM music radio. And visual cues can inspire shifts in talk style.  An influence of 70s freeform FM music radio can be fun and useful in talk radio.”

Note on inexpensive mics: Don’t get the “Yeti” mic instead, it looks more “fancy” but doesn’t sound as good as the Audio-Technica AT2005USB. The Yeti also costs MORE, and is aimed more at people who go for looks more than good audio specs. I’ve owned a lot of cheap mics (and expensive mics), and the Audio-Technica AT2005USB is great. It’s also much smaller than the Yeti, so the AT2005USB is easier to travel with. The Yeti also picks up too much background noise.

–Michael W. Dean, Freedom Feen.

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  4. Rob says:

    Hi MWD:

    I’m fooling around with podcasts. You’re one of the people to blame.

    I’m not happy with my results. Your results are always impressive (I listen to lots of podcasts in the car and on everyone else’s I’m always adjusting volume between the people speaking – yours are always solid and no fuss so I figure you’re the guy to copy).

    I have a no name uni-directional mic. I’m going to upgrade to the Audio-Technica or something similar.

    I’m recording on Audacity.

    Right now I speak right into the mic – it’s almost touching my mouth. Volume is low, and there is lots of background hissing. I replay my proto-podcasts in my car through my iphone, but only after amplifying them in Audacity.

    Any comments? Suggestions? Anywhere on the site to find more info?

    Wait…I just saw the Creamy Radio Audio link.

    OK then….I’ll update you on progress later.

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