Freedom Feens archives during Porcfest



All the Feens MP3 archives for the week of Sunday June 22 through Sunday June 29th will be released more or less at once around Monday June 30th. This is for both MP3 archives on this site, and the Torrent archives.

If you want to hear Feens during Porcfest, you can listen live streaming at, or grab the MP3 archives from the GCN site, HERE.

Note, the GCN archives are two files per show, one for each hour. They are also lower MP3 encoding rates than the usual Feens archives, and have different (and more) commercials than the regular Feens archives. And since GCN uses caching software to deal with their massive throughput, you may have to clear your cache to view everything on that page after viewing it the first time. (CTRL + F5 on Windows.)




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