Cluster-fark at 30,000 feet – Freedom Feens live radio archive



Michael W. Dean deals with screeching crazy old men, government intervention, technical issues, lack of sleep and more to demonstrate aplomb while tightrope walking without a net between two blimps (Airworm 1 and Airworm 2) on live radio….and he doesn’t fall! It’s cat herding at its best. Help is given by Ben Stone, Lousander Feen, Jack Johnson and English Bernie.

Topics include, podcasting and radio tips, and Conservative tries to link Las Vegas cop shootings to Freedom Feens film “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom.”


Michael Dean will be showing his films and speaking at Porcfest: the Porcupine Freedom Festival XI in New Hampshire, June 22-29, 2014. Ben Stone will be there too.


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3 Responses to Cluster-fark at 30,000 feet – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. That AIM guy just does not like you for some reason. 😀

    So if the white power, dope smoking, cop killer is linked to your film, does this mean I can blame most of my defense related work to watching Army of Darkness, and possibly Evil Dead 2? 😉 Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, them hajjis and third worlders are gonna be coming for ya! Call it Army of Browness, sharpen your chainsaws, and stockpile your shotgun shells!!

    Actually, if you look at the film credits between those two, they could probably draw on all sorts of ideas for mayhem just from the films, tv shows, and everything else they’ve been involved in. . 😀

  2. Mark says:

    Ah, the CATMUF and Complyacin ads again… I’ve missed those!

    English Bernie, I hope to hear more from you.

    What a magnificent job of cat herding with technical problems and multiple guests!

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