When The Iron Hamster’s Away, The Titanium Meercat And The Wampus Cat Will Play – Freedom Feens live radio archive



Randy England and Lousander Feen fill in for MWD who is getting some much-needed rest in Dick Cheney’s basement.  They discuss how movies about Guns and Weed don’t kill people… people kill people, immigration (moving) is not the problem… socialism is the problem; why theologians should not talk about economics; and how more of what is not working now will not work later.


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  1. strugelje says:

    I have good Canadian health care stories, others may have some bad ones. Many Canadian friends praise the service. On the other hand, I live in America, have health insurance through a major provider (it changes annually so the employer can play these corporate criminals off and keep prices “down”), and I can tell you MANY horror stories about what happens when you have health insurance in America. Doctors see that insurance card and they start running it like a credit card with their own name on it. Example one, had an ingrown toe nail clipped. Ten minute procedure. Could have done it myself with a bottle of Jack and a scalpel. Cost, $2500! For ten minutes of “surgery”, including myriad “tests” of the nail trimming at an affiliated lab to “make sure it isn’t a fungus nail.” It was obviously a fungus nail, anyone could see that with the naked eye. Then a $100 scrip for fungus nail stuff, which didn’t work. Looked it up on the net, found out you can take your own urine, dip a q tip in it, put it on the nail and kill the fungus. Ancient Roman technique. Did it, cleared up the nail. The “lab test” cost $600! My insurance billed me “my” share for this nonsensical ten minutes in the office, $1250! My dentist could have done a full root canal or something taking hours for no where near the cost. I could go on and on, poor diagnoses, my doctor trying to put me on blood pressure scrips that I would be on the rest of my life, etc. My doctor never once said “Oh, you drink pretty heavily, eat poorly, work on a pc all day, are overweight from all these factors, no wonder your blood pressure is high, get off your ass, exercise, eat properly, etc.” Instead, he is paid by a pharma corp to shove drugs down my throat. I went home, looked up the scrip he wanted me to become dependent on the rest of my life for blood pressure, found hundreds of people on Web MD saying “Don’t ever take this, it will swell your tongue up and choke you to death” among other complaints. I was scared by my doctor telling me “this could save your life” so I was somewhat traumatized by the whole thing. I decided to NOT take the scrip, began exercising daily, began eating properly, did some reading on such things, dropped 25 pounds, quit drinking, puffed a few joints, and voila! Blood pressure dropped to normal in a couple weeks. I REFUSE to go to a US corporate shill doctor again. I will NOT go to the medical / industrial complex again, short of a life threatening shot gun wound or heart attack or something. All the “preventative” bullshit and the semi annual check ups are nothing more than sales opportunities for MY doctor. Notice I tried at the last second to NOT include all doctors in the country in this complaint, but honestly, they are all in the same system here, as they are in the same system in Canada. Here, the system makes doctors millionaires. In fact, doctors represent the largest profession making up the 1% holding the wealth in this country. Think about that, Doctors ARE the largest grouping by profession comprising the 1%. How can anyone in their right mind not conclude that something wrong with that, when most people faced with a sick child, for example, HAVE TO seek a doctor out in that situation? Doctors in America have a captive audience and they and their corporate pharma and political masters know it and exploit it for personal gain. I could go on and on, story after story, all just from my own life and my kids’ lives, so first person stories. Every time I get involved with a doctor in America my wallet is raped and nothing good comes of it. If the Free Market is the fix, I might remind you that in America there is no such thing, the market is completely rigged from the top. In Canada, at least, you don’t go broke seeing a doctor, so there’s that to be said for their system. Also, the Canadian govt is now in a Right Wing situation similar to our own and so will most likely not fund the system properly, they’ll break it and try to turn it into what we have here, which is a vast money laundering scheme designed to turn illness into wealth for a few and some corporations.

    “Eat well and avoid doctors, take on no debt and avoid lawyers” I forget who said that, but it’s true. And in a land where most of the food comes from a lab and a factory, eating well ain’t that easy to do, either. America is in the grips of a total scam society now. It needs change that will only come by throwing both of the Big Two Parties out on their asses, every one of them, and starting afresh with a govt committed to a return to true freedom. Soap box, stepping off now….

  2. Mark says:

    Wow, you can cut the head off the hamster, and two more hamster heads grow in its place!

    Lousander Feen, since you are so close to the Canadian border, you are able to see more of us Canucks than most Americans. Your comments about Canadians seeking health care in the free(er) market of America reminded me of comments I’ve posted before, so I’ll stir that pot a bit more.

    In Canada, we’ve had a fully socialized health care system for decades now. It took me a long time to even realize that there was other ways to provide healthcare.

    Generally, it doesn’t take too long to get an appointment with my physician, but it can be many weeks or months beyond that to see a specialist. Surgery can take many months or over a year. Conditions get worse, tumors get bigger, and people die during these waits.

    Someone a friend knew had bladder troubles, and the best answer anyone could provide was to schedule surgery (months!) to remove it. Naturally, he asked if it was really that bad. He was told that it may very well not be, but it would take many months to get a scan, and it would surely be that bad by then. Therefore, the scan would be a waste of time.

    Unsatisfied with that answer, he went to a clinic in Buffalo NY, paid a few hundred bucks out of pocket, and got an immediate scan. The result was pretty encouraging. With these results, the doctor was able to do a much less radical treatment which preserved his bladder.

    Stefan Molyneux had a tumor in his neck, and found himself on a hamster wheel of hell in Canadian health care. After a misdiagnosis, he was told it would be still be many more months to reach a solution. He flew to Oklahoma City for private treatment, which resolved the problem. Here’s his YouTube video on the subject:


    THIS is typical of what socialized health care has done. A friend who came from Britain assures me it’s just as bad there, probably worse.

    Contrast this with my dentist’s office, or a laser eye clinic I went to last year. Comfy waiting room, coffee and munchies, and WiFi. Oh, and prompt service! Not months or years of waiting! HINT: The government isn’t so heavily involved with those.

    The American health care system has been plagued with rising costs, and many people attribute that to a failure of the free market in health care. Isn’t it absurd to call it the Free Market? The government has had an ever increasing involvement in American health care, and it’s just gotten worse over time. Whatever shall we do?


    Whenever something isn’t working well, there is a call for the government to step in and ‘fix’ it. When has that ever worked? Promises were made that Obamacare would ‘fix’ the problem and reduce costs. The system has been a dysfunctional nightmare from the start, and costs to the consumer have gone to the stratosphere, at a time when people are already struggling to get by.

    That is what increasing government involvement has done for health care. And it’s not even the fully socialized system we have in The People’s Republic Of Canuckistan!

    Drop your pants and bend over, America… Here comes Doctor Government to say Hi!

    • Lousander says:

      As Ed and Ethan described it on an earlier Feens episode, the sociaization of Canadian healthcare was only supposed to be for catastrophic and emergency situations, as I recall. Talk about “mission creep.” Old Jefferson was right: “It is the nature of government to grow and for liberty to disappear.” It is the nature of government to grow until nothing else remains.

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