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Garrett Fox and Michael W. Dean gird their loins in preparation for Porcfest. Woot woot! Also discussed is the acoustic kitty, Stockholm Syndrome, and (warning, don’t click if you don’t want to see the violence inherent in the system>): Rwandan Genocide. Rwandan genocide article on Wikipedia. Also, how Rwanda shamefully had the ultimate in hate radio.

Also we hear two songs from MWD’s old band, BOMB.

Michael Dean will be showing his films and speaking at Porcfest: the Porcupine Freedom Festival XI in New Hampshire, June 22-29, 2014. Ben Stone will be there too.


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3 Responses to Inside the Freedom Feens windowless media bunker – live radio archive

  1. Well, hopefully this time at porcfest your films won’t inspire those at the big gay dance party to deviant lifestyles such as, I dunno, gear whoring or something. 😉

    Putting on my prophet hat, sort of a robin hood looking thing lined with tin foil, and an RF white noise generator, I would say someone will probably lose their mind at the “Lets talk abortion panel” and it will make for hilarious video. Also a member of law enforcement will sneak in, do something that constitutes sexual assault, and be pepper sprayed and beaten as a result. This will botch the investigations of several fed goons, whole will track that person down outside the event, then tase, pepper spray, and beat them some more. Said member of law enforcement will be demoted to elementary school liaison officer for life. And finally, a few wingnut quasi libertarian tea party republicans running for office will eat the wrong kind of brownies, freak out, and swear til their dying days that a mob of gay porcupines(the rodent like animal kind) surrounded them, put thoughts in their head, caused them to scale an 85 foot tall spruce, and refuse to come down (Julie Butterfly style) until the mind control satellite was shut down. Both will be found to have severe carob allergies and questionable mental health. 😀

    Nah, all that will probably sound tame by the time the event is over.

    • MichaelWDean says:


      and “Julie Butterfly style”, wow, I don’t know many people who know who she is. I only know because when I started making films in Frisko, I got some help with filmmaking from the older guy who made the documentary “Butterfly” about her.


      • Michigan Escapee says:

        There’s a sort of half assed insult used in Michigan that goes something like “You live in a tree!” It far predates Julia Butterfly, I think it references a juvenile market book called My Side of the Mountain, where a kid runs off, and lives inside a hollow tree for part of it. I think that one was taken from Pipi Longstocking in inspiration. And that book may reference parts of Africa where they cut into large trees and live in them. Or it might just imply you live in a tree like a monkey or baboon.

        I dunno, Ben Stone would know probably, I grew up learning real english, not Great Lakes English, which rapidly seems to be degenerating into Idiocracy Speech. (oh yeah, gonna get some hate for that one). 😉

        Anyway, that’s why I watched that whole trainwreck while channel flipping. Mainly because of the supreme concentration of crazy, but also because I wondered if that was some sort of old earth first hippie thing like flagpole sitting was for a previous generation.

        Mostly posturing it seems. There are much older trees, but they tend to be skanky looking, mainly exist in scorching hellholes, and have little commercial value.

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