Neema Vedadi Interviews Robin Koerner of Blue Republican


Robin Koerner's "Hein-Line"

Neema Vedadi interviews Robin Koerner of and The Huffington Post about why anyone who loves peace and civil liberties should vote for Ron Paul even if they’re Democrats. We also discuss Classical Liberalism, Watching America, the real divide in American politics, breaking the left-right paradigm, and the difference between American and European political discourse.

Robin Koerner

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4 Responses to Neema Vedadi Interviews Robin Koerner of Blue Republican

  1. Dave says:

    Great interview… Go Blue Republicans… This will be a lesson for politicians from both parties, and a reminder that there are many people out there who care more about their country, the Constitution, liberty and freedom more than who the politician is, or which party he/she comes from…
    Politicians are employed by the people, and sure enough people will fire them if they don’t do their job well… And this includes firing Obama for his broken promises, for the massive 16 Trilions debt, the record high poverty, unemployment and homeclosures rates… And more importantly for not obeying to the Constitution by being danger to our liberty and freedom by signing NDAA, Patriot Act and the killing and indefinite detention of Americans without even a trial; something that the Constitution promises… And ofcourse going into wars and commiting acts of war against other countries without constitutionally declaring it through the Congress!
    Obama; you are out…. And this is coming from a person who supported Obama in 2008… And instead, i am supporting Ron Paul because he is the only person who will keep his promise, and will defend the Constitution… Whether that makes me Blue Republican or not, all I know is that makes me a true patriot.

  2. Garrett Fox says:

    Great job Neema! Very enjoyable. I like the ending too. Haha.

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  4. MichaelWDean says:

    This interview is the best thing I’ve ever heard about Ron Paul that didn’t come out of Ron Paul.

    Well done, Robin and Neema.

    –Michael Dean

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