Freedom Feens: Eating the Weasels of Liberty Since 2011 – live radio archive



Michael W. Dean, Garrett Fox and Davi Barker discuss more on why people should podcast, The Greatest PorcFest Ever Stolen, cat care tips, Dethklok and “Are there knives that must taste blood when drawn?”150754490_5f388479310c72f593a2f843061adc8e6303d4e0[1]

Also, the 2009 thread that took MWD from statist to deep minarchist.

Photo of MWD and Feens impersonating Socrates at Porcfest by Nikki Darling:


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2 Responses to Freedom Feens: Eating the Weasels of Liberty Since 2011 – live radio archive

  1. Ben Stone says:

    The knife that must taste blood:
    I hate to sound like the nerd with the huge ego, but I’m surprised people didn’t know this one. Other than the Yemen version that you guys covered, the more likely source of Michael’s mother’s story would be from Punjab (stretching between India and Pakistan). Punjab would have been far more likely for a merchant/tourist to visit than Yemen.
    Among Sikhs, often in Punjab, the carrying of a ceremonial knife is a religious requirement. However for the dedicated Sikh who has established themselves as a Sapahi (warrior of God), the wearing of the Kirpan is permitted. (wiki Kirpan) The Sapahi must have so much self control that he would never draw his blade in anger or in any case unless its immediate use was required. Then when the blade is drawn, the strike is to be made without delay. If for some reason the blade is drawn improperly, the Sapahi must allow the blade to taste his own blood as sacrifice for his mistake.
    The Gurkha warriors from Nepal have a similar tradition.

    • J. J. says:


      I work for a knife company … and after counting inventory today, I feel like I ran into a few of these knives.


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