You’re All A Bunch Of Socialists! – Freedom Feens live radio archive


If you don't like the empire move to another galaxy

Bill Buppert and Lousander Feen battle the computer-killing cats while discussing the joys of travel, what’s up with the middle east, why the MSM is the last place to get news, and how the great free market economists were socialists.

The show ends with a freedom fix of Davi Barker’s book, “Authoritarian Sociopathy” and a mix fix of the drug war turning people against it and a drug warrior changing sides.

Michael W. Dean was elsewhere lecturing about cats. Or just lecturing cats, he wasn’t really clear.


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1 Response to You’re All A Bunch Of Socialists! – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. Gretchen says:

    Ha! “Dependence Day!” and “Socialist Security Taxes”

    Speaking of travel, are any of you aware of Bo Keely?

    Regarding people’s lack of ability to see that they are slaves –
    I read something last night (courtesy of Stefan Molyneux) I found quite profound. Even when people realize that they are slaves, they keep quiet about it. Not b/c they are fear being attacked by their masters, but b/c they fear being attacked by their fellow slaves. It makes perfect sense. Since slaves outnumber the masters, having slaves attack one another is only way to maintain slavery.

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