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Is Chris FEDwell a COINTELPRO cop? Maybe not. But he’s probably helping the State by some of the stuff he does. This is discussed by Michael W. Dean, Garrett Fox and Davi Barker. (Check out Davi’s article “When Should You Shoot Chris Cantwell?”)

NOTE: BEFORE YOU POST COMMENTS SIMPLY BASED ON THE SHOW TITLE, PLEASE LISTEN TO THE CANTWELL PART OF THE SHOW, STARTS ABOUT 21 MINUTES IN. Also please read my (Michael W. Dean’s) comments below, there is more info that probably answers some of the questions you’d ask.

Also discussed is The Molyneux Effect (“Every Internet media maker loses his mind, or at least his internal filters, around 20,000 hardcore followers.”)

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OH, AFTER THE SHOW, WE FIGURED OUT THE HUM ON DAVI’S END. It was a mic’s coil picking up electromagnetic noise from one of those curly compact florescent lights. Moral of the story: DO NOT USE THOSE BULBS IN AUDIO SETTINGS.

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24 Responses to Is Chris Cantwell a Cop? – Freedom Feens live radio archive

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  3. IkeFeen says:

    Gun Safety..

    I carry Appendix IWB. I love it, most comfortable, quickest draw, i can protect my gun effectively with my arms since it is infront of me, there is no print at all,

    The only downfall, the gun is pointed at your femoral artery or groin, whicherver you chose. I am more comfortable with the gun in the 12:30 position which is ballsack zone.

    The two things to remember are alwasy keep your finger off the trigger and be in no hurry to re-holster. I always wear tight under armor type undershirts, never wear clothes with draw strings(can get in front of trigger), always make sure holster is compeltely clear of impediments and reholster slowly and deliberately. There is NEVER a reason to re-holster quickly if the action is over.

    I carry a G19 appendix, what do you think of it? Unsafe?

    • IkeFeen says:

      Guns don’t go off by unless you pull the trigger.

      • MichaelWDean says:

        When you’re agitated and yelling and jumping around it’s easy to pull the trigger by accident.

        • IkeFeen says:

          Yea. Still prefer appendix carry. I’ve taken several courses where they simulate shootings and yell at you, push you, swing at you, etc, trying to get an adrenaline response so you can learn to deal with it. I also train 2x month by myself on a private range, not plinking, shooting moving, drawing, etc. I’m no amateur but accidents happen and I would rather a bullet graze my butt and enter the ground than enter my femoral and bleed out in 10 seconds, but dangit i love AIWB.

        • “…when you’re agitated and jumping around….”

          Could have been “….when you’re Chris Cantwell….” and everyone would’ve known exactly what you meant.

    • IkeFeen says:

      Also if you AIWB, use a rigid kydex holster, never leather, leather causes ADs because it deforms and can bend into the trigger.

  4. IkeFeen says:

    I like some of what Cantwell does. I enjoyed his recent flag burning/shooting videos and he does good interviews on the street. Now he just needs to wipe his ass with one.

    It’s really a tough issue. Either we have the right to defend ourselves against aggressors or we do not, it should not matter what uniform they are wearing. I sympathize with the feens and I sympathize with Cantwell and all the other victims of the state who want justice but can never get it. I think alot of this can be settled by tru justice, for example if someone steals a $500 gun from you, you have the right to take $500 from them. If you catch them in the act you have the right to lethal self defense of your property but from my perspective it would be wrong to kill someone for $500. I’d be willing to bet the damage you would do to society by doing so would be much worse than the $500 gun that was stolen, even if the person was a worthless person they still can change and have value to their family. With regard to thugs in uniform, of course you have all the same rights of self defense. But it is tactically stupid to do so. I would let my dashcam capture a cop mistreating me in anticipation of a fat check instead of shooting him. It benefits me more. I dunno, i like cantwell, i read his page daily as well as the feens. Can’t we all be friends?

    I do not think he is a fed. He understands liberty too much to be that stupid.

    • IkeFeen says:

      But i’m a white male so the cops tend to leave me alone, more than minorities anyway. The only time I would shoot anyone would be if my life was truly in danger, meaning:

      Loaded gun pointed at me finger on trigger with intent to kill
      Knife wielding person charging at me with intent to kill
      Someone attempting to run me over with a vehicle and no way to escape


      And in the case of the cops I would be even less likely to defend myself because If I survive i probably would get a a fat check of stolen money. I would insist that it come from the cops bank accounts (justice) but that wouldn’t happen.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Ike Feen wrote: “I do not think he is a fed. He understands liberty too much to be that stupid.”

      There easily could be, and will be (and almost certainly ARE), fed snitches among us who “speak our language.” (Remember Stacy Litz, “The Libertarian Snitch”?:

      Feens covered that here:

      These snitches will not be people who signed up for cop training or went through Quantico. They will be liberty people who get busted for some non-crime, threatened with 75 years in prison, and then “turned.” The feds tried to do that with Rich Paul to get him to go into Ian’s house and report back. He refused.

      Interesting that a few months later, Cantwell (a guy who lives with his mother and says he has no money) moves across the street from Ian, rents a whole house, and starts hanging out at Ian’s house…..

      Ian’s a great guy, but he’s also a very trusting guy. Ian’s the guy who came downstairs in the middle of the night to find someone had broken in and trashed his house…Ian sat down and friended the guy on Facebook.

      Ask any old hippie activist from the 60s: the fed is the one who comes out of nowhere and starts yelling for violence in a non-violent movement. Again, read that Claire Wolfe PDF.

      Again: I’m not sure Cantwell’s a fed snitch, but I’m amazed no one with any juice is asking the question out loud. To paraphrase someone else “I’m not saying he’s a fed, I’m saying it’s a conversation we should be having.”

      Regardless, the main thing Davi and I are saying in this whole episode is that Cantwell is an asshole and treats good people poorly. Can’t believe anyone’s doubting us on that. Cantwell has “asshole” in his tagline.


      • MichaelWDean says:


        Also, Cantwell was facing 4 years in prison in 2009 or 2010 for a couple felonies and didn’t go to prison.

        Dr. Tom Stevens, Founder of Empire State Libertarians, responded:
        “….I do not believe Christopher Cantwell is lying about his willingness to turn to violence and become a martyr for the cause of Liberty. This is a man who is an ex-convict and who, in November, will be a convict again; this time to serve a short jail sentence on what could have been a 4-year stint in the state penitentiary, had he not plea bargained at the last moment. ”

        Don’t know what the terms of his plea bargain were.

  5. Davi Barker says:

    “Ad hominem” literally means “against the man.” That is exactly what we’re up to. Except, where not making ad hominem arguments, because we’re not making arguments. We’re just against the man.

    • IkeFeen says:

      Cantwell wants the same thing you want, a free society. He just disagrees with how we will get there. I tend to think the state will whither away like Cody Wilson says.

      • MichaelWDean says:


        you wrote: “Even if those alleged women victims don’t want to be identified, can’t they give the gist of the accusation, at least to prevent other people from being victimized?”

        He sexually hit on them. They said “go away.” He called them a slew of names including “fat”, “cunt” “whore” etc.

        Here’s a taste of his actions you don’t hear about often, and this is written by one of his FRIENDS, Ian Freeman:

        Most of the people he’s harmed are terrified to come forth, because he has such a history of being a relentless troll on the Internet and in person, and getting people to mass against anyone who criticizes him. (Another mark of “maybe he’s a cop”, again, read that Claire Wolfe PDF. Everyone should read it anyway. Pretend I posted it as a freestanding blog post, with no mention of anyone. It’s a valuable resource. We actually reviewed that PDF glowingly on the Feens a couple years ago, before I had any opinion of Cantwell.)

        If/when he gets killed by someone he pisses off, I predict we’re going to see a huge flood of people criticizing him and coming out with horror stories. Those people are too scared to criticize him now…..Another reason he fits the name “he who cannot be named”…I know a lot of people who hate him but are terrified to come forth.


    • IkeFeen says:

      If I would say anything about Cantwell’s ideas, i’d say they are old fashioned. Technology will eventually render the state obsolete, by that i mean most people will be like “we don’t need this anymore” and will stop paying/submitting.

      • MichaelWDean says:

        IkeFeen said: “If I would say anything about Cantwell’s ideas, i’d say they are old fashioned. Technology will eventually render the state obsolete,”

        I agree. Guns are a 1700s solution to tyranny. It’s grandpa thinking. And this is coming from me, a guy whose gun skills out rank Cantwell by about 1000%.

        Cantwell can’t shoot, and he doesn’t even write about shooting in any way that is new or striking. Read Boston T. Party’s book “Molon Labe.” Read anything by Claire Wolfe. And if you wanna read an excellently written, very feisty “it’s time!” gun blog post, read this by my buddy Mike V. (a skilled guy who teaches tactics to his militia) and has 100s of thousands of followers who are ex-military, can actually shoot a rifle, have actually seen battle, and actually get up off the Internet to train regularly):

        “An Open Letter to the Legislatures of New Jersey and Rhode Island: Are you seriously proposing to have your own skulls turned into soap dishes?”

        Mike V.’s been writing things like that for 20 years. Mike V, Boston T. Party and Claire Wolfe have been writing about this stuff since Cantwell was in short pants on a tricycle. Boston and Mike are gentlemen. Claire is a lady. Cantwell is a troll who get off on hurting liberty people’s feelings.

        Cantwell has made a splash with a few people. But Mike V. has been denounced by name by Bill Clinton on CNN. Mike is nice to people. Though the SPLC doesn’t like him much:

        Mike’s still a Constitution lover (and seems to be moving away from that with time). But I’d rather have him next to me if the SHTF than any armchair talker who can barely handle a snubbie revolver.

        You know who I’d REALLY like to have by my side if the SHTF is Bill Buppert. And that guy is often by my side, and I by him. He’s a friend and a Feen. THAT guy knows battle, and has had a long career of teaching tactics to soldiers. (He’s an ex-Army officer and expert in asymmetrical warfare.) And he’s a peaceful gun guy. And a consummate gentleman. I love that guy.

        You ever notice that the guys who have actually SEEN battle are the last ones to yell “IT’S TIME!”? This is because they don’t see battle with a video game mindset. They truly understand it.


        • MichaelWDean says:


          I’ve answered your questions (some in replies to Ike Feens, I’m not going to retype it all to you also).

          You’re also stating things that aren’t true (about Ben Stone and what he has said before) and not noticing when I answer your questions, then you’re saying “you haven’t answered my questions.”)

          I’m going to respectfully stop answering your questions, because you’re ignoring the fact that I’m answering you. I’ve already spent a couple hours on this, and I’ve got other things to do than to try to convince you, who made up your mind before you landed here.

          I’d recommend you say “I won! Mr. Dean gave up!”, you probably will think that anyway. But regardless, please read that Claire Wolfe book. It’s short, and it’s more important to liberty than every word I or Chris Cantwell have ever said or written.


  6. MichaelWDean says:


    You missed the point (and in the process you are using a Strawman argument). We made no critique of his arguments. Did you even listen to the episode before posting this comment?

    We are talking about his treatment of others….his State-like sociopathic need to seek out weak people and make them cry, and his in-person slimy bashing of women who are our friends. And the fact that he fits all the indicators of a government plant. Read this and then tell us we’re off base:


    • MichaelWDean says:


      Before I continue wasting time on this, I have two questions:
      1. Did you listen to the whole episode?
      2. Did you read any of that linked Claire Wolfe book on spotting undercover agents?

      (And how did C-word get out of the 4 years he was facing for 2 felonies in 2009??????????!!!!)

      You say: “I’ve only seen his work online, where he is indeed mean to bad people.”

      He’s also mean to good people online. He gets off on it. He’s a bully and goes after the weakest people as a game…..the ones who will react the most.

      He’s never gone after me. I’m doing this as a public service. And I’m not weak. He also hasn’t responded to this. Probably doesn’t want to give it traffic and have people thinking “hmmmm….makes sense. Maybe he IS a cop…..”

      The two women I know who He Who Cannot Be Named was a shit to do not want to be identified, because he tends to be a shit to people who come out against him, even when the people are in the right (which is another indicator of possible cop-ness. Read that Claire Wolfe book. It’s solid). But the women are friends of mine who do not lie. One of the events was witnessed by another friend who does not lie.

      I don’t care if that’s not enough “proof” to you, this wasn’t really to you, it was to He Who Cannot Be Named. He knows it’s true. (Maybe he doesn’t, he was a blackout drunk, which is no excuse.)

      “If you guys support his arguments, then why attack him for being vocal about them?” I didn’t say I support his arguments. I said that’s not what this is about.

      Also, we concluded that maybe he isn’t a fed, but is helping the feds and being a “useful idiot” with some of what he does.

      Several of your comments here make me still surmise that you didn’t listen to the whole episode, and are just being a C-word fanboy.


  7. Gretchen says:

    I had never had an involuntary urge to throw a book across the room at a wall when I finished it until Atlas Shrugged. :}

    I appreciate all of the movie reviews! (saved me from wasting time on “Transcendence”) And the comic recommendation. Sarcasm, cats!? Sounds great!

    Re: Molyneux – I never heard the reference about martial arts. That’s disappointing. I still really like listening to him, even though I do raise an eyebrow from time to time.

  8. Michigan Escapee says:

    I dunno, I would guess that C*ntwell is someone they picked up out of a remedial anger management therapy group, and gave a wad of cash and and endless supply of happy pills to do their bidding . Or possibly they got him fresh out of the nut bin after he failed to qualify for full disability. If you give a certain kind of delusional manic depressive a mission, and a script writing bible, they can go to town. No need to keep them motivated.

    Just look at old L Ron, classic bipolar who wanted to be somebody big, could bang out stories and books like crazy, and as it turned out, religious dogma and propaganda as well. 😉

    Lots of libertarian groups in the 80s-90s also had their own batch of “pet crazies”, mostly harmless, but they could dream big, and produced some lines of BS that were just outstanding sometimes. Other times, you could give them $10-$15 to fold newsletters, stuff envelopes, then they’d go off and get drunk, high, some cheap hookers(truck stop rejects probably), and it was all good. All in all, the crazies were less disturbing, to me at least, than others in the group who were into that whole colon flushing, and other health nut kicks. Last thing you want to hear after dinner and drinks. lol!

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