Oh, Footskin! – Freedom Feens live radio archive



Dianna Keiler and Michael W. Dean invent a new radio-safe cuss, “Oh, Footskin!” with the help of Christian Saucier. They also discuss what to do about family and friends who don’t like that you’re suddenly into liberty and freedom.

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  1. Gretchen says:

    I’m particularly frustrated today with the LACK of logic in both my Facebook and local community. I learned today that a person I know is being charged with manslaughter b/c he provided someone with heroine, whom ultimately died from an overdose. And people in my town think that’s this “provider” should be burned at the stake. (And SOME of those same people are very likely complete hypocrites.)

    I’m desperately trying not to get emotional over it – but THIS is the problem with society. No personal responsibility. None.

    Luckily my parents are pretty logical when it comes to freedom. One of them said to me that it’s harder to point out the fallacies to older folks b/c no one wants to admit to being duped most of their life. I think he’s got a good point.

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