Put Down That Unlicensed Food! – Freedom Feens live radio archive


Stop we have to be involved oranges

Derrick J Freeman and Lousander Feen show that Warrant Canaries and Titanium Meerkats can peacefully co-exist. They discuss the Dept. of Making Things Ungood committing acts of aggression against a Michigan Food Co-op and other farmers, an Urban Farming and Renewal Program that is showing success, a Jury Nullification Billboard Project and how to use the jury box to reclaim freedom.





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1 Response to Put Down That Unlicensed Food! – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. Gretchen says:

    Good show – Derrick and Lou played off each other well. I LOVE hearing about solutions! Very good point regarding jury nullification.

    I have been gardening for several years with the premise that I can afford to make mistakes now since grocery stores still exist. 😉

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