The Joy of Sects – Freedom Feens live radio archive



Davi Barker and Michael W. Dean talk about culty entities like Faithism, Movementarianism, Sarah Doty’s neighborhood association board and the European Union. Also discussed are zombies, and gun laws in the Czech Republic.

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4 Responses to The Joy of Sects – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. Sean DuVally says:

    Those were some really great shows with Davi. Do you know the best thing he said was? That he’d really like to do a third show in a row, but he might also just like to listen to you and Randy. Like, “I really love playing in this band, but I am such a big fan of this other member, that I just want to sit the next concert out and listen to him play.” That is awesome.

    As all of the Feens co-hosts become more comfortable behind the mic, their individual interests start coming out more and more and making the show spectacular. Michael made some amazing choices in these guys.

    • MichaelWDean says:


      Shucks man. Thank you.

      Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell, like how (to use the band analogy), good musicians are always hyper critical of their own music. More than that though, I don’t have time to listen to every Feens anymore. There are so damn many of them! That’s a quality problem!

      As always, thank you for your service!


  2. Gretchen says:

    The Free Talk Live dude may have been trying to be helpful in your marketing efforts by playing devil’s advocate. One thing I learned from Gary North was a basic marketing principal of, “says you.” Basically the seller saying, “this product/service is great!” And the potential buyer saying, “Yeah. So? Says you.”

    I have never wanted to be in control. (maybe a lack of self confidence?)
    But I have ALWAYS wanted to NOT BE controlled.

  3. Bungameng says:

    As regards the Czech Republic and shooting at closed licensed ranges only: the average population density in the Czech Republic is 134 people/km2, in Wyoming it is 2,26 people/km2, US as a whole 34.2 people/km2.

    It is a basic safety requirement for the Czechs. The main issue of having range licensed is ensuring that nobody may be hit by a stray bullet (that is why there is only one outside range in the inner Prague with all others being within buildings, while out of the city limits most ranges are outside). Also, unlike in US, in the Czech Rep everyone has a right to pass through unfenced property. In a society with such a high population density, not being able to shoot in the open (unless in self-defense) is a common sense.

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