Broken girls and the boys who love them, part 2 – Freedom Feens live radio



Dianna Keiler and Michael W. Dean talk about “families, and what to do about them.” Also: marriage, divorce, and living a happy life, despite the people of the world and all their silly desires to tell you what to do.


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8 Responses to Broken girls and the boys who love them, part 2 – Freedom Feens live radio

  1. Gretchen says:

    I think it’s great you are consistently mentioning the non-aggression principle in almost every episode lately. Thank you for your service.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Thank you for pointing that out. I try hard to remember to. It’s important when we’re doing such wide-topic shows that rarely touch on politics. They’re fun shows, but we do have a primary purpose, and I need to remember that.

  2. Mark says:

    Ah, so it wasn’t just me in the straightjacket. Nor am I the only on to impose the straightjacket on myself!

    I can relate to what Dianna says. I spent (wasted) much of my life as a square peg trying to fit myself into round holes. Trying to satisfy other people was usually a waste of time.

    These days, I don’t worry about what people think, outside of a very small circle of friends. I certainly don’t bother trying to fit into societal norms and expectations.

    Good show, I always enjoy hearing Dianna.

    Go, Laughing Kitty, Go!

  3. Michigan Escapee says:

    Been watching a new series, my old chemistry teacher’s son is in it playing a Texas redneck, called Halt and Catch Fire. Sort of like Mad Men, but for the early clone computer era. Sort of like Compaq, sort of like AST, CompuAdd, and a dozen others. πŸ˜€

    Lots of crazy drama in it, one of the main characters seems to indulge in creating it just for yucks. Sort of a crazy rollercoaster, but probably appeals more to computer types than anything. πŸ˜‰

    • MichaelWDean says:

      I dig that show. Which Texas redneck is your friend in it? There are a few of ’em. lol.

      • Michigan Escapee says:

        He plays one of the leads. Can’t say more, or people could find the backward hicktown where I once lived. πŸ˜‰ The lead character is sort of an abstract of Ross Perot.

        He is literally, the only “famous” actor from that city in like 3-4 generations. Which is rather comical, as the place spawned load and loads of people who work in Hollywood in technical roles, engineers who have changed the world, and other people who have done all manner of crazy things, made over 10 million a year(few friends of mine did that, not just the dot com millionaires) . But still, none of them is Hollywood famous. lol!

        Also amusing, everyone assures me I met this guy, no memory of him, not one bit. His dad yeah, we chatted enough over one year about chemistry that I just about made him nuts, and today he looks a lot like his dad. His dad was also rather entertaining and had a pretty wide vocal range(and I guess singing range) even though he smoked like a fiend(but would never admit it, even though you could smell the smoke from like 20 feet). πŸ˜€

        These days, the old hick town produces more people going to prison for 20-30 years for meth related crimes than people who are noteworthy in some ways. Sort of sad, but the inevitable result of people moving when the industries in a city move, and when opportunities fizzle out.

        Was kind of a shocked though, go back to the middle of nowhere and I’m like “Holy ****, the place has turned into Flint, Mi!!!” Homeless people sleeping in libraries. Mexican cops, in a place where people would have called out the national guard if they saw a mexican with a gun 20-30 years ago. Old people going to the homeless shelter to eat, because they got sick of meals on wheels or the buffet place. And because the place has an incredible amount of old ladies who have nobody to cook for, so, they take food to the shelter. πŸ˜‰

        Amusing I suppose, my old home town, and my adopted home towns in Michigan seem to have fused. :O If only they could have folded some of Seattle in there too. They just got a Starbucks, as in last year. WTF? Also saw chocolate coated coffee beans on sale, $1 a pound. Bought like 15, you can never keep those in stock in Seattle. They were phasing em out. But I blew the prediction program, so they restocked em, and the price went up to $3.99 a box.

        But, alas, I moved on as well. To a place that used to be to be ghetto, but is gentrifying faster than West Seattle. Plenty of coffee shops, and oddly enough, the local grocery store stocks Oberon, a beer that was a hard enough to find in Michigan years ago. IPA is also on sale just about all the time. My own backyard blackswans so to speak. A Harbor Freight in my back yard, goodbye paycheck! And other things that are just surreal.

  4. Davi Barker says:

    Democracy is two wolves and sheep deciding on dinner. A republic is two wolves so stupid they elect a sheep farmer.

  5. Laughing Kitty says:

    This picture aptly depicts the way I’ve felt most of my life. But I was the one who gladly donned that straightjacket to earn what I thought was love and approval. But how could anyone really love me if this is what I presented to the world? Aside from being a mother (which is the best and most real thing I’ve ever done), I tried to play all the Pavlovian games I thought I was supposed to play – never feeling quite happy or right about it. Now I’m becoming who I’ve always been. Ain’t no turning back now. I’m free, bitches!!!

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