Who’s more Culty, Stefan Molyneux or the Freedom Feens? – Freedom Feens live radio archive

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DeBoo now! Davi Barker and Michael W. Dean have their first-annual cult-off. (Top-Ten Signs of Cultiness Countdown!) Then they tell you what Stefan Molyneux has in common with The Walking Dead, how Stefan Molyneux is like the LAPD and TruShibes is like Rodney King, and how you can become your own libertarian media rock star and put Molyneux (and the Freedom Feens!) out to pasture for only 50 dollars by emulating the turnkey Hampsterdam Baltimore drug-distribution model.


Interview with Colleen, who DeFOOed the “Cult” of Stefan Molyneux – Freedom Feens live radio archive


Joe Rogan now says “If you listen to Stefan Molyneux, you’re dumb.”


Molyneux has silenced critics before recently: http://web.archive.org/web/20081217062644/http://freedomainradio.com/liberating_minds.html


Freedom of Mind anti-cult Group:
Database Search for Molyneux
“Where does one Freedomainradio.com podcast lead?”:


Stefan Molyneux Revealed
Molyneux Cult Watch


Molyneux tries to bad touch MWD’s brain in 2012 Anarchy Gumbo interview. (Clusterfark and argument starts around the 58 minute mark.)

Holy Moly: The Bizarre Online Cult Of Stefan Molyneux (This page has been taken down by SOMEONE. Anyone have a copy of it before it got Moly’ed?)

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32 Responses to Who’s more Culty, Stefan Molyneux or the Freedom Feens? – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. Anders Heile Hass says:

    http://jim.com/treason.htm I can’t find the “gun in the room” phrase

  2. Davi Barker says:

    I want to retract something. In the “Instant Friends” section I said “We’re barely friends with each other.” And I was trying to double down on the “We’re all curmudgeons here” joke, but it came out awful. That’s not what I meant. I certainly consider all the Feens dear friends.

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  4. Mike Cuneo says:

    As far as the Audio-Technica mic, it really is awesome, with a caveat.

    The problem I’ve had is, the USB connection cable and cord supplied are very cheap, and mine actually stopped working totally. I had to return it for a refund. Obviously sometimes bad equipment slips through the cracks, but amazon reviews also confirm this has happened to many others. Just read the one star reviews to see what I mean. Also audio technica support was good for me, but others reported issues. Take it with a grain of salt but note it, IMO.

    I think the high reviews were done before giving it a month or so to make sure it lasted. I’m going to try again and also buy a different third party USB cable, hopefully the cable fits correctly, I think I got the right size. I also saw similar issues with blue yeti mics.

    I suppose I’ll keep trying and sending them back until I get one that works. For the price it’s a good value. When it works, it’s amazing.

    Another thing to remember if purchasing a computer is that desktops all come with a mouse and keyboard. I didn’t realize that, and ended up with two of each because I ordered third party accessories.

    For software, download lamedrop, leveller, audacity, and tagscanner before even watching Michael’s YouTube video. They’re all free.

    Lamedrop converts larger .wav files to mp3s

    Leveller helps make loud vocals a bit quieter and soft ones a bit louder. Only use it for conversation, not music.

    Audacity is awesome. Free audio editing and easy to use.

    Tagscanner saves time by auto tagging your files so you only have to do minimal work on each one to make it right.

    For recording, you can either use Skype or Google hangouts. I’ve used Skype, and have been messing with third party programs. Pamela is popular but costs money. One I tried added spam to my computer, I think. I’m not home right now but I got a new one today that seems good, forgetting the name and Google isn’t helping. I can report back soon if it works well, or not. If it doesn’t, I’ll try Google chat for recording and see how it goes.

    Michael knows his stuff and his advice is solid, he wants to get your audio and production value up to an extremely professional level. He can help improve your site and podcast

  5. Darwin Smith says:

    Feens is definitely more culty. And that’s judging by reading the title. XD We have our own jargon, we have ‘saints’ (Neema V and Ben Quaker, we love ya!), secret knowledge, a heaven (LibPar!), a devil (the State), and we even have ‘praise music’ (“I own me!”). Of course, our cultiness is akin to the cultiness of early Discordians who understood it was all a big joke, and like those early Erisians, we are the only ones in on the joke.

  6. John S says:

    How ’bout another interview with him Michael? Perhaps a debate? Ian could mediate… naw, scratch that, better get Mark to do it. I dig the podbeef and all, but why not use it to boost the feens visibility?

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Why would I voluntarily return to a situation where someone subtly abused me and violated my boundaries?



    • MichaelWDean says:


      I’m below his pay grade these days. I’d bet Bitcoin to Dodgecoin that if I wrote him and challenged him to a word duel, he’d delete the e-mail and block me at this point.

      He’s more interested in being in outlets like Time Magazine these days, not the Freedom Feens.

      But mainly, I won’t be in the same virtual room with him again. Takes me about 3 showers afterward to feel clean.

      If he DID have a desire to reply to my mad science truth, I’d only do it rap style: he drops a cast, I drop a cast in reply, etc.


      • John S says:

        Fair enough. I work long days driving, so I’m still listening to his show, and Rogan, and the Feens, and… ect…. Lot of boring ass workday to try not to fall asleep during.

        I’m a cheatin’ ass ho like that.


        I’d recommend everybody pick a comic or twos’ podcast to listen to. Political shit, no matter how interesting you find it; gets really old after a while. Rogan isn’t bad. Bill Burr’s monday morning podcast is pretty damn funny too.

  7. cryptArchy says:

    Hey Michael I just want to drop you a message to let you know that I really enjoy the Feens podcasts. Keep up the great work

  8. Bob says:

    Molyneux was not taken off Schiff’s show. Schiff’s show is stopping. Please get your facts straight.

  9. Mark says:

    I think Michael’s interview with Molyneux sums up my opinion of him. On the plus side, he had many good things to say, and his rant near the end about the race between liberty and tyranny was great!

    But that bit where he tried to crawl inside MWD’s head was frankly weird…

    Is it time to Defoo Molyneux? Hey, a new culty term… Demoo!

  10. Gretchen says:

    I admit – I am a fan of both shows. The Dead Kennedy’s analogy is a good one. This recent issue with Molyneux is really disappointing and may have pushed me over the edge.

    • Ikefeen says:

      I am a fan of molyneux too, although I don’t have time for 3 hour shows. I get little tidbits here and there. The stuff he produced early in his career was excellent, stuff about the state. It is true that he got tons of people to stop hitting their kids or never hit their kids. That is an excellent accomplishment. He woke many people up too. If I were him, I would do what Davi said, go on someone elses youtube, no mute buttons and face the critics. Get it all out, apologize. He made some serious mistakes. I never thought he would be so stupid as to say his wife didn’t get disciplined, come on, it’s 2014 stef, your smarter than that. I think he can still save his show if he comes clean.

      • Ikefeen says:

        But he cannot regain my favor, lying when he was caught was stupid. He could of admitted fault and moved on. I don’t understand why he is making these mistakes, he is too smart for this. Unless the problem is not intelligence.

  11. Ikefeen says:

    HOly shit. I had no idea it was this bad. Rogan tweeted a video back at Stefan after the show that shows him blatantly lying to JOe. Your right, this guy is done. A bit sad for it, but I think I had a manipulated view of him the whole time. Good to know the truth now. This guy needs to be gotten out of liberty as soon as possible, I could see statists trying to use Stefan to poison the well.


  12. Ikefeen says:

    Karate kid has more philosophy than molyneux, LOL! Molyneux did some great stuff that woke a lot of people up, some of his old videos that explained the state. But the chorus of yes men got to his head IMO, he’s being all thick libertarian talking about shit that is secondary to the NAP and stumbling through it and screwing up along the way. Your criticism is golden. Operation market suck engaged, turn on the vacuum of liberty and start sucking his fans away.

    Also maybe de marco is a fed. Seems like molyneux got more insane when de marco leeched onto him. Isn’t that feds do, sneak and and sow discord, hatred and drama ultimately leading to disintegration. Dude kinda looks like Hank from Breaking Bad anyway.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      worms! (Someone will say that’s Feens cult speak. lol.)

      Leaving the Feens cult = DeMew

      • Darwin Smith says:

        I never wanna DeMew. I wanna throw kitty raves at three in the morning! I wanna get together with feens on election day and not vote! I wanna listen to that Krist Novacelic interview on a continuous loop! I wanna not take the complyacin! I wanna heckle CATMUF! I want Davi Barker to sell me shiny badges! I want the Bad Quaker to solve mysteries in the desolation of Scooby Doo’s America! I want to chase after Air Worm One when it touches down in the unnamed locations for refueling! I want to wonder what happened to Jello Biafra! And most of all, I want to listen to the podcasts of all the feens who’ve been inspired, like AnYaktivist, Nick Hazleton! And I wanna start my own liberty podcast!

        • MichaelWDean says:

          Serious: You rock.

          Not serious: Thank you, my son. You may now step to the next level, as soon as we confirm your donation of ten billion Dodgecoin.


          • MichaelWDean says:



            For who else but God gave man this sensuous LibPar, Love that can spark mere dust to life! Revealing beauty in our Eternal Neema’s fashion, poetry, uniting All-One, all brave, all life!

            DeNeux! Always dilute for Shave-Shampoo-Massage-Dental-Soap LibPar Bath!

            I WILL GO OUT IN A HAIL OF ATF GUNFIRE AS WE ALL TRANSCEND TO LibPar! Praise Feens! Hosanna! Hallelujah! Worms!



        • Gretchen says:

          I’ll check out your podcast, Darwin!

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