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Interview with Colleen, who DeFOOed the “Cult” of Stefan Molyneux – Freedom Feens live radio archive

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Colleen used to be a member of the ten-person inner circle of Stefan Molyneux’s Free Domain Radio. She says Free Domain Radio is a cult.

And it sounds like a cult to Michael W. Dean and Dianna Keiler as they yak for 80 minutes with Colleen about all the down-and-dirty ins & outs of the mind-warping that goes on in the inner sanctum of Stefan Molyneux’s Free Domain Radio mind-control web world.


Colleen’s YouTube Channel

TruShibes mirror on YouTube

Philosophy lines

Who’s more Culty, Stefan Molyneux or the Freedom Feens? – Freedom Feens live radio archive

Molyneux tries to bad touch MWD’s brain in 2012 Anarchy Gumbo interview. (Clusterfark and argument starts around the 58 minute mark.)

Holy Moly: The Bizarre Online Cult Of Stefan Molyneux  Google Cache “Holy Moly: The Bizarre Online Cult Of Stefan Molyneux” ……article that got Moly’e off Buzzfeed


Molyneux has tried to silence critics before this month.


Freedom of Mind anti-cult Group:
Freedom of Mind database Search for Molyneux:

51 thoughts on “Interview with Colleen, who DeFOOed the “Cult” of Stefan Molyneux – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. This is a good discussion. I will continue to watch his videos though… I still get value out them. I don’t think I’d like to be in his inner circle though.

  2. “You seem to suffer from great man worship. Every post you make on this site is defending some (very flawed) “great man.” ”

    Michael, I’m getting the impression Stefan really rubs you the wrong way. 🙂

    I am somewhat in disagreement, even though I share the distinction with some here of having been personally asked by Stefan to exit his forum.

    For one thing, if you do look at some of the people we consider “great men”, it is very common to find they were flawed. Obviously Stefan is burdened by what happened to him as a child. It’s amusing to think that, without his crazy mother making his life Hell, there would probably not be any freedomainradio and all his arguments for liberty.

    Is he helpful for liberty? I suspect he is. I’d be willing to bet the vast majority of the people he has influenced have listened to 5 or 10 of his podcasts, caused them to start questioning, and then moved on. Yes, cults are hard on cult members, but most of his contacts did not become one of them. Yes, he is inconsistent and misogynist and hard on families, but most of his contacts probably did not defoo or turn into women-haters; they probably are not even aware of most of his faults.

    My own complaint about Stefan was that he refused to defend his positions on his forum. I tried to engage him several times, for example on his attacks on religious people (which I consider counterproductive in the extreme) but he simply would not respond and let his crew of sycophants go after me. It seems the only way he wants to engage is verbally, where he is very practiced. Well that did not impress me and since I did not kowtow he invited me to leave.

    I think the road to liberty is not like a mathematical proof, all logic and consistency. We all make our little contributions here and there, and eventually we will get there, but the whole process is a chaotic mess. It’s going to happen, don’t worry. Stefan’s mis-steps, of which there are many, won’t derail it. And I think on net he has been a positive contributor.

    My advice is, give him a whack or two, and move on, just like (I’m guessing) most people probably have.

    1. Paul said: “I think the road to liberty is not like a mathematical proof, all logic and consistency.”

      That’s one of my favorite things about you Paul. You get that, and get it strongly.

      Paul said: “My advice is, give him a whack or two, and move on.”

      OK. Will do.


    2. What the fuck are you talking about, Dennis? I read that twice, out loud once, and I have no idea what you’re saying.

  3. Thanks Colleen. I remember hearing you (and the rest) long ago and had wondered what happened to you. I’m glad you’re doing well. Thanks for discussing FDR and revealing some truth we otherwise would not have heard. I’ve noticed that Stef is not as curious and open as he claims. He often ostracizes people within minutes of talking to them (especially those who don’t agree with them).

    Thanks Michael. This issue is what got me to listen. I’m glad you’re not afraid to talk about issues most others in the liberty movement would avoid. People need to know when people they trust are lying to them (or selectivly leaving out the truth – same difference). Ed Brown was a violent racist, but nobody said anything. NH activists (who have left) were defrauding people, but I never heard that on FTL. I don’t know where to draw the line of personally attacking people, but it’s important to know when prominent people are not what they seem to be.

    Thanks for digging into the taboo topics.

  4. Loved the show.

    Nobody is perfect and Stef has said some things I find kooky. Cultish? Maybe. I worry about any group because groups with agendas tend to push to the extreme. That’s why I like the F(f)eens who tend to be more accepting. Sometimes people get it right, sometimes not.

    I’m going to just say that while there are some issues with gender (particularly in family court) Stef’s crusade against bad women has come off a little sour to me. I’ve begun skipping the gender shows.

    For those who haven’t heard the Anarchy Gumbo with Stef, give it a listen. Michael takes the high road and acts polite while Stef seems to argue “trust me, you didn’t enjoy that orgasm”. It’s almost comedy.

  5. I don’t really feel that sorry for those that defooed, or whatever you call it. It was probably good for a lot of them to escape abuse. You have to make up your own mind and decide what is right. It can be empowering or a mistake. We see the other side of the pendulum swing with adult offspring staying at home with their parents at later and later ages today. Blaming Stefan for their own actions almost sounds like a statist argument.

    With that said, I can’t relate to people like the lady you interviewed. How does one be a libertarian and look for someone to “follow” like she apparently did? (“You’re doing it wrong!”) Why not be more independent? Why not take in the good that Stefan puts out and disagree with what you feel is wrong about what he says? That’s what I do. I don’t agree with every opinion Michael has either.

    1. Yes.

      You seem to suffer from great man worship. Every post you make on this site is defending some (very flawed) “great man.”

      You know if you disagreed over and over with Molyneux on his site, he would have blocked you long ago. He doesn’t put up with that.

      I’d love to see something constructive from you on here that doesn’t reek of hero worship.


      1. you wrote: “Stef’s stuff on ethics and parenting and defooing and psychology is largely useful.”

        The guy straight-up lied on camera when asked about the take downs. How can a liar be “good on ethics.”?


  6. Good listen. I can see why this would be a popular cast. I found David Gordon’s take from a couple of years ago to be in line with my own thoughts on UPB at the time, and not much has changed in that vein since for me. It just seemed a bit too much like he was saying that objective values exist to me (where have I heard this before?), which was strange to a Misesian ‘subjectivist’ like myself.

    Interesting that this is coming out just on the heels of the thick/thin libertarianism thing too, as FDR/Molyneux’s behavior certainly seems tailor made to bring that issue up again, even if what was said about ‘protecting your listeners’ with regard to intentions is true.


    1. Lets get real Michael, your issue with Stefan is that he dared to ask you about your childhood after you told him you enjoyed sado-maschistic sex. It was a valid question and he dropped it as soon as you told him you didn’t want him analyzing you. Meanwhile, you’ve been dissing him ever since then.

      1. Stevem

        That’s not what “this” is about. That was just the first time I really noticed he was wonky. “This” is about him censoring critics, and about him brainwashing people. People like you.

        I explained in the show why I’m not going to go call him and “debate” him. Did you listen to this episode? (Might have been in the day before’s episode, the one with Davi.) Anyway, I’m not going to re-type it every time one of his minions demands that I do.

        I’m amazed at the amount of “Praise prior to investigation” Stefan gets. Have you looked at the evidence we discuss in this show, or are you just taking his word on everything? If so, you are a true believer, and are not doing anything to dismiss the allegations that the guy is running a cult.

        “This” is still going on. Looks he had a Buzzfeed article about him removed today.

        I think you’re just upset he didn’t choose you for his Inner Circle, his inner-moist (sic) chamber…..and now you’re trying to curry his favor by running around the Internet trying to do damage control to make Daddy love you.

        Do your research man. This guy makes liberty look bad, and you’re helping him.


  7. Women and children have always been looked as those who needed to survive where adult men were more disposable. So I wouldn’t say that men was above women in the past. I would agree that men has more been part of the ruling class and higher up in it than women.

  8. So she’s said that she thinks it’s we weird that he “manipulates” the numbers for his show when advertising it, like, she says, any advertise would. This is her first point so far and it’s not looking too promising for her.

    1. You’re missing the point. Most advertisers don’t bill themselves as ethicists and philosophers, or as forming a new paradigm for purity that people should emulate for the future.

  9. i did a google search for the Buzz feed article on Molyneux and that page has been taken down. My search brought up the following article first on the search page:
    “Holy Moly: the Bizarre Online Cult of Stefan Molyneux..”
    My experiences with this guy tells me he has connections and I don’t think Colleen really told us much we didn’t already know. For being in the Cult for about 8 years she doesn’t really say much. I find that kind of odd and the other Youtube station that was removed by Molyneux besides Tru Shibes could have been BAIT. They used the Youtube channel (Damon?) to expose many of the “fake” callers so it looks like legitimate infringement is taking place, and then throw in Tru Shibes channel (which was really the target). I say that because Molyneux obviously uses “actors” or maybe inner circle people for his calls. Do you really believe a man like him is going to take calls from people and risk a real confrontation that he loses control of? The personality of the caller is always very similar.

    1. There are no “fake callers” and he has made it very clear that you go to the front line if you disagree with him. I know this works because I had an issue with his opinion of IP and they scheduled me to call in pretty soon after I wrote them. (I didn’t make the call because I screwed up the dates.)

  10. Michael alluded to this in the show before this one (about 5 minutes after I had this thought while listening to it at work), but Stefan Molyneux is like a really good punk rock whose first 3 records were really awesome. You’d go see them, drink with them before and after the show, and have the time of your life. Then they started playing bigger venues and the big festivals…and all of a sudden every goofball in town has the t-shirt. And the only time you really look back on it and enjoy yourself is when you find some young kid who is new to them, but really really into them – you can see it in their eyes, and so you tell him/her about the old times. You try to be nice and explain that you don’t want to pay $40 to hear them play 1 song total from the first 3 records. At this point, he’s the only original member, he’s having to front the band AND play guitar (because someone bailed on him mid-tour), and he’s in his “experimental” stage. It usually doesn’t end well.

    Like MWD I am glad I also figured out that he wasn’t cool anymore…about 2-3 years ago. I am sure he hates this show. And I know why: you guys actually have fun at what you’re doing. You don’t take yourselves too seriously. Who needs cigarettes when you can vape? Who needs Noam Chomsky when you’ve got Scott Horton? Who needs Stefan Molyneux when you can listen to the Feens, Bad Quaker, and about 25 other shows that aren’t hosted by miserable pricks.

    1. “Who needs Stefan Molyneux when you can listen to the Feens, Bad Quaker, and about 25 other shows that aren’t hosted by miserable pricks.”

      AMEN my thoughts exactly

  11. Michael,

    Fantastic series on SM and probably one of the most comprehensive conversations on the subject yet. My evolution owes a lot to SM b/c my eldest son turned to ancap largely due to listening to SM and I in turn made the journey myself thanks to my son’s critical philosophical interrogations and conversations with me.

    One of my major concerns are the psychological industry and the championing of the “mental illness” complex. I take much solace in the work of Thamaas Szasz. As a Stoic, I am a natural skeptic of the private and government use of the psycho-therapy/ological means to abrogate responsibility for people’s behavior and bad habits. There is a great undercurrent of that on the SM shows in the last few years along with all the stifling of dissent and banishment of refuseniks, a sure sign that something is awry b/c cross-examination is the engine of truth. This last is the best indicator that the Emperor has no clothes.

    He is a terrific orator and quite convincing but some of his notions are not original despite his insistence. DROs for instance, have been talked about David Friedman and Rothbard and even Spooner. The conflation of slavery with the state is nothing new and the Abolitionists in America in the 19th century laid the philosophical groundwork for that but simply did not take the it to the next level.

    I am waiting out on the hypocrisy angle b/c we all do that since no alternatives to the state exist to allow us to live the pure life we want in libpar. DCMA is bothersome but the most troublesome aspect is calling on any proxy to stifle dissent against your views.

    Sacred cows make the best burgers.

    Bill Buppert

    1. I’m starting to think Moly might be turning more people away from anarcho-capitalism than he’s bringing in.


  12. Every once in a while, you get someone who is all confused about the “in-fighting” that occurs within libertarianism, and who thinks we should all just get along like the left. I always tell them that the capacity for “in-fighting” is one of the single greatest things about the movement, since it ensures longevity.

    People like Molyneux would cause us significant harm if we just sat silent through times like these , because then the left could hack away at him. But when we do it first, they can’t use it against us and therefore won’t bother.

    1. Well said Jon.
      I agree, our constant drive for perfection and purity is what has brought the “liberty” thinking from the flawed ideas of Locke to the better thoughts of Rothbard and now beyond.

  13. Wow, I really misspoke towards the end of this show by describing people without mental illness as “sane” and thereby suggesting that people with certain kinds of mental illness and affective disorders are “insane.” Bad, bad, bad choice of words. I apologize for that.

    1. Stefan Molyneaux has been a significant part of my journey, but there were a few things that made me scratch my head. I dismissed them as the mistakes that anybody will make from time to time. But until recently, I had no idea how far it had gone.

      Colleen, that was very informative, and I hope to hear more from you.

      So what lessons can be learned from this ClusterStef?

      The Great Man Fallacy has reared its not-so-great head. I also think this episode makes a solid case for thinnest of thin libertarianism. Be peaceful, don’t agress on others, and… Not much else! Going beyond that can get ugly in a hurry. As I’ve said before, I’m glad there’s something thin about me besides my hair!

  14. Stuff I like(d) about FDR: I like the idea of peaceful parenting and applying the non-aggression principle to ALL people (including children). I think childhood shapes adult life in a very real way. I like the idea of standing firm by your principles. I like the idea of gaining self knowledge and recognizing personal responsibility.

    I am interested in differing perspectives and thought his “Truth about” regarding Ferguson was thought provoking (aside from some of his goofy comments regarding drugs/rap). I really like his “truth about” series regarding ‘great men.’ But his credibility is fading for me.

    Right before all of this ‘breaking news’ I had been thinking, “How can all parents can be THAT bad?” And Stefan promoted empathy, except for when he didn’t. The line was unclear to me and felt hypocritical at an increasing rate.

    I appreciate what I gained from FDR, but I think it’s time to transcend….

    Good show!

    1. We won’t make any difference, because He Who Cannot Be Named told me that no one listens to the Freedom Feens and that we’re boring.

      1. What, when did he say this? That’s kinda rude even for him. At least he usually has enough “common sense” to convey it in a more passive-aggressive manner.

        Such as his post-debate videos where he’ll spend an hour explaining why he actually won the debate, because his opponent was abused as a child.

  15. The best redemption in the third act ever. Diana was a very good choice for this podcast because she can relate more to Colleen being that they are both women. Excellent show. I was listening on Stitcher and when the show went off Molyneux voice came on because his show was alphabetically after the feens. I thought initially it was you adding some clip of his show to the end of your show, but now I realize he is still in my playlist. FDR deleted.

    Good for you Colleen, glad to see your life is taking off.

  16. If you’re going to have a purple capey cult, might as well have a cool moto.

    “In the Aeon of Isis the focus was Nature, in the Aeon of Osiris the focus was God, and now in the Aeon of Horus the focus is Man, the individual. Our Goal is the fullest expression of ourselves in the True Will, our Path is towards the deepest totality of our selves, and our Community are neither in a ‘here-after’ of Heaven nor gods or demi-gods in some plane ‘beyond’ the world but rather the men and women here on Earth.”

    Course, I think those guys sometimes do their thing “sky clad”, so no purple cape involved. 😉

    A cult based on psychiatric practices, well, been plenty of those. Usually pretty boring. I believe Chuck Palahniuk explored the addiction to support groups in Fight Club, the whole hero thing in Choke, and how many cults are based on some aspect of sexual repression or manipulation in Survivor. Lullaby, now that one had some religious aspects at the end, but mostly it was just funny as hell.

    1. “In the Aeon of Isis the focus was Nature, in the Aeon of Osiris the focus was God, and now in the Aeon of Horus the focus is Man…..”

      Now THAT is some old-school cult-ery. That purple-capey Crowley type of shit is sort of fading, doesn’t have much place in today’s fast-paced modern world.

      1. The first rule of Stef club is that you do not talk about Stef club….

      1. wow. Makes sense though.

        People have always talked about the AA and 12-step component of Fight club. But I’ve always said that isn’t really the thing….it goes off into something far more culty and destructive. Makes sense Chuck studied Landmark Forum methods.

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