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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi call for a media war on the war on drugs, they discuss, “Why are Globalist Think-Tank Documents Public?”, Active duty cop quotes Guns and Weed movie and says “The war on drugs is a war on people“, lamestream press sez: MEAN OLD MAN MURDERS PLAYFUL LITTLE BOY when they should say “Old man practices legitimate self-defense when attacked by three thugs”, Freddie Mercury is Parsi not Arabic, fragging, ParrotPhrasing, Mitt Romney protested FOR the draft when he was 19, open letter to a public school teacher, Steal This Book, shall-issue CCW map and armed citizen reports.

HOMEWORK: Read Wiki article on NeoCons.

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  1. Good cast, I enjoyed this one. The title is brilliant. I loved that story. Those “playful little boys” got exactly what they deserved.

    Romney protesting in favor of the draft made my stomach turn a little, even though it’s pretty funny. That’s probably the squarest thing I’ve ever heard. Of course, I was already opposed to Romney because he supported and signed an assault weapons ban when he was governor. That’s an unforgivable sin in my book.

    A point of clarification on Romney though- he was probably not just chillin’, sipping coffee on his mission in France. (Mormons don’t drink coffee anyway.) Mormon missions are hard, especially the European ones. I served as a missionary in Spain and it was hard work. It wouldn’t compare to military service by a long shot, but it was no vacation. So I can at least respect that about the guy, despite his grossly statist tendencies.

    I thought your point was great about drones making small arms irrelevant. Scary thought, and one that hadn’t occurred to me before. Now I’m nice and pissed off about drones.

    I also found myself nodding in agreement with the Ted Nugent bit. I love how passionate Ted is about gun rights but hate how he runs around flag-waving for the cops and in support of our policy of endless war, especially when he dodged the draft himself. You could cut that cognitive dissonance with a knife.

  2. MichaelWDean says:

    That theory makes sense.


  3. Aaron says:

    Hey Michael,
    On that PTSD thing. I herd Jack propose a theory that to me makes sense. Back before the 60’s soldiers coming back from combat normally took a very long time to get home, usually by ship. They were hold up with other guys who had seen what they had seen. They were with people who understood what they had been through. They were now in relative safety and had some time to decompress. From the 60’s on to today it is not uncommon for a solider to be shooting at people, being shot at, or dodging bombs then in 18 hours be back home in “regular” life.
    That kind of shift is hard to make. Actually makes it more of a “shock”

    I was a soldier back in the time between the wars. I was never in combat. It was still hard for me to adjust to being a civilian again.

  4. Hesperus says:

    Attended a Ron Paul rally, then came home to listen to the feens, is it possible to OD on freedom? Man that was fun, really huge and diverse crowd, what sticks in my mind though is that many people brought babies along with and I don’t think that I have ever seen that many happy babies in my life.
        About PTSD and Vietnam veterans, there were quite a few people who wound up screwed up in the head because of WW2 and the Korean war. Except back in those days it was referred to as soldiers heart or shell shock, during WW1 there was so much collective shell shock that, in my opinion at least drove that entire generation of Europeans, collectively insane. In the case of my father who is the stereotype of this sort of thing, though he never saw combat. I think he was shattered more by the transition from being a young republican in Dallas Texas to being dumped into the world turned upside down that was Saigon. But shell shock is a heck of a problem after, or for that matter during almost any war and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.    
        On the original neocons, they were (many of them have died of really old age) Trotskyites who got pushed out of liberalism in general because they were too old, belligerent and whiny for the liberals who emerged throughout the late fifties to mid seventies. There were quite a few Trotskyites in Eugene Oregon when I lived there, they are just the worst people you can imagine. They are insanely arrogant, convinced that they are just gods [Or gods themselves?] gift to mankind. And that communism would have worked on russia and then covered the world if only Trotsky had the luck or ability to pickaxe Stalin in the head instead of the other way round.
         Oh and there is a movie by Bobcat Goldthwait coming out at some point in the future, I think it’s called god bless America that I would love you guys opinion on. I saw the trailer for it on the gun blog every day no days off. It looks really anarchist, well the worst kind of anarchy to be specific.        

  5. MichaelWDean says:

    Hi Ryan,

    We’re out of sales copies of the movie. Best thing to do is have people get them on Amazon.

    If someone wants to buy a bunch of them wholesale, have them contact me and I’ll put them in touch with our distributor.

    Thank you for the kind words!

  6. Ryan says:

    Another fun show!

    I listen at work and make notes about topics I want to touch on, so some of this might seem unrelated, after all…

    The words “liberal” and “served” were used improperly, IMHO. I’m sure you guys get this, but I like to reiterate it to anybody who will listen and has made these mistakes:

    True “liberals” want freedoms for mankind and are not equivalent to the Left-wing fascists of modern America who largely dominate the Democratic Party, despite what Rush and Savage say about “liberals” and “mental disorders.”

    “Serving” may very well be something a slave does for a master, however, the slaves in the military only serve their elite masters. Common people should never call what the military does a “service.” They are stealing from us to commit their lives, bodies and minds to atrocities.

    On to other news: There is an income tax protest that is much like the Free State Project. If they can get one million people to agree not to pay their income tax in 2015, they will proceed with the plan. The plan assumes that the IRS will not be able to audit or prosecute one million people above what they already handle every year. The group has a Facebook page and I signed up a while back. I think this is relevant to your interests. Video for more info about the protest here:

    Would you guys accept silver coins for copies of your movie, or is that too much trouble/not of interest to you? Keep on stacking!

    Possibly random, or very applicable quote: “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.” -Voltaire

    Thanks for cutting out the Vapo-sucking… LOL

    I think that about covers it… And once again, thanks for the show!

  7. MichaelWDean says:

    Lisa, thank you!

    Paul, ragingredneck, an avid model plane guy of a few decades, explained why someone can’t do that, on the Freedom Feens fun forum.


  8. Paul Bonneau says:

    Anarchy has to be global? No way! Why would you say something like that, Neema?

    Michael, what do you mean about drones being so complicated and expensive that the peons would never get their hands on one? What about model airplanes, tech available for years? Drones are now in the market and not that expensive. It’s not like buying a complete airplane. Look on youtube for the parrot ar drone; I saw them for sale at Fry’s Electronics. Things can only get better over time with these things. Bigger payloads! 🙂

    I had an afro once. 🙂

    “Post-traumatic stress” was called “shell shock” in the old days.

  9. Garrett Fox says:

    Palin or Bachman? I don’t think I’d kick either out of bed for eating crackers…but, Palin’s just too ditsy for me.

  10. Lisa says:

    The podcast keeps getting better and better 🙂

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