The Truth About Stefan Molyneux, from Two People Who Were in His Inner Circle – Freedom Feens live radio archive


THIS EPISODE OF THE FREEDOM FEENS: Michael W. Dean does his last “all Molyneux all the time” show, where he and Dianna interview Colleen and Greg, who used to be in the small inner circle of Stefan Molyneux’s indoctrination society called Free Domain Radio.

The main overall topics are how much Stefan Molyneux tries to control all aspects of his adherents’ lives, and how different what Stefan says to the general public is from what he says in private to the inner-circle true believers.

Greg and Stefan Molyneux hanging out together in Stef's inner circle

Greg and Stefan Molyneux hanging out together in Stef’s inner circle

Colleen (blue shirt), Stefan Molyneux (far right)

Colleen (blue shirt), Stefan Molyneux (far right)

Wider shot of same photo:

FDRBBQ 06 08 09


Stef and Greg on swing set.

Stef and Greg on swing set.

Molyneux in 2007 saying “I do not believe that there are any really good parents out there.”

Below, screenshot of Molyneux in 2007 saying ” I do not believe that there are any really good parents out there”, archived here in case he deletes his post.



Links to links of podcasts that Colleen lead for Stefan Molyneux.

Audio of Stefan Molyneux trying to convince Greg to leave his family, by doing the maths on it.

Here’s the essay where Stef goes into detail about what Stefan Molyneux really thinks about DeFOOing.

Here’s a video that shows Stefan Molyneux may have used deceptive credentials.

Archive of page that Stefan Molyneux deleted where he used to admit his wife was offering psychiatric advice over the Internet to Free Domain Radio’s callers.

Molyneux’s Masters thesis: Stef-thesis.pdf (368 KB)!alolGA4I!Xi93O0SURMpOd3d9LrinpDsPEPq7sfoTM7FIaLVc4tw

Philosophy lines

Colleen’s YouTube Channel

TruShibes mirror on YouTube

Molyneux Tells Followers to Cut Off All Family & Friends who still believe in the State as ‘They Want You Dead!’

Colleen’s first interview on the Freedom Feens

Holy Moly: The Bizarre Online Cult Of Stefan Molyneux  (deleted). Google Cache “Holy Moly: The Bizarre Online Cult Of Stefan Molyneux” ……article that got Moly’e off Buzzfeed

Stefan Molyneux’s “everyone should DeFoo” five-part video series, “but my parents were nice!”

“Joe Rogan, Stefan Molyneux Lied To You About DeFOO!”

 A User’s Manual for the Human Experience

Joe Rogan in the 1990s (on the show “News Radio”, playing a fun, smart, weird character who seems very, well….very Joe Rogan) explaining why it’s impossible to remove something from the Internet.

 Jim Jesus’ YouTube channel, more videos with truth about Molyneux.

MWD adds a clarification: The thing I said in this episode about prison, I wasn’t implying prisons rehabilitate people. We were rushed for time and had a lot to cover. I meant to say “…..people who have murdered someone, been to prison, done a lot of work on their own or with help from others in prison or after prison and rehabilitated themselves.”


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51 Responses to The Truth About Stefan Molyneux, from Two People Who Were in His Inner Circle – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. psd says:

    This is just AIR. I’m not trying to defend SM, but your show is just hot air. You spend most of the time either repeating what you’ve already said ( a hundred times) or telling us what’s coming up.

    At least in a SM show you are stimulated and hit with a constant stream of ideas. You have VERY LITTLE substance here and it’s boring.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      You are a robot parroting the words of your cult leader. Come up with an original line, robot.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      You say “I’m not trying to defend SM…”

      Yes you are. You are a cult member devoted to Stefan Molyneux’s every word. I looked around. Face it, mate, you’re in a cult.

      There’s even a name for the type of bullshit you’re trying to pull here, and many StefBots use this tack:


      • jimjesus says:

        I keep hearing this same thing repeated over and over. It’s a false dismissal. They give a metric ton valid reasons to question Molyneux and provide an obscene amount of evidence to back up their claims, they do the sophist trick of “it’s all hot air” or bitch about the commercial breaks. Sorry, psd that’s an invalid argument.

        Also every single time they do the “I’m not defending Molyneux” or “I don’t like Molyneux” crap and when you scratch the surface you can find them in his comment section or BBS sucking his dick at every moment. It’s old.

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  3. Christian s says:

    Fascinating episode. If Colleen and Greg are listening and responding, I’d like to know if they were ever directed to shun someone,and if so, from whom were they directed and how.

    • jack says:

      I won’t speak for them, but many of us were directly told to shun people.

      Stef draws people into his little cult by telling them to leave their families, etc– then when he gets tired of specific people, directs others to gang up on them and shun them.

      Many of these people are very lost, some are mentally ill, and he draws them in and then cuts them off, leaving them without any sort of support network.

      I was [regrettably] a participant in this, I was also a victim.

  4. Stacy says:

    “The truth…” Okay, I’m already not listening.

    • MichaelWDean says:


      The title is a parody of a series Molyneux does, “The Truth About ______.”

      Listen for a few minutes. Money back guarantee.


  5. jamarchist says:

    One thing that I may have missed but wanted to know: are Greg and Colleen still anarchists/libertarians? I know MWD said Colleen might be calling in in the future and Greg was on FTL, but I never heard them say what their current positions are regarding freedom (in any domain, radio or otherwise).

    • MichaelWDean says:

      We asked Colleen on the first interview we did with her, she said she’s open minded about it. Greg told me he’s still a libertarian.

  6. Ted says:

    I was also a member of this FDR fan group based in Philly. I left the area in late 2011 after a dramatic blowup earlier that year ultimately led to my being shunned. I used to spend quite a lot of time with Greg on a regular basis. I even went to Stefan’s house for a Christmas event for donators with Greg, and several other people from the Philly group–which if I remember correctly may have been when some of those pictures took place. It’s very interesting to hear him speak to these issues in the podcast above. I was also unaware of his Free Talk Live episode.

    I can corroborate most of what is described by Greg and Colleen in this podcast.

  7. Ikefeen says:

    Greg’s was interrupted by the break when he was talking about Stefan’s Stance on guns at around 57-60 min mark. Can you tell me what Greg said about it?

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Don’t remember exact wording but basic idea was “Moly has said he really doesn’t like people who open carry.”

      If you want to hear how much Moly hates guns AND self-defense,
      “No need for Self Defense in Molyneux’s Ancap Utopia” It’s a Stef video TruShibes has on DailyMotion:

      • bjason says:

        Yeah, MichaelWDean, that’s a stretch. That DailyMotion soundbite of Stefan putting down self defense is not him saying its immoral to defend yourself. He’s saying that prevention is a better solution. Of course acts of violence will always occur from time to time, but it will be the rare exception in a peaceful society. How can you so blatantly misconstrue what he says?

        In Fact, this whole website seems to be putting a lot of energy hating on stefan when he’s done much more good than whatever perceived harm you’re accusing him of.

        Sure, a person as prolific at creating content as Stefan is will be somewhat eccentric and quirky. You have to have an extremem personality to do what he does. I just don’t see how that translates into him being a horrible human being, requiring hours of Freedom Feens’ time to discredit him.

        I’m just not seeing it. The “evidence” I’ve seen here is reaching and lacks anything concrete.

        Haters gonna hate, i suppose.

        • MichaelWDean says:

          >stefan when he’s done much more good …..


          There have some hyperbole. Since you love it so much. (This site does not exist to denigrate Molyneux. Of the nearly 800 episodes we’ve done, less than 1/4 of 1% of our radio time has been devoted to the topic of Molyneux, you silly exaggerating Berkeley hippie weenie.

          We spend a LOT more time making fun of Chris Cantwell. Probably twice as much radio time as we devote to Molyneux.


  8. Mike Cuneo says:

    The term Michael created Molly’ing reminded me of this, lol

    Listening now, but I also watched a great Molyneux video about procrastination. He’s a great speaker (uh oh, people say that about Obama, alert everyone) and his message is what matters, IMO.

    The fact that he’s a scumbag, in people’s opinion, is irrelevant. Even if he was openly racist, or a liar, it doesn’t necessarily matter.

    For example you can say “I’ll pick you up at 8” and then show up at 8:30, or not at all. Are you a liar, and a bad guy? Probably. Is your entire worldview now invalidated? Nope. I just say this to illustrate that there are levels and layers to what everyone says and does. Yes, using the DMCA is pretty lolzy, and bad, but it may have been a mistake that he will learn from.

    Critically, though, even if it was intentional, and repeated, it still does not invalidate the rest of what he says. You can be a hypocrite and still be right, after all. Someone who smokes and then tells others not to smoke is still making a valid point. Smoking is bad. I think similar logic applies here.

    You also don’t have to take everything he says as gospel, which I guess was your main point. You can partially de-foo, after all. I would push back on Molyneux if he believes that you should just totally unplug from all friends and family who aren’t full blown ancaps, immediately. I haven’t delved deeply into de-fooing yet due to not enough time, but I plan to, soon. I just think the chance to persuade people (I like “persuade” better than convert due to the whole “lol cults” thing) is too great and if you de-foo you never have that chance. For example, some in my close circle of friends and family are now ancaps, or strongly leaning that way, and some due directly to Molyneux. But I also show them Mises, the Feens, etc. They take what they like and ponder it, or whatever. As long as they’re focused on ending aggression, it’s all good, and all moot beyond that. Some prefer Molyneux, some don’t. I like to have many voices to choose from, and ruling people out is pretty bad, IMO. Not sure why you just toss up your hands, Michael, and say, “I’m done with Molyneux.” He still has good things to add to our side.

    The fact that there is an “inner circle” or it’s a “cult” doesn’t really bother me much, as a total outsider just now listening to him for the first time. If there’s a cult and the cult is “let’s end the state and all its aggression” then I may have to call myself a cult member as well, if that’s what it takes. I’m okay with being in that “cult” but I also have the perspective to be able to objectively call him out on things that I don’t agree with.

    No one is 100% right, including me, you (Michael), and certainly Molyneux as well. But all 3 of us are on the same side (non-aggression), and that shouldn’t even be up for debate, IMO.

    Molyneux wants to end the state. That fact supersedes everything else he does, by a wide margin, again, IMO.

    I just think the way this has played out on the Feens has made people feel like they are forced into a choice between “Team Feens” or “Team Molyneux.” I reject this implied choice. I will listen to the Feens, and also catch up and listen to Molyneux as well.

    How about we recognize the real enemy isn’t Molyneux, but the state and all their violent agents? Again, this is all my opinion, but I don’t see how Molyneux has done anything that can’t be forgiven, and all the people he has influenced should override any bad stuff he does.

    Like, he literally could rob an old lady blind, and still be a net positive for civilized “society” due to persuading thousands to rethink the state and all its crimes.

    Worms. 🙂

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Mike….Really? This is jaw-dropping b.s. on your part.

      If a majority of people still feel like you about Moly a few months from now, I think it’s proof of what the statists are saying: Molyneux’s popularity, despite the facts, is proof that libertarian free market principles don’t work.


      • Mike Cuneo says:

        Not sure why it’s BS. I am curious why you say that.

        His video on procrastination is just the first one I saw, and it was awesome. He has good insights.

        I don’t get why we have to choose between “accept everything he says as gospel” and “totally ignore him” which is what it seems you want people to do, your preferred choice being obviously the latter.

        I am open to changing my mind, though, and am not in any way a person who thinks “omg Molyneux is 1000000% right about everything everyday”

        Persuade me, because while the Feens is great, and I listened, and I like it, it didn’t really change my opinion on Stefan.

        I realize he may have analyzed you personally, and that probably is/was inappropriate at the time and in the setting. I haven’t heard or seen that specific clip, so can’t really say for sure. But granting the fact that yes, that is highly inappropriate to turn an interview into a therapy session, I still can’t toss out his other work because of that. Maybe in his mind he was trying to help you, and shouldn’t have done that. ‘

        I think we all make assumptions and do this to some degree. When you talk to statists, do you assume they aren’t as intelligent as you? Maybe you argue no, but I think deep down you know that the chances are high that you’re much smarter than them, and certainly more in tune with the reality of what the state is, and does. I also believe this influences your interactions with them.

        Molyneux probably figured, rightly or wrongly, that you wanted/needed some therapy, and he was going to provide it. Again, this is wildly inappropriate for him to do. If he wanted to discuss it privately, then fine, but not during an interview. So I think he lacks tact and his delivery sucks in some ways. He just assumes he’s smarter than everyone he talks to, and you know, he probably is right almost 100% of the time. I think he gets a bit lazy by allowing it to so obviously creep to the surface of his interactions, though.

        But I’m all ears, Michael, if you care to add further color to what you said on the show. I will be doing further listening and reading on my own, so maybe I’ll come to different conclusions that way. Worms!

        • Mike Cuneo says:

          I don’t get why people can’t take Molyneux’s concepts and modify them to fit their own life.

          For example, don’t de-foo everyone. Just get rid of people who are for sure never going to become ancap, if you want, or use your own criteria.

          Ignore his advice about parenting, if you want, but take his insights in other topics to heart.


          I fail to see why this has to be an all or nothing package. It’s the same trap people try to put us in when they denounce Rothbard or Ron Paul as “racist.” To them, this alleged racism makes their other salient points invalid, and we should just ignore them totally. That’s a dangerous precedent, IMO, but you’re certainly entitled to view (or not view) and speak about Stefan however you choose.

      • Pika Pika says:

        MWD, to be honest, I’d consider that the people who scream “Stef can do no wrong” are the ones that are proving libertarian free market principles DO work:

        They are screaming bloody murder while the free market is actually responding to its own forces. You can’t ‘ought’ the free market 🙂

  9. Assaf Koss says:

    This was over an hour of character bashing Stefan, based on anecdotes, without giving a full explanation or detailed account of any of the mentioned examples. ><"

    What made them DeFOO in the first place? What were the "alleged" problems with their parents or family?

    Do they feel they have indeed benefited from being with FDR all those years, but now have turned to the other edge of this behavior, to balance it out?

    Wouldn't it be better if they just appreciated Stefan's work in a critical way, and did not neglect their personal lives?

    Were they under attack in trying to leave FDR? Did they advise others to leave, as well?

    To insinuate that it is bad to discuss community members, when they are absent, doesn’t match up with normal human behavior. Societies work by having actively involved members. It’s not only cults that do this!

    Again, like in all societies, If I was a football fan and active in that community, and then decided that football is bad because it hurts players irreversibly and regularly, am I to expect my previous friends to still enjoy my company? When our common bond was football?? NO!

    A community based on philosophy is about being a philosopher! If you don’t want to talk about personal issues, life issues, and other people in the community, then you simply are not interested in being a philosopher. Find another community, or reduce your participation with that specific community, to balance your shit out.

    • B says:

      Well, for Greg, who was fairly young and impressionable (like 18 y.o.) when he started listening to Molyneux, moving away from home because of molyneux’s advice, attempted suicide and then was told by molyneux that he would have set the freedom movement back X number of years if he suceeded, was taken advantage of. Oh yeah, and greg said he donated over $2000 to Molyneux while being relatively broke. Greg would probably blame himself for this stuff, but Molyneux was complicit and negligent at the least. He knew Greg’s story and age and yet exploited him. That’s pretty bad.

      • MichaelWDean says:


        For the record, Feen fans OFTEN tell me they dig the show and want to donate, are broke, but when they get on their feet they’ll send me some money. I ALWAYS say “don’t worry about donating, just tell two friends about the show.” And sometimes I’ll send them some Feens buttons free anyway, and eat the cost of the buttons and postage.

        I feel like Stefan’s business plan is to sit in his mini-mansion and cyber bully teenagers into giving up their lunch money.


      • Assaf Koss says:

        Stefan repeatedly says that he is not interested in donations from people who can’t afford it! If Greg decided to give him money, while being broke, then he went against Stefan’s wishes.

        Being 18, young and stupid, doesn’t absolve people from responsibility. Yes, they should be treated with more precaution, even if they are socially accepted as adults.

        However, their choices are still their own! It’s likely that Stefan wasn’t cautious enough with young Greg, and that he now repents his mistakes. That’s my guess. He’s not a self-proclaimed “Seer”, after all, so he is liable for his mistakes.

        It is possible to manipulate and abuse Stefan, and then blame the results on him. It is possible to listen to him speaking with another person, and wrongly apply it to yourself.

        For Greg to attempt suicide is evidence that he came from a fucked up place – parents included. Stefan is not responsible for the abuse and mental scars Greg had suffered. Stefan is just another person online, who shares his ideas and experiences with the world, for the benefit of those whom it helps.

        If making few mistakes was evidence of a person being negligent or dangerous, then we would have had no doctors, mechanics, counselors, or teachers.

        Have you guys, and I’m referring to you as well MWD, even considered how many people find Stefan’s work helpful and beneficial, compared to those who find it harmful?

        This is, after all, how science works. If 99% of the listeners enjoy it, but 1% don’t, then it’s considered a good thing.

  10. Halsingen says:

    I’m not sure if it was on the “Thinking Liberty” talkshow that used to be on, but I remember Stefan Molyneux saying in some interview that he used to be a randian who believed that Ayn Rand had thought it all out and had answers to everything.

    But then he realized that Rand was a minarchist, and that he had to create a philosophy himself.

  11. jon says:

    I was wondering about Stefan. In one of his shows he started laughing at people that look up arguments contrary to his viewpoint, and making fun of them because they can’t make up their own minds. That pretty much turned me off to him. It’s too bad he is heading down this path. If he didn’t become so stuck on himself he could do a lot of good. Because preaching the evils of bad parenting is a really important message.

    This is reminding me of the Ayn Rand “cult” too. In Shermer’s book Why Do People Believe Weird Things he goes over the crazy stuff in her cult. I see you have a link to Rothbard’s commentary on the subject. I’ll have to check it out.

    • jon says:

      After listening to the podcast it seems some of the points I brought up were already addressed! It was sad to hear about the defooing!

  12. Davi Barker says:

    Colleen confirmed it. Members were encouraged to give a smiley happy appearance to potential recruits. That was the only point I didn’t give FDR in the Cult Olympics. So the Judges have revised their score, giving FDR a perfect 10 out 10 cult characteristics.

  13. Ariel says:

    I’m finding that last picture fascinating. The story I have in my head is him pontificating over a movie everyone is desperately trying to watch, like he did to his daughter with Frozen.

    Are there that many people there that he needs a microphone? Or is that just him recording the conversation for his Socrates-delusion?

  14. MichaelWDean says:

    Clarification: the thing I said about prison, I wasn’t implying prisons rehabilitate people. We were rushed for time and I meant to say “people who have murdered someone, been to prison, done a lot of work on their own in prison or after prison and rehabilitated themselves.”

  15. FRANKIE says:

    Love the effort you put into the show but please time those breaks better. Most of the time when the conversation gets interesting the breaks begins. For instance when they started to talk about the personalities from the members the breaks comes in. Or pick up after the break, but please don’t start from scratch after every break..
    Keeep it up!

    • MichaelWDean says:


      This podcast is an archive of actual live talk radio, syndicated across the US, not just internet radio.

      Terrestrial radio, as in, the kind you can hear without a computer. You know, what older people listen to.

      This is how talk radio works. People tend to listen to only part of a show while driving to the store or something, so hosts always recap the topic.

      Also, the show is done to an atomic clock, there’s no holding the ad breaks to finish a thought, and the guests didn’t have radio experience. It’s usually like this the first few times people are on the radio. Talk shows don’t usually keep guests on for the whole show, but we felt this was an important topic, so we broke that rule. I thought they did very well, considering. And we were in different locations, so couldn’t see each other for my visual cues on breaks.

      If you’d like, download and edit it without the breaks and intro/outro chats from each break, and share that, if you feel it would work better. Thanks!

      • Mike Cuneo says:

        Use audacity to edit the shows easily and for free, if you’d like. I think they sound fine, the breaks can be skipped if you want, or just listen. They aren’t that intrusive, and the convos are flowing fine most times.

        One thing I think Michael, myself, and every libertarian should do a bit better, is introduce topics and guests for noobs. I know I always mess that up, but when someone totally new is listening, they may want a quick background on the guest, where to find them online, etc.

        I think the one episode of the Feens went like 10 min before we knew the name of the co-host. I could be wrong, and may have missed it, but I listened twice and didn’t hear the name “Davi Barker” for a while.

        All minor points, though.

        The Feens, and Michael Dean, are awesome.


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  17. Jon says:

    IF Stef is a “cult leader” he has got to be the dorkiest looking cult leader in history……..sorry stef, had to say it. What Cult leader wears a muscle shirt, long white socks and Newbalance shoes?????

  18. Brian says:

    whoa, “crazy things like anarchy and atheism?!)

  19. Dana Nutter says:

    I prefer to call Stefbots “Freedomaniacs”.

    Missed the beginning of this so had to wind back and hear the rest.

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  21. holland says:

    I’ve got a big bucket of popcorn and 80 minutes to enjoy this. I bet Molyneux is a blast on nature trips.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Popcorn. lol.

      As for nature walks, well, he could point out that many animals leave their parents forever, and some even eat their parents if they ever encounter them again…..

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