Attorney Randy England on Dealing With Cops – Freedom Feens live radio archive



Randy England and Michael W. Dean discuss how to deal with a cop stop without becoming grist for the “justice” system’s human meat mill…..what your rights are, how to use them, the difference in an “I just want this to be over” and a “fight the Man” approach. Also: is there a difference between “A lawyer” and “MY lawyer.” ?

Part 2 of this discussion is here.

And just for kicks: Feds spend $1 million collecting ‘suspicious memes.



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4 Responses to Attorney Randy England on Dealing With Cops – Freedom Feens live radio archive

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  2. David says:

    This was a real gem of an episode. At times Randy seems too gentlemanly to be Feen but then he goes and drops mad science on us like this show. Some review (don’t talk to cops) but lots of new stuff for me. I really valued his explanation of the timeline of dealing with police and I had never thought about vocally not consenting to everything. I also shocked me that an attorney representing me has more abilities than me representing myself.

    Both my wife and I have had warrants wrongly issued for our arrest and having these tools is very important. It’s the most terrifying day of your life to see an officer intend to arrest you and drag you to jail but it’s just another day to him. Being informed and prepared goes a long way in your favor.

    You could do a follow up on how to get out of jail ASAP, what those on the outside need to do to help, how to best document and save evidence to best aid a defense attorney, etc. Lots of good stuff here.

    Great show, keep up the awesome work.

  3. ikefeen says:

    What about recording? It is completely legal in my state to record cops, it is a single party state. But recording them tends to make them immediately hate you.

    Consider the case of being pulled over by an evil cop:
    Is it better to push record from the beginning and inform the cop they are being recorded or to play nice (assuming you have a bad cop) until he starts trying to search you without warrants and THEN push record. I think option 1 is better, would be good to hear Randy’s response. I think those always-on streaming cam systems are where it’s at, gonna invest in one of those soon.

    Another point about never consenting to a search:
    they can plant evidence. It happens all the time. If you consent you give them this opportunity.

  4. Gretchen says:

    News you can use! Good show!

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