1. Aaron Henley says:

    I believe the difference between a sub-machine gun and machine pistol are linked to bbl length and where the mag is in the gun (both being handgun cartridge firearms) . An MP5 has the mag outside the pistol grip but a Glock 18 has the mag in the pistol grip.

    Neema, as to the handgun choice for your wife. I get asked this question in class all the time. The long and short of it is only she can chose a gun for herself. You can be of assistance but she has to find what is right for her. I highly recommend spending a couple of weeks off and on talking about it and researching it. Make the long list. Go to some gun shops so she can put her hands on the guns in the long list. She can fairly quickly cull that to a short list of 6-10. Then spend about a week collecting up what guns you can borrow from friends that she has an interest in. Take all of these to an indoor range and rent what you could not borrow.
    It is well worth the time and $. You will not find yourself in 6 mo to a year with a gun she hates to shoot or won’t carry.

    The Markarov is kind of a snappy gun when you shoot it and both common guns in the 7.62×25 (the Tok and CZ52) are about the size of a 1911.

    My wife and I both HATED the Glocks until we shot them. They were (and still are) ugly and cheep looking. But damn they are solid and forgiving guns to shoot.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

  2. Katie says:

    A bit ago one of my friends updated his status and it started this long convo with a bunch of people. It happened to be about the history of jews, and a lot of information was presented and passed along. Long story short I clicked on a notification from my email and it said there was an error loading or something like that. Yet in facebook, it never came up in my notifications, and it wasn’t on my wall anymore…looked everywhere. Also there have been times where it tells me it cant post something. Or I guess more correctly I’m not allowed to post something. Like balls. Apparently facebook does not like balls. Or maybe it was the phrase I used it in? Hmmm…

  3. Lane says:

    Here is some very cool shotgun stuff:

    This one is mind blowing:

    I’ve always been pro dueling, but it is the complete bypassing of the states monopoly of force so they would never approve of it. I’d never thought of it as coinciding with the rise of the modern state but it is obviously true. The reason a crude version persisted in the old west was the lack of organized government.

    The problem with the classical dueling model is that is was class based, you couldn’t challenge someone who outranked you either socially or militarily, and nobility could just cut down peasants at will while the peasants had no legal recourse. A modern “democratic” version would vastly reduce the caseload of civil courts, put lots of lawyers out of work, and vastly simplify a lot of things. Because the point was often not to kill the opponent, but to prove your own courage and the truth of your position old dueling codes actually had a lot of things that made fatalities relatively rare, rifling was banned from dueling pistols as well as caliber restrictions. Other rules regulated types of blades and circumstances when duels should be fought. It was a lot more complicated than most people think.
    But these are complications both parties had to agree too so they are rules I could easily live with.

  4. Hesperus says:

       Well, though I know it’s a dead horse, my father is an ex Obama lover. He voted for him thinking he was going to at least close Gitmo, but with everything that has happened, especially the increase in cigarette taxes he is an official Obama critic now.
         Those Mossberg 500s are nice aren’t they? the craziest thing I ever heard of with those is that their road blocker shotgun. A Tati-cool pistol grip pump gun with a muzzle break that looks like it was taken from a Barrett 50 cal and is just insanely ugly. But they come with a dowel limiting them to three shots, in one review they actually laughed at the thought of hunting game birds with this monstrosity.
         When you get into what round for home defense arguments birdshot vs buckshot always comes up on gun websites and it gets ugly. My Benelli nova is currently loaded with rubber ball and rock salt rounds mainly because that’s all I currently have for it, but I am not too concerned. If a bad guy keeps coming after all that I suppose I can just beat him to death with the gun. Incidentally, if you think buckshot rounds are high recoil, touch off a few 3 inch magnum slugs sometime.
          And for the record I wouldn’t recommend a snub nose revolver for any new shooter, because they are hard(er) to shoot. I would highly recommend a CZ-75 though. There are some new variants out now that are delightful and you can get a new one for fairly cheap. I don’t know what a used one costs because I haven’t seen a used one for sale in years.

        People have been writing new constitutions for this country for yonks, I have a copy of the constitution for the Newstates of America, which I first heard of in Kenneth Royce’s hologram of liberty. Freaky stuff, I could email a copy or you could just look it up yourself. 

        Also, I was wondering if you guys ever did anything about the new religious group in Sweden that regards Internet piracy as their holy sacrament?
         As for the UN, here is a challenge, find something redeeming about them! Even shows like 30 rock make fun of their madness and incompetence, at the nevada republican caucus the first thing that anyone brought up in terms of suggestions for the national party at my caucus was stop UN agenda 21.           

  5. Tom Kilminster says:

    In response to your facebook issues. A couple of years ago I was having a debate on someone’s page about world government etc. I suddenly had a very strange and loud sound blasting out of the speakers followed by what sounded like a shot gun going off 3 times. I was thinking what the hell was that? I wish I had some evidence as it was so strange. So I loaded up some sound recording software and carried on with the debate, I was amazed to find out that it happened again so I recorded it. I don’t know what this was but it was not a pop up or anything and it has never happened since. Soon after this happend I got adverts on the right for joining the MI6! It got me thinking.

  6. Michigan Escapee says:

    On the magic bullet thing, for shotguns they always say something like #4 buck shot. This will go through several wet phone books, so I’m thinking drywall won’t stand a chance.
    Basic idea is, it has to go through 12 inches of wet meat to ensure a clean kill.
    If you want to use something smaller, the risk is that you’ll just peel the skin off someone. 7 1/2-8 shot in bird/skeet rounds also don’t have a whole lot of force behind em.
    If you want to go the middle ground, you could go with BB shot goose/turkey rounds. Plenty of force behind those. Probably won’t go through a dividing wall of an apartment.
    Will also drive the gun nuts mad, because the guy might survive, claim he was there
    reading the meter, and sue you in court. 😉

  7. MichaelWDean says:

    I thought that a full auto that uses a handgun cartridge is a machine pistol.

    It may be a sub-machine gun, but I was thrown off by the name. The name MP-5 is German “Maschinenpistole 5, which means “machine pistol model 5.”


    • PhillipC says:

      Well, “sub machine gun” and “machine pistol” both refer to designs that are very similar. I think the difference, though, is that an SMG is more of a rifle/carbine-sized weapon (ie; the MP5) and a machine pistol is basically just a fully-automatic pistol (eg; a Glock 18, or a Beretta 93R).

      There’s a lot of ambiguity surrounding those two terms.

  8. MichaelWDean says:

    I sit corrected.

  9. PhillipC says:

    My father is the editor-in-chief of a shotgun shooting magazine. Trust me, Neema, birdshot will do just fine for home defense. Also, for your wife, I’d recommend a Beretta 84FS. It’s not too “plasticky” looking, and it holds 13 rounds of .380 ACP. It’s also what Trinity used in The Matrix.

    • PhillipC says:

      Also, the MP-5 is a submachine gun, not a “machine pistol” (the two terms are often interchanged, though, for understandable reasons). They’re actually not too expensive.

  10. Garrett Fox says:

    Google+ is where I go when I want to talk to my Anarchist friends. The chat and the hangouts are really cool. I think FB sucks at life compaired to G+. You guys just said it…with the “I’m gonna close my account…tomorrow”.

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