Before libertarianism, and after

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi explain “what is libertarianism?” and answer the question “Why do libertarians love guns?” Then they talk about how when worms are outlawed, only outlaws will have worms, and how minarchists are people who believe that the government doesn’t do things well so the government should only do really IMPORTANT things. They explain how, with nanny laws, THERE’S A GUN HIDDEN UNDER THAT STACK OF PAPERS, they talk about THE WELFARE / WARFARE STATE, problems with condenser microphones not working, Counting Crows, David Immergluck, J-Church, dealing with dry skin, an ex-newscaster explains how the mainstream media spins its lies – and why the Feens don’t have to lie, an Iranian American talks about Iran, Israel teams with terror group to kill Iran’s nuclear scientists, how you can help put all the Freedom Feens episodes on YouTube and get more subscribers for your channel, Judge Napolitano fired from Fox Business, the new Anarchy Cologne, judge says “Owning assault gun, growing pot are immoral“, LAPD Pioneers High-Tech Crime-Fighting ‘War Room’ it its war on the People, I.P. law and anarchy, Catholics hate the new birth control laws, the upcoming movie about the Outhouse punk club, and “It’s a Jetson’s World.”

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  1. MikeJ says:

    I don’t think you’ve mentioned this one yet… for Ron Paul:

  2. Hesperus says:

    Your observations about Mozart and the other great composers reminded me of something. It seems to be a long tradition to use tax money to subsidize opera, classical, and other stuffy kinds of music. For the record I am a classical music enthusiast, but the thought of forcing someone to pay for an opera house always sounded messed up, even when I was a militant socialist. 

    And I would like to comment about intellectual property and whatnot. The copying and improving of ideas reminds me of observations of Japanese technological development. The Japanese, probably due to their stifling culture are not the most innovative people on earth. They are however extremely good at copying and improving other peoples ideas, an excellent example is their aircraft during world war 2. Not too many creative new ideas like there was seen in Nazi Germany and the united states. But when they got their hands on new tech they usually came up with excellent copies. Look up the J7W Shinden.

    Regarding cops “serving and protecting,” in the first transformers movie there was a decepticon called barricade that was a cop car with something like “to conquer and enslave!” written on the side, I liked the honesty of that.

    And when Neema said that in his opinion if there was a war between Iran and the US, a part of him would lose. I would edit that, if war breaks out with Iran everyone but a few sociopaths here in the states and perhaps a few war profiteers and bat-shit insane Likudniks would lose. I know a guy who claims to be ex Mossad, I have been meaning to ask his opinion on a theoretical war with Iran for awhile. Simply because the entire Israeli people cannot possibly be so insane that maintaining a constant state of war on at least half the middle east cannot be conducive to your continued survival. Although I am stating the obvious there I imagine some religious whack-ado will accuse me of being some kind of worse than hitler bigot attempting to incite a new holocaust for daring to suggest such a thing. But at the least this will probably incite some kind of controversy that will probably attract a lot more traffic to the site.

    On that outhouse place, it reminds me of New Zealand where there are a large number of honest to god bunkers on the beaches, built in preparation for a Japanese invasion that never came. But if you want a real giggle look into the history of communist albania. They built bunkers everywhere that after the fall of communism were turned into storehouses, cheap bars, ect.

  3. Paul Bonneau says:

    “I don’t understand if that’s an explanation of something the drug dog handlers do intentionally or unintentionally.”

    With the original Clever Hans, it was entirely unintentional. These days with drug cops, it could go either way of course, since they are so corrupt. Strange to think one’s rights can be trampled by a dog’s bark. Just another indication that the concept of rights is itself illusory.

  4. MichaelWDean says:


    I fixed the gun image. With a FAL. Check it out, and thank you!


  5. MichaelWDean says:

    Paul, we did talk about Panarchy in two episodes,

    and “Panarchist” is in our Glossary.

    Clever Hans:

    I don’t understand if that’s an explanation of something the drug dog handlers do intentionally or unintentionally.


  6. MichaelWDean says:

    Paul, yeah, I’m torn on the lever gun. I hate an AR as a symbol, it’s so much a “government gun” in my mind. Maybe a Mosin, but it’s commie. And an AK looks like “brown terrorists’ gun” or “communist insurrectionists gun” to so many.

    I’ll think about a different gun for the icon, but for now I like the lever gun because it’s kind of “neutral” to a lot of people. It’s a “grandpa’s gun”, lol.


  7. Paul Bonneau says:

    About drug dogs, Google “Clever Hans”.

    It’s time for you guys to start talking about panarchy.

    BTW I like lever guns, but maybe you should think about changing that little gun under the podcast button to something like an AR, or maybe even a Mosin-Nagant, heh.

  8. MichaelWDean says:

    if you want a really quick libertarian education, bookmark this link:

    it’s the streaming link for a site that syndicates the top 30 or so libertarian / anarchist radio shows and podcasts (including the Feens.)

    Here’s the program guide:


  9. MichaelWDean says:

    >but what is your opinion on the women’s rights thing?

    everyone should have the same rights. “special rights” take rights away from others.

    The only true rights are individual’s rights.


    Don’t like it but don’t think it should be illegal.

    >You really should see Boyz In The Hood if you haven’t.

    one of my favorite movies. Mr. Styles gets it about 2/3 right. But he didn’t have Freedom Feens to listen to.

    Office Space is my all-time favorite film.


  10. Chris says:

    Yo Michael, very cool podcast…. it’s nice to know what the word “libertarian” means…. very logical.

    I think I’ve always been libertarian or at least libertarian-leaning. And I do agree that a lot of things liberals support is insane… you can’t steal from a bank to give to someone poor.. that’s stupid.

    I think mainstream media is insane/skewed… and them re-writing Neema’s ideas when he worked for the TV station… fuck that shit.

    I do also agree that the police are taking things too far… and them assuming everyone is the enemy. You’re right. Doesn’t seem that way in Canada, though.

    When I was younger, cops would give us skateboarders shit… even though we weren’t breaking any laws. It pissed me off, then. Some areas outlawed skateboarding. We didn’t skate there. They assumed we were drinking, breaking shit, and destroying property. None of my skater friends did drugs or drank. We just wanted to get some exercise, and try to impress girls if they were around. I like your skateboard/knife guy story!

    Yeah I watched that Judge vid… interesting stuff. But that’s what’s cool. Like in “Office Space” when Jennifer Aniston’s character gives the finger to her annoying, dickhead boss who wants her to wear more pins… “this is ME, expressing MYself!!!”

    Thanks for the explanation about libertarianism… good stuff. It’s logical, that’s the main thing. So yeah, I would consider myself way more libertarian than liberal

    What is your opinion on the women’s rights thing? Abortion and whatnot? You guys never talked about that (maybe you did in an older podcast), and what do you think about the drug czars flying and floating all the drugs in from South America and whatever, to kill off all the poor black people because the black people in the ghettos have no money. Do you believe that’s true? I definitely think it is. You really should see Boyz In The Hood if you haven’t. Fishburne’s character totally speaks the truth in that scene, and that was a movie from 20 years ago.

    Sorry for the babble… I’m always thinking in many different directions at once.

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