Attorney Randy England on Dealing With Cops, Part 2 – Freedom Feens live radio archive



Randy England  discusses ways to deal with being in police custody without doing more damage to yourself than you need to, specifically a lot on changes in your right to remain silent. Michael W. Dean mostly just listens. Part 1 of this discussion is here.

Also, a discussion of Outernet.

Free chapter of Bill Buppert’s new novel.



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5 Responses to Attorney Randy England on Dealing With Cops, Part 2 – Freedom Feens live radio archive

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  2. Mark says:

    I think I’ve posted this before, but I believe it fits here well enough to repeat it.

    Years ago, at a party at somebody’s house, one of the people there was a cop. I listened to the conversations between him and a group of people. Someone asked him a good question… If you’re out patrolling late at night, what do you look for to pull somebody over?

    The answer was, the one-eyes, which puzzled everybody. He explained that any time he sees a car with a headlight not working, he pulls it over every time. Right away, it’s a nice, easy ticket to write if he feels like it. But, in many cases, he’ll find that there’s more going on. The driver could have been drinking, maybe has an outstanding warrant, or no insurance, or an expired sticker, or other things he can pounce on. By his experience, anyone who can’t be bothered to change a $20 headlight bulb is quite possibly foolish enough to to other foolish things.

    It’s been said many times before! Keep your car in reasonable mechanical condition. Non working lights, bald tires, or big cracks in the windshield put you on their radar. That is not where you want to be.

    It also helps to not be a kid, especially one with an attitude. At 18, with a bit of attitude and a piece of shit old Chevette, I was a bit of a magnet. At 45, I almost never have any dealings with police. On the down side, I’ve grown a beard, and look like a caveman…

  3. Gretchen says:

    Funny – within the last year or so my husband was pulled over and he was amused that for the first time in his life the cop didn’t ask him if there were drugs in the car. (He did not get ticketed.)

    Good show. 🙂

  4. Bill Buppert says:

    Great show and the entire legal system must be scrapped soonest, it is fixed to serve the needs of the rulers. The constant adjustment of rules is NEVER in favor of individual liberties but always an homage and sycophantic nod to the system of human ownership that is government. The laws in the USSA are nothing more than plantation rules of the road for the serf. Everyone is a police stop from being caged or worse.

    By the way, it strikes me in these conversations that the modal transportation of human being whatever the means or mode is the crux of control and one of the reasons why the legal system keeps fine-tuning its ability to use it as a pretext for stops and worse.

    Randy rocked the show.


  5. David says:

    I need to clarify… My last comment was specifically in reference to Randy’s comment that a lawyer could offer hypothetical deals in one’s interest that could be considered incriminating if one spoke for himself. Ergo, a lawyer actually has a “bigger tool box” than his client even if the client was the greatest lawyer in history. Sorry to be unclear. After our warrants we sought legal help to have a strategy for wrongful arrest. We also keep enough cash on hand to pay bail (read bribe) to the next arresting officer on our doorstep. I’ve learned through my research and this series how important it is to tilt the tables in one’s favor early and often. People don’t know how valuable and vital this topic is on the worst day of your life.

    Oh, tell Randy at least one feen fan has family in Jeff City. I’ll look him up if I run afoul during a reunion.

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