pissing on Bruce Springsteen's yard

Michael talks about the time he peeded on Bruce Springsteen’s lawn and Neema calls this an analogy for our desire to ignore the State. Then Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how libertarians don’t wanna give kids guns…kids would have to earn the guns, Canada’s gun hysteria reaches new highs, Ron Paul rocks, Michael shaves and showers for his new microphone, good people working for bad government agencies, Eddie and the Cruisers, Wyoming statists, and Wyoming’s Doomsday Bill.

On this cast, Michael uses the Nady RSM-4 Ribbon Mic, and Neema records on the AKG Perception large diaphragm condenser microphone…Until the last segment where Michael’s computer crashes and he goes back to the Zoom H2.

Michael’s podcast setup for this episode:

ribbon mic podcast

Nady ribbon mic for podcasting

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  2. Paul Bonneau says:

    Michael, Neema, I think the phrase you were looking for was “forbidden fruit”. You don’t want your kids looking at guns as forbidden fruit. BTW I first took my boy out shooting (a .22) when he was 5. Of course I was sitting behind him and partially controlling the gun at all times because his muzzle discipline at that age was about zilch. And I followed the Massad Ayoob “gun-proof your kids” tactic. Too well I think, since he hasn’t much interest in guns outside of video games, despite my frequently inviting him out shooting (“No thanks, Dad.”). Maybe I should have made it forbidden fruit!

    Don’t carry in California, Neema. Hell, don’t even GO to California.

    About HB70, I think “gun-free zones” should be called “target-rich zones” or “safe for criminals zones”. Sorry to hear you getting disenchanted with Gerald Gay, but even Ron Paul might turn sour once he got power. Murray Rothbard noticed that proto-libertarians (e.g. Roger Williams) in the past went bad when they got power (see his history, “Conceived in Liberty”). Ron Paul would be very unusual if he didn’t. Power is corrosive to morals, and that is the most powerful position on the planet.

    Nice commentary on the people working for the state (e.g. TSA). Eventually people will work for police because the police can still feed their families. Although while that may be true of places like North Korea or Myanmar, I somehow doubt that state of affairs could exist long in America. Mostly because we are armed…

    BTW I have experienced one pat-down at an airport. It was back in 1980, in the basement of Orly Airport in Paris. I was flying to Israel to do some work. El Al was in the basement because if a bomb was set off, fewer people would be killed. I was patted down by a soldier in the Israeli Army, and I actually enjoyed it tremendously because she was a real babe, heh. Funny, it had no anti-freedom connotations back then, that I noticed anyway. I don’t fly anymore.

  3. Andre Lalonde says:

    Hey! Stop knocking the fucking hell-hole of Ontario, Canuckistan I have to live in.

  4. Hesperus. says:

        Well, I certainly wouldn’t recommend open carrying anything in California, I have never carried in that state, but I might if national CCW reciprocity passes. The thought of carrying say an all steel EAA witness 10MM with 15 rounds on the streets of San Francisco really tickles me. I have been doing a bit of research lately on the subject of being a justified sinner and if you are a cop or a fed or whatever and you can do anything that the locals [or sheeple] can’t do you are a justified sinner of some sort.
        I have seen things, YouTube videos and whatnot where people open carried ARs and tactical shotguns without being molested by cops, well at least not too badly. Provided you keep the weapon slung the cops don’t tend to wet their pants and let fly.
        Incidentally Neema if you pass near Reno Nevada feel free to drop by, I can get you a deal on a motel room, probably. I get offers for all kinds of nonsense from the local casinos even though I don’t gamble.
        And I disagree on the whole gun free zone thing, there is one place where it’s a good idea to have no guns, in any place with high powered electromagnets, like near a MRI machine. No guns, knives, keys, rings, coins, no metal at all, or it goes flying across a room and probably causes thousands of dollars of damage at best.
        And for the record the first time I ever heard of Wyoming was on a Garfield tv cartoon where at the end of the show they were just making up wacky $h1t. One of these things was that there was no such place as Wyoming, I will never forget Garfield’s justification.”Have you ever been to Wyoming? Have you ever known anyone from Wyoming?
         Oh, and Leviticus is fun to read ain’t it, “Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard- Leviticus 19 27″. In other words,”thou shalt not shave!!!”
           And one last thing, that fellow in tennesee that mr Henly mentioned, I believe he went by the handle quickerNyou on some Internet foroum and said some really stupid stuff as well. Massad Ayoob still talks about that guy as the Moby dick of Internet dicks. Wow, I just made that up off the top of my head, someone had to have said that somewhere before though.

  5. MichaelWDean says:

    how much of the episode did you listen to?

    I think most violence is people imitating the State.


  6. Elise Castle says:

    What’s sad is that three high-school kids died from gunshot wounds. Whether or not the fucked-up kid, who posted death threats on FB prior to the shootings, got the gun from his parent’s “safe” or from WalMart or the street market is irrelevant, because none of that mattered when he decided to randomly shoot his classmates. Put yourself in the shoes of the parents who lost their children, and yeah–maybe kids should wear Kevlar to school, since all the car-seats, seat-belts, “gun safety laws” and Amber Alerts have prevented millions of lives lost.

  7. MichaelWDean says:

    He did. He used some other anarchist/libertarian type wording too. What a faker!


  8. Justin says:

    I watched the Ron Paul video, and I may be mistaken, but I could’ve sworn that I heard Newt actually say the word “tyranny”. Did I? Or am I crazy? LOL

  9. Michigan Escapee says:

    Hopefully Neema was just talking crazy for lulz. 😉 But if not, I have a better idea.
    {and by better, I mean suicidal, insane, ill advised, and likely to result in maiming}
    If you want to do that in cali, go to Burning Man, do the AK dance, and scream things
    in arabic. When you get arrested, tased, and stomped, sue everyone and claim it
    was a piece of “Performance Art”. 😀 Probably you’d get more money out of suing
    the liberal rags who libeled you as there would be a large number of those with
    deep pockets. Might also want to be in a full body costume made out of zylon/kevlar,
    and enough securely attached ceramic plates to withstand any “excessive zeal”
    displayed by law enforcement who might have drank the wrong Kool Aid or any
    “special” energy drinks. ;P I suppose you could even apply a new name to that sort
    of thing. Call it “Death Wish Activism”, or DWA.

  10. Aaron Henley says:

    I’d seriously caution against open carrying a longarm in CA.

    But if you Google “shotgun scabbard” I think you’ll find a lot of interesting products.

    Here in TN we had a guy open carry an AK pistol (draco) in a state park. He painted the flash hider Orange. He was perfectly legal. He was trying to bait a lawsuit out of the cops. That fell apart on him. Now he is kind of a laughing stock of the TN gun world. He next tried to carry a “army/navy” revolver “open in the hand” down the street of a town in TN. This is spelled out in the TN constitution as being proper. He was again trying to bait a law suit. It didn’t work.
    My bet in CA is you would get shot at worst. At best jail time.

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