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Davi Barker and Michael W. Dean talk about why IP kills, why you should get EVERYTHING in writing even with friends, why Fox News is nothing but contradictions, why MWD won’t read “Markets Not Capitalism”, and then they play a bit of LibPar Cards Against Humanity. (Get the latest version of LibPar CAH HERE, click right top link on that page for printable PDF. That page also has instructions and online-play resources.)

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  1. christian S. says:

    I wasn’t going to bring up the GMO bit again, but y’all forced me to by talking about it.

    Anyway, I know you think it’s already covered, MWD, but I think the Feens perspective is not covered (although like I said, I wouldn’t know) and you and Davi fucking nailed it. It’s an IP issue.

    The act of creating this this thing is not evil, trying to make gains in yield is not evil. Giving yourself an edge in the market with a novel product is not evil. But IP enforcement with a gun is evil and that is the root of the business model. Y’all brought up the life and death nature of the hospital software and this is the same thing. Except with the power to coerce people with every bite of food.

    Anyway, bravo, it was a really good show.

  2. Christian s says:

    I still miss Saint Neema Vedadi a lot. But you and Davi have fantastic chemistry. Great feens.

  3. Nicholas Scherrer says:

    Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it. I like anthologies cause I feel like someone isn’t holding my hand, but for an introduction to anarchism I agree that anthologies don’t work particularly well. I’ll donate before getting a mic cause it might be a little bit until I plan on making media…. worms

  4. David says:

    I agree with getting it in writing. For those who’ve never run a business you’d be surprised how many people think you do work for free. Having something up front really helps. I find it’s so much easier to spell out that I’m $500 per day plus material doing furniture restoration. Even a text message concretes it. It took a family friend to pull me aside and tell me that spending 10 hours rebuilding a 50 year old dining table is a unique skill I need to charge for.

    For those with 9 to 5 conventional jobs there’s a clearly written, detailed, and defined pay structure. For the rest of us, it’s scary. We do work and hope to be paid. I won’t do any work for lawyers right now as 3 friends have been told, “I’m not paying you. Feel free to sue me. I’m at the courthouse anyway. Even if you win you’ll lose a week of work.” Artists/construction workers be warned.

    It’s sad and I empathize. I’m very careful with business documentation myself. For some reason everyone feels like the slightest misunderstanding means they owe you nothing. It makes a business owner wonder if everyone runs into McDonald’s screaming, “This isn’t the best burger on plant earth! I demand a refund!” Sorry for the outrage but I really get it.

  5. Ikefeen says:

    I would like a scientist to genetically modify my kale seeds to make them completely resistant to cold so I could harvest year round.

  6. Ikefeen says:

    Holy crap, moly has another kid? This is huge news. Wonder why he kept it a secret? MWD on the case, it’s like your a detective in all those cop shows you like. =]

  7. Ikefeen says:

    Come on out and say it Michael, who was it? Public shaming without names is like yelp reviews without product names. People need to know.

  8. Gabriel says:

    Davi definitely sounds weird when he promises to “send you something weird”! I half expected Doug Stanhope in the video Michael talked about to mention how he kept telling people to stop spanking their kids and a fan told him yeah right on but whoops I spanked my kid because of XYZ.

  9. cryptArchy says:


    Yeah man I’m with you on the shiny badges thing. Actually I like a few of the pins on Davi’s site long before I ever head about the little extra thing he would send. It’s more incentive now to give my money to Davi

  10. Brian A. says:

    I got a good laugh out of the guy giving Michael homework. How’s this- I just donated and don’t care whether or not you read some book I like.

    Also, RE: Michael’s audio advice, the guy goes above and beyond the call of (voluntary) duty. I remember buying a microphone from him and him checking with me to make sure I received it and then giving me advice over the phone on how to use it and what it would be best for. None of these were things he had to do, but he did it anyway.

    Actually, audio advice was one of the things that initially got me hooked on the Feens, so keep it coming.

    Worms, and thank you both for your service.

    P.S., I’m at the point where I feel I NEED to buy some Shiny Badges from Davi, just so I can find out what the “something weird” is…

    • Nicholas Scherrer says:

      Good for you that you make good money. Some people don’t make a wage that people usually donate on and they have to save for donations.

      • Brian A. says:

        I actually never mentioned what I make, or that I was employed at all, but I definitely feel I’ve gotten enough value from the Feens over the past few years that I’m happy to donate once in a while. I certainly don’t fault or look down on anyone who don’t or can’t donate though.

  11. Gretchen says:

    Just saw this in a recent FEE article:
    Doesn’t appear to use for Bitcoin… yet?

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