The Bad Quaker’s Redemption in the Third Act – Freedom Feens radio archive



MWD and Ben Stone the Bad Quaker drop mad scientists, and Ben Stone gives some hope for the future (and the present!) in the face of tyranny.

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5 Responses to The Bad Quaker’s Redemption in the Third Act – Freedom Feens radio archive

  1. Gretchen says:

    The Cramps did cover that song. I LOVE that band…..

    Enjoyable show! 🙂

  2. John Thomas says:

    I appreciate any show that supports real anarchism (not anarcho-communism calling itself anarchism), guns, and references The Cramps (and Quaker theology is a bonus, too…). Very cool.

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  4. Ben Stone says:

    Thanks for using my “Shirts for sale” picture.
    Prices and ordering details are available at Bad Quaker Dot Com.

    Also, here’s a fun fact:
    We barely finished this show in time. At 2:05 local time, six minutes after we finished, the Louisiana sky broke open over my RV and unleashed a deafening downpour on my roof. By 10 minutes after the hour, the wet pine cones began hammering the roof of the RV and it got really loud.
    Using calculations from Yahoo Answers, I estimate an average cone from a longleaf southern yellow pine falling 100 feet at sea level almost achieves 50 MPH.
    I had to let the dog sit on my lap.
    This story only makes sense to people who listened to this show to the end.


    • Gabriel says:

      That was the best picture I’ve seen so far of you Ben. In the earlier ones you look like a 1950s fire and brimstone quaker. In your podcast icon you look like an oatmeal quaker. In this one you look like a merry Quaker.

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