Experts aren’t people who never have problems. Experts are people who can solve any problem, quickly and under pressure – Freedom Feens radio archive



No-government abolitionist men Michael W. Dean, Bill Buppert and Ben Stone the Bad Quaker discuss Edward Abbey, why you should Question Obedience AND Authority, and then they talk about a long letter from a listener.

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5 Responses to Experts aren’t people who never have problems. Experts are people who can solve any problem, quickly and under pressure – Freedom Feens radio archive

  1. Chuck Arnold says:

    Being into myths I identify with the anarchy definition using archon as the root. Specifically because of the gnostics, who were like psychedelic Christians. They taught that the creator god was a lower god (sorta like in fight club), called the demiurge, who created archons that are the invisible rulers of this world. But I understand the myth to mean that all rulers are evil, everytime, no question about it.

  2. Gretchen says:

    Green Day died for me a very, very long time ago. My instincts were confirmed when I heard one of their songs playing in a big box retail store years ago.

  3. Halsingen says:

    Because Bill Buppert and Ben Stone have discussed the medieval weregild (the criminal making compensation to the victim) I just want to make them aware of this BBC History documentary by professor of history Robert Bartlett, that apparently students have to watch for their history courses:

    Here it is described as putting a price on a human life and linked with inequality before the law, and with serfdom and slavery.

    The documentary is rounded off by pointing out that by the end of the middle ages, weregild was happily forgotten and the society more egalitairian and democratic.

    But is that description true? In Scandinavia for example, we went from an anarcho-society to Sweden’s absolute state, which was the only country in the world since ancient Israel that introduced Mosaic law with formal capital punishment for most things. (A state BTW, that is a French power political creation. It collected all the time giant sums from France in order to put an army on its feet. The United States is not the first super power to engage in “nation-building”.)

    Was that better from a human right’s standpoint, than weregild?

    • Bill Buppert says:

      In my estimation, weregild suffers the same popular disdain as the Articles of Confederation and other constructs that do not suit the purpose of giant government. Similar argument against anarchists and abolitionist are just as ill-conceived.

      Thanks for the great comment. Per the BBS, they do get it right on occasion such as the Behind Closed Doors series on the War to Save Josef Stalin the BBC did.


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