Should you EVER talk to police? (commercial-free Freedom Feens radio archive)



Randy England and Michael Dean say “Yes, in SOME select situations.” …Like if you were a witness to actual crimes and you have the only footage of it, like Ian Freeman did with the bottle fight near Pumpkin fest.

Other topics:

Black metal church burnings

Peacekeeper App

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3 Responses to Should you EVER talk to police? (commercial-free Freedom Feens radio archive)

  1. dave says:

    Where I live it’s easy to answer the “who will build the roads?” question, the answer is private developers. There is no real need to build new roads except where housing developments go in and the developers are required to provide access and many times to maintain the roads after putting them in.
    Not to be an apologist for black metal violence but I believe the beef they have dates back to when a scandinavian king converted to christianity and forced the pagan populace to convert or die. Since the old churches were probably built on former pagan holy sites as many conquering zealots did throughout history to desecrate such areas and were most likely the site of torture and massacre for many pagan followers, they become the target for neo-pagan poseurs to advance their infamy in the black metal culture. So it’s just the same old story of religious zealotry and intolerance.

  2. Halsingen says:

    About the image of vikings and violence: court historians at Sweden’s Uppsala university created Viking romanticism around the turn of last century. It became fashionable in both art and literature and spread to Germany, where the Viking aesthetics were taken over by both Wagner and later Hitler. The most genuine Teutons would thus be the Viking descendants in Scandinavia.

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